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Spring newsletter 2013


It`s Spring already -  where has the time gone!
You will see a piece in the newsletter about the planned social in Dorset, PLEASE let us know as soon as possible if you intend to come.
Please have  a look at the blog as there are so many more new volunteer stories including mine!

Nigel Pegler

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my favourite place to volunteer - Dianne in Kenya

Last month I returned to Kenya to re-visit Gede Special School and to meet up again with our local partners Damian and Ken.  I last went to Kenya in 2012, right in the middle of the Kenyan teachers’ strike, so although I had visited the school before and met the Head-teacher, I had not met any of the staff or children or had the chance to see the school in action.  I went there with Yvonne – I had volunteered with her in the Gambia last spring and she was to be our first volunteer at Gede.  I was only able to stay there for two weeks; Yvonne stayed for a month and I was really jealous of her being able to spend more time at this lovely school.

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Well I`ve gone and done it again! - by volunteer Nigel

volunteered that is, I`m off to Peru in July to spend 32 days working with crees the people and places partner in Peru, to be honest I didn`t know if there was anything I could do in Peru but after Kate spoke to Crees there is apparently quite a lot I can do!

I will be based at the Manu Learning Centre in the amazon rain forest not bad is it!
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My heart is singing  - here in South Africa

I (Sallie) am 5 days into my trip in South Africa. It is so good to be back after nearly 4 years! - where did that time go?
So far,I have visited  4 of the schools our 
volunteer education programme supports -  and Emmanuel Care Centre, the community care programme our volunteers support. I was privileged yesterday to be invited  to attended the  meeting for the Calabash Trust Schools Cluster so I have been able to catch up with all the school principals.

Where do I start - so much good news and still so many challenges.
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Soggy in Soweto-Leisure in Londolozo - Sallie in South Africa part 2 

Monga, Nelson,Anke and Paul deep in debate
After a pretty bumpy flight to Johannesburg I arrived late morning at Lebo's Backpackers - our local partners in Soweto where we work with Sizanani community project. 

My, it was wet - biblical rain had been falling for 10 days - but this was my first trip to Soweto ( Dianne had previously visited see her report here) and I was determined to see something of this very special city. So I set off in a tuk tuk with more here

volunteer Pam reports on her placement in Peru 
Pam has recently returned from a month in the bio-hotspot of the Amazonian rainforest of Peru - below is a photo of Pam and one of her co-volunteers, Georgie ... and an article about Pam's experience reported in her local Bridport newspaper 
co-volunteers and (almost) neighbours

"It took a 6,000 mile journey to Peru for Lyme Regis student Georgie to get acquainted with West Dorset ‘neighbour’ Pam, who runs a Bridport bed and breakfast