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This edition features 'Not Everything is Impermanent', the latest book from Dharmavidya, writing as David Brazier.

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Amida Newsletter Number 11

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'Not Everything Is Impermanent'

'Not Everything Is Impermanent' explores what it means to be a fallible human being in an imperfect world. It shows us how we can live a joyful and meaningful life supported by faith, compassion and wisdom.

“…a book by a true Bodhisattva - an awake awakening being - who brings his compassion and insight to those with troubled hearts everywhere.”
~ Rev. Saigyo Terrance Keenan, author of 'St. Nadie in Winter: Zen Encounters with Loneliness'

“…the hitch-hiker’s guide to no-bullshit Buddhism.”
~ Alastair McIntosh, author of 'Soil and Soul'

“A fine dharma book. Rich in anecdote, it guides the reader on a radical path of awakening.”
~ Roshi Joan Halifax,  Founder and Abbot of Upaya Zen Center

David Brazier points to the mystical core of Buddhism by bringing together the devotional heart teachings of Pureland and the paradoxical wisdom of  Zen. His writings are grounded in a sound understanding of Buddhist doctrine, decades of spiritual practice and experience, and an ease in speaking to ordinary people about the problems we all encounter in our everyday lives.

This is a book for the person swimming through the ocean of samsara, calling out for light and assistance. It encourages us to look deeply and fearlessly beyond our immediate concerns and to aspire towards becoming true Bodhisattvas.

The author is not afraid of controversy. Along the way he presents a critique of mindfulness and reinterpretations of some classic Buddhist teachings. His arguments are presented robustly, and we are encouraged to enjoy the debate and to agree or disagree with equal passion.

Above all, this is a reassuring book. It doesn’t flinch from looking at the difficulties and pain we encounter in life, but it shows us how even when alone we are connected, even in the midst of change we can rely upon our deepest intuition that transcends impermanence. This settled faith empowers us to reach outwards with compassion into the world, just as it is, just as we are. As he says, “At the core of all is love.”

"Many people are allergic to the idea of religion because they associate it with restriction and the imposition of a sense of guilt. In my view that is the corruption of true religion. True religion would be a re-linking to the source of spirit. It is actually the secular world that makes unreasonable demands upon us and drives us to distraction. It is the place of true religion to provide a refuge where our natural energy may be restored, rekindled, and ultimately resublimated into what is truly sublime, or, at least, into the best approximation that we are capable of at whatever level of spiritual development we happen to be at the time.

This way of cultivation is for people like you and I. All systems of spirituality are made by people, for people and they have the same limitations and faults that people have, but they can indicate a life oriented to something beyond these limitations, not so much as a goal to be attained, as a dimension of reality to be appreciated and related to through all the vicissitudes of real life, as a reliable refuge."

Pre-order a paperback copy - due to be published on May 1st in the UK:

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