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 Dharmavidya's health

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Whispers from the Bamboo Grove

Amida Newsletter Number 35

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News about Dharmavidya


On Thursday 28 January around 16.30 Dharmavidya was rushed to the hospital in St. Amand Montrond, France. He had been experiencing difficulty breathing earlier in the week and it has now been confirmed that he has four large blood clots in his lungs.

He has begun treatment and will most likely be in hospital for a while.
It is still uncertain if he will respond well to the treatment but we will report on any further developments. 

As he is unable to access his emails or do anything except rest and follow the treatment programme all his engagements in the near future have been cancelled.

~ via Acharya Susthama



Reverend Kaspalita writes:


I wanted to share the prayer for long life that Reverend Ananda wrote.
Here it is:

Dharmavidya, founder of the Amida Order
Who turns the wheel of Dharma in the West and reveals the Nembutsu Vehicle
So that all may be reborn in Amida's Land of Love and Bliss
May you, who shines with Amida's light, live long!

Namo Amida Bu

If you would like to send a message to Dharmavidya, who doesn't have internet access at present, you can do so
here and we will make sure the messages are forwarded to him.


Update, Monday: Heartening news:
We have heard that Dharmavidya 's hospital treatment is working and his health has started to improve. He will be screened to ascertain both his rate of recovery and whether there are any other concerning issues that need treatment. 
All being well, it is possible that he could be discharged to recuperate at the end of this week. 

Both while he is in hospital and after he is discharged, he will continue to need to have his health monitored regularly for some time.  Due to this necessary recuperation he will be quite limited as to what he can manage to do for several months to come. 


Namo Amida Bu


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