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Pop-up what? Pop up!  Clean-up! 

Have you noticed a lot of waste and litter in your community? Do you want to get involved and help a local clean-up?

Starting June 11th, Halton Environmental Network is excited to get the Halton community outside and enjoying our incredible green space this Summer with the Pop-What? Pop-Up! Clean-Up initiative! Made possible through the help of Dillon Consulting!

We have introduced the Litterati app that will help measure and track litter picked up by Halton residents as they tackle the continuing waste problem in our green spaces and waterways.

Not only is this a great opportunity for Halton youth to get outside and earn community involvement hours, but they can do so in a manner that abides by all provincial and local COVID-19 protocols, while improving their local environment too. Together, we can come together as a community to clean, protect and celebrate the green spaces we enjoy.

Photograph, tag, clean and collect to do your part in being a community clean-ups HERO! Sign up today by reaching out to: 
The Town of Halton Hills: 
 Low-Carbon Transition Strategy
The Town of Halton Hills and the Multi-Stakeholder Governance Committee has been developing an evidence-based and community-targeted Low-Carbon Transition Strategy. The goal is for the town to reach net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2030. Modeling a set of actions across all sectors shows the town can reduce 75% of its current emissions by 2030, despite significant population growth projected over the next decade (45%). The strategy addresses the remaining emissions by purchasing carbon offsets. The following survey will be used to design climate goals that are specifically tailored to residents. All responses will be confidential and only used for statistical purposes. For more information about this article and for the survey click here 

Watch this  video to learn more about the Low-Carbon Transition Strategy.
The Town of Halton Hills Climate Change Investment Fund Invites Applicants!

In May 2019, the Halton Hills council passed a Climate Emergency Declaration, as well as set a target to become a net-zero carbon emissions community by 2030. To reach this goal the town has set up a Climate Change Investment Fund (CCIF) to support sustainable actions from individuals, companies, organizations, and community groups in reducing their carbon footprints through mitigation measures. Applicants should apply to the CCIF for funding that supports the goal of mitigations and adaptation. Applications can focus on the following areas; air quality, energy conservation/efficiency, environmental education, water conservation, waste reduction, green space enhancements, preserving natural assets, biodiversity, and ecosystem (tree plantings, community gardens, etc.). Applicants that have been selected for funding will receive $2,000 from the funding budget of $15,000 available for 2021. Applications are due by Tuesday August 3rd, 2021 and are welcome anytime before the deadline.

The CCIF applications and guidelines can be found here

Recap of Green Development Standards Webinar

Thank you to all of you who were able to join us for the educational webinar on Green Development Standards. Special thanks to Evan Wiseman, The Atmospheric Fund, Gabriella Kalapos, Clean Air Partnership, and Michael Dean, Town of Halton Hills for their wisdoms, and expertise on the topic!

We received several requests for the recording of the webinar, please use this link to watch the recording:
The Atmospheric Fund has also put together a helpful guide to Green Development Standards, check it out here
Say YES To Green Buildings In Your Community!
The Town of Halton Hills has the opportunity to ensure developers design quality homes that are low-carbon, healthy, and affordable to operate. The upcoming Council decision to approve Green Development Standards is set for Monday June 14, 2021, from 2:30pm - 6:00 pm. This decision will affect the next generation of buildings and determine if we can reach our climate targets. This will happen by setting a net-zero vision, reward leadership, making it mandatory for developers, and a design for health, comfort, as well as convenience. 

For more information about the Council meeting, please visit:

Community support has led to meaningful success in the Town of Whitby’s recent adoption of green standards. Here are three of the Green Development Standards:

Low Carbon Growth:
Cities and towns in the GTHA are growing at a fast pace, and buildings are the number one source of carbon pollution. These standards are the most powerful climate action municipalities can put into action

Healthy homes and communities:
These standards focus on future development that will continue the creation of vibrant communities. It will also create healthier and more comfortable indoor environments. A bonus for the economy is green buildings create more jobs.

Quality buildings cost less to operate, especially as energy and carbon prices increase. Building energy-efficient new homes now are far more cost-effective than retrofitting them down the road.

To read more about the policy recommendations from The Atmospheric Fund click here

Get involved and have your say!

