🚀10 Trending projects on GitHub for web developers - 24th December 2021

Welcome to Issue 83 of Trending Projects from your weekly snapshot of currently trending projects in the web development world.

1. GitHub Wrapped

Take a look back at all the contributions you as an individual made to the open-source community

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2. Vitest

A blazing fast unit test framework powered by Vite.

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3. Rakkas

Rakkas is a web framework powered by React and Vite that aims to have a developer experience similar to Next.js. Many of its features are also inspired by Svelte Kit.

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4. fuite

A tool for finding memory leaks in web apps

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5. Theatre.js

Theatre.js is an animation library for high-fidelity motion graphics. It is designed to help you express detailed animation, enabling you to create intricate movement, and convey nuance.

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Polypane - The browser for ambitious developers

The stand-alone browser for ambitious developers that want to build responsive, accessible and performant websites, and save time while doing so.

Powerful devtools, multiple synced viewports, full-height screenshots, over two dozen debug tools, device and media query emulation, built-in live-reloading and more.

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6. Molecule

Molecule is a lightweight Web IDE UI framework which is built with React.js and inspired by the VSCode.

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7. RFS

RFS is a unit resizing engine which was initially developed to resize font sizes. RFS is capable of rescaling basically every value for any css property with units, like margin, padding, border-radius or even box-shadow.

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8. Clipanion

Type-safe CLI library / framework with no runtime dependencies

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9. liqvid

A library for making interactive videos in React. For example an interactive coding demo inside a video.

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10. ajquery.js

The fastest, most lightweight, least dependency jQuery alternative.

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Stargazing 📈
Top risers over last 7 days
1. Tabby +1,119 stars
2. Free Programming Books +976 stars
3. Pico +915 stars
4. Awesome +618 stars
5. Developer Roadmap +567 stars
Top growth(%) over last 7 days
1. Rakkas +74%
2. TinySpy +63%
3. Pico +45%
4. TuiCss +26%
5. envsafe +20%
Top risers over last 30 days
1. Tabby +5,737 stars
2. Free Programming Books +5,312 stars
3. Remix +5,199 stars
4. Awesome +4,608 stars
5. Developer Roadmap +4,602 stars
Top growth(%) over last 30 days
1. Pico +374%
2. Remix +125%
3. Rakkas +100%
4. Agrippa +86%
5. Nice Modal React +85%
For all for the latest rankings please visit
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