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Protecting your privacy. 


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Protecting your privacy

It's important that you know what data we collect from you and how we use it, and that you should have control over these.

You may be aware that there are upcoming changes in European data law, known as GDPR. These come into force on May 24th, 2018.

Due to this new data protection legislation we are updating our privacy policy and we are writing to check whether you would like to continue
Amida Shu newsletters
after this date. 

It's important that we don't keep data from anyone who has not chosen to share it. Your name and email address are stored through MailChimp - a website for sending out these newsletters. Hence we will only keep this data if you opt in to our new mailing list.

This new legislation obviously only affects E.U. subscribers but, as people who receive these newsletters are from all parts of the world, and we don't always know where, from later in May we will
no longer send newsletters to anyone on this current list.

To this end we are
setting up a new mailing list,
which you can subscribe to from this link.


So do opt-in now, wherever in the world you may be, if you'd like to continue hearing Amida Pureland Buddhist news - then we'll be able to continue sending you news about Amida Shu sanghas and events around the globe. As you know, these newsletters are sent every 1 - 3 months and may include Buddhist teaching from the Head of the Amida Order, Dharmavidya, and other members of the sangha, also Acharya Susthama's Pastoral letters.

Remember, you'll always have the option to unsubscribe at any time in the future - there's a link to do so at the very bottom of each newsletter, where you can also update your profile. We don't want to send anything unwanted to your in-box! 

Ignore the other 'marketing' boxes when you subscribe - we will
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and won't try to sell you anything, although we may mention courses, retreats or books by Amida Shu members, for which there would be a cost.

Of course we do hope you'll want to stay in touch and subscribe to the new list 


Namo Amida Bu

Acharya Sujatin Johnson, Order of Amida Buddha

:: A brief Introduction to Pureland Buddhism

:: Nembutsu: A Simple Home Practice

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