The Region of Halton is reviewing its Regional Official Plan. The Regional Official Plan (ROP) is a land use policy document created by Halton Region to shape the Region's future growth and development. The Region has developed different concepts of how and where Halton could grow over the next 30 years. Each concept helps answer questions about the future of Halton—whether it’s how quickly our region will grow, where new jobs will be located, or what types of homes will be built.

To ensure alignment with Provincial policies and help inform how and where our community grows, the Region of Halton is asking for your feedback on the following topics:

- Natural Heritage
- Rural and Agricultural System
- Climate Change
- North Aldershot Planning Area
- Integrated Growth Management Strategy: Regional Urban Structure

Please join upcoming meetings:

Statutory Public Meeting: Wednesday, June 16, 2021 at 8:30 a.m. 
Virtual Public Information Centre (PIC): Tuesday, June 29, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. 

For more information please visit:
Green Drive Oakville 
HEN and the Small Change Fund, are hoping to "drive" change in our community!

Small Change Fund and HEN are exploring the possibility of creating a local, social purpose enterprise to install permeable driveways and/or electric vehicle chargers. We are asking community members to take our survey and share your thoughts with us!
 The survey will:

- Will take no more than 10 minutes
- Ask for your thoughts about electric vehicles, and greening the outside of your home

Survey link:
For more information, you can watch the video to learn more about Green Drive Oakville here

Thanks to the Oakville Community Fund through the Investment Readiness Program for their generous support of this work.

Filmmaker Suzanne Crocker, living just 300 km from the Arctic Circle, removes absolutely all grocery store food from her house. For one year, she feeds her family of five, only food that can be hunted, fished, gathered, grown or raised around Dawson City, Yukon.

Add three skeptical teenagers, one reluctant husband, no salt, no caffeine, no sugar and -40 temperatures. Ultimately the story becomes a celebration of community and the surprising bounty of food that even a tiny community in the far North can provide.

“Inspirational! Suzanne Crocker’s amazing experiment shows that even in the far north with strong individual, family and community effort, local food can feed us year round.” - David Suzuki

For more information and to get your ticket visit OFFA:

Want To Get Involved In Your Community? 

Want To Get Involved In Your Community?
Coming into our second summer during COVID-19 sometimes it can feel challenging to feel connected to your local community. Being connected to your community is so important since you can converse with like-minded people, support individuals in need, and support climate action! In light of this, we have put together a list of safe ways you can get involved in your local community.

Disclaimer: During these activities please make sure you keep physically distanced, and follow local health and safety guidelines, including COVID-19 protocols. If you would like more information on the local COVOD-19 protocols make sure to visit

Get Gardening and Support Halton Food’s Grow and Donate Program
Gardening is an excellent way to spend time outdoors, access fresh produce, and spend time with those who have similar interests.  All we ask is you earmark some of your homegrown harvests, wash them, put them into clean bags, and donate them to one of our community partners. For more information about the Grow and Donate program or a list of donation locations, visit the Halton Food website.  

Start a container Garden
A container garden is a perfect way to garden when space is limited! A great way to get your materials for the garden is through upcycling plastic containers or old egg cartons. Plant your favourite fruit or vegetable, and place anywhere outside with ample sunlight. This is a great way to enjoy fresh, local, and organic produce!

Physically Distanced Local Cleanups
Try participating in local cleanups! You can participate as part of a virtual group, such as HEN’s Pop-up, Clean-up, or with the members of your household in your local neighbourhood. The tools you need are gloves, a container for the litter, and a local area to clean up. Be sure to dispose of your collected litter properly and share a photo of your effort with us on social media! We can’t wait to see your posts!

Read Blog Posts and watch Youtube videos
Blog posts and videos can be a great way to learn more about sustainable food, gardening practices, food waste reduction, food education, and inspiration for your own garden! The Halton Food Blog has many blog posts about various environmental and gardening topics by local experts. A monthly newsletter is also released, so you can catch up on the latest news about gardening tips, resources, and webinars! Webinars are a fun and educational way to connect with like-minded people, and to learn from local experts! To watch some past webinars and other educational videos click here for the Halton Environmental Network’s Youtube channel!

Visit your local farmers market
Buying sustainably and locally go hand in hand. With the summer season around the corner, yummy local produce is something that we all look forward to! Go to your local farmers market and support them and local vendors where you can pick up fresh produce, baked goods, cheeses, and other items. 

