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An Update From Us:
First of all, I wish you and yours good health in these confusing and challenging times.  We are still cooking away here at Craigie on Main, and serving mouth-watering affordable meals to-go.  I will cut to the chase and answer your three most important questions in this newsletter:
  1. WHY are we still open serving to-go food?
  2. WHAT is our to-go menu and how do you order?
  3. WHAT is the true state of the restaurant industry right now and what are we trying to do about it? 
1. WHY are we still open and is it safe?
I strongly believe it is our responsibility to feed our community.  Food is not about Instagram and awards. It's a soulful act of love and giving, and that's why we will do our best to keep our wheels spinning for as long as we can. Keeping the economy moving will only make recovery easier and faster once we get to the other side of this mess. Full disclosure, we are desperately working to not lose our restaurant. It is a very real possibility for all restaurants right now - this is a dire situation (see more info below) for a lot of us. BUT YOU CAN HELP BY ORDERING FROM US. Remember, all gratuities go directly to our hourly staff, many of whom are out of work for the time being.
Rest assured we are taking every precaution to stay clean and safe during this time. We are all wearing gloves and changing them often. We are scrubbing and sanitizing top to bottom throughout the day. All deliveries are received outside, removed from the boxes and brought inside in our own containers. When your order is ready for pick up, we bring it to you at our pick-up spot by the side door. Guests are not permitted inside. 
Safety is our top priority at all times!
2. Our Menu and how to order:
We are serving many of your favorite selections plus some fun new special, fun dishes to keep us all on our toes. Think Craigie Burger and Whole Roasted Chickens (remember the chickens you loved so much from Kirkland?) to name just a couple, a great salad "bowl" with all sorts of great veggies, and my whimsical take on Spaghetti and Meat Sauce.

You can order on our website for either pick up or delivery. We update our menu every day here and on Instagram. You can pick up any time from 5-7pm on Wednesday - Sunday.
3. The state of restaurants:
As you know, the coronavirus is having a crippling impact on everyone.  Restaurants are the heart and soul of our communities, and we pride ourselves on always stepping up when Boston has been in crisis.  We've always been here for you - for fundraisers, donations, reservations for your special occasions... now we are asking for you to be here for us.
Check out these two great articles from friends of ours about how COVID-19 is impacting the industry:
Will We Have An America Without Restaurants
Restaurants Closed By Corona Virus Won't Reopen Without Economic Assistance
This crisis is like nothing we’ve seen before. My colleagues and I in the restaurant industry didn’t hesitate.  We didn’t wait for direction from the Governor or Mayor – we pre-emptively closed our doors or transitioned to take-out only operations. 
Frankly, we are already feeling devastating financial pressure, and unfortunately, the worst is yet to come. Even when we are able to welcome guests back into the restaurant. we know that we won’t be able to return to business as usual. I am truly concerned that independent, small restaurants like mine won’t see tangible results from proposed stimulus packages as quickly or substantially as we need.

Please know....this isn’t just about us – it’s about our employees and the greater Boston community. The money spent in restaurants filters downstream through nearly every sector of the economy.
Given the long and unknown road ahead, I have teamed up with more than 500 Massachusetts restaurant owners and staff to express the needs of smaller restaurants and independent operators that make our communities so special.

Earlier this week, our group sent a letter (read the letter here) to Governor Baker, Lt. Governor Politio, Speaker De Leo, and Senate President Spilka asking for their help when they address the state’s needs and allocates stimulus funds to those in trouble. 
We are asking for your help. We need YOU to raise your voices and to make our stories heard - at both the national and state levels. 
What you can do:
Call the Statehouse!!!  
To find your State Senator and Representative go to – – put in your address to find all your elected officials. You’ll get a page that lists your voting place and all the politicians that represent you.
What we're specifically asking for: 
We are urging elected officials to:
  • Establish a grant program for companies with under 125 employees to sustain our businesses and cover our liabilities
  • Take legislative action to close the Virus Exclusion in Business Interruption Insurance.
  • Suspend payroll, meals, city and local taxes
  • Provide commercial rent forgiveness 
Our operations would not be possible without our hardworking staff and team members. We are asking for emergency relief that will:
  • Pass immediate and expedited legislation for compensating restaurant workers, regardless of citizenship status
  • Provide emergency grants for loan and debt relief for workers affected by the loss in wages.
  • Allow residential rent relief for employees earning less than $50,000.
  • Offer guaranteed free testing for Covid-19 for all citizens in the Commonwealth.
  • Provide guaranteed health care for any citizen of the Commonwealth diagnosed with Covid-19.
Thank you for everything - your support, your friendship, your orders and for taking action.

All of us at Craigie on Main wish you and yours the best of health.
Most Sincerely,

In safety and health.


Whole Chicken for Two
freekah tabbouleh, spiced labneh

Milk-fed Pig's Head

spicy pumpkin sambal, boudin-noir hoisin sauce
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