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Whispers from the Bamboo Grove

Running Tide#36 - the latest Amida magazine


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The 2018 Running Tide

magazine #36 is now available

Many thanks to Reverend Ananda

for putting this together for us.

You can download it using the

following links:

download .pdf 

download .mobi 

download .epub 

Previous editions are here

As you will see from the editorial 

this is the first and last Running

Tide that Ananda will be editing.

Thanks again Ananda, and best

wishes for your other projects.

Robert Waldern, an aspirant who

lives in Malvern UK, will be taking

over and editing the next issue.


Namo Amida Bu



:: A brief Introduction to Pureland Buddhism

:: Nembutsu: A Simple Home Practice



Like Running Tide - the latest Amida magazine on Facebook

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