Support Halton Food Today!
Support the Halton FoodSpring #SoilFundraiser with Big Yellow Bag!

When you use the 
code HALTONFOOD21 you save $5 and $10 is donated to Halton Food for every bag. You receive a discount with your purchase, and Halton Food receives a donation to help run their community gardening in Halton and gardening education programming!

Order your Big Yellow Bag today!:
HEN TruEarth Fundraiser
TruEarth is a fundraiser their main product is an eco-friendly laundry detergent.  HEN will earn 20% of the profit from every purchase, which will help support our programs while benifiting the Earth at the same time!

Remember to share with all your friends and family and have them do the same! Get your eco-friendly products now at the link:
HEN Welcomes CSJ Students and
Co-Op Students to our Team!

HEN is  thrilled to start to welcome students from across Halton to our team!
Stay tune to meet more students as they join the HEN team and support local climate action!

Much gratitude to the Canada Summer Jobs program for supporting HEN this summer.

Also a big thanks to St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School for supporting our co-op program this term.


HEN Co-op Student: Communications Assistant

Hi my name is Trinity, and I am in grade eleven at St. Mildred’s Lightbourn School. I am doing my professional internship at Halton Environmental Network! Since I was a young girl I have always loved helping the Earth and our local community through tree plantings, and other volunteer work. More recently I have helped run discussions on school sustainability with students from all around the world. Here at HEN I will be focusing on marketing on the various social media platforms to help educate others about environmental facts, and upcoming events! Learning this skill is very important because I will be able to create informational posts that will reach as many people as possible. It is inspiring to be a part of such a great non profit organization and group of people to help educate communities and see how companies can make a positive difference.

Kayne Boyall

Volunteer and Engagement Program Animator

Kayne is entering his third year of environmental sciences at the University of Guelph. Majoring in environmental economics and policy, he is delving into how socio-environmental values and our use of resources impact our relationship with the natural world. He hopes to combine multidisciplinary tools, experience, and research to help enact holistic and adaptive solutions to the crises faced by environments and communities of all scales and scopes. Kayne became involved in community-based volunteerism after moving to Oakville from South Africa in 2016, and quickly grew a zeal for giving back to the Halton community and landscape that had warmly welcomed him. Having been a volunteer for HEN for 4 years, he gained a full appreciation for the symbiosis shared between grassroots eNGOs and their communities in enacting climate change mitigation and adaptation. Kayne helped to conceptualize and spearhead the Generation Green program in 2019, a perennial initiative that empowers Halton youth to create, measure and track their own carbon-mitigation projects. Kayne is also an undergraduate research assistant at the FARE Laboratory for Experimental and Applied Economics and a part of the University of Guelph's Gryphons Rowing team. In his spare time, he is an avid plant-based cook and outdoor-sports enthusiast.

Allison Headrick

Enviroguide Coordinator

Allison is entering her fourth year of the Concurrent Education program at Queen’s University in Kingston, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) with a major in History and a Bachelor of Education. At the Halton Environmental Network (HEN), Allison is excited to be applying her passion for learning, writing, and engaging community members and youth with the mission of sustainability and practices centred on mindful consumption by developing HEN’s 2021 EnviroGuide. Allison brings past experience from a number of non-profit roles, including youth advocacy with the provincial government and a volunteer recognition role at Habitat for Humanity Halton-Mississauga. As an aspiring high school History, English, and Geography teacher, she is motivated to explore cross-curricular opportunities in which environmental stewardship can promote lifelong learning and well-being.

Gemma Patey

Community Garden Assistant

Gemma is going into her fourth year of her undergraduate degree in Global and International Studies at Carleton University. With a specialization in Global Politics, she studies how politics is intertwined with current crises in our modern world. At the foundation of global issues is the work done within communities, and Gemma is excited to work in and with the Halton Community she has called home her whole life. She has experience working in student affairs at Carleton and within politics in Halton Hills, delivering programming and supporting folks in her communities. Most recently, she has been developing a virtual climate advocacy camp for students in the Ottawa area to create change in their own communities. In her spare time, she loves abstract painting, watering her plants, and hiking with her dog. Gemma is excited to step into her role at the Halton Environmental Network to develop her knowledge of how sustainability, food sovereignty, and food security can come together through community gardening.

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