What's going on this week in the Fairfield County food-rescue community!


Fairfield County Food Runners:
Every time we ask, you step up.  So can't blame a girl for asking. 
Below are a few highlights for open runs this week (Login to the App for all open runs). 
There are a variety of dates, times and locations to match anyone's schedule.  

Trader Joe's Darien to Stamford Hospital Clinic - Rescued food is used to make a meal for the day and each food insecure attendee receives at least 1 bag of groceries.
Trader Joe's Westport to Merton Center (Bridgeport) - partner needed - All food runners should take a moment to meet the amazing Debbie at The Merton Center!


Trader Joe's Westport to Mid-Fairfield Aids Project (Norwalk) - Always great food to rescue, always greatly appreciated by those who receive it.
12 noon-
Trader Joe's Darien to Wilson Food Pantry (Stamford) - Who doesn't love Ms. Joyce at WIlson Food Pantry? She's full of energy and love for all we do for her and the hungry she serves.


Fairway Market to Wilson Food Pantry and Pacific House (Stamford) - You won't want to miss all the action at The Fairway loading dock.  They are a great partner to Community Plates!

Saturday and Sunday
All of our Fairfield Food Runners that have been looking for runs up in that area......
Trader Joe's Westport to Bridgeport Rescue Mission-partner needed.  Jean is a great partner (mentor) for food rescue and is always eager to help!

Trader Joe's Fairfield to Bridgeport Rescue Mission-partner needed.  Ann has been doing this run from the beginning and knows all the ins and outs.
There are plenty of food runs open this week-starting today!   
Please login here to take a look and see if there's a rescue that works for you

Food for all,

Melissa Spiesman
Site Director
Community Plates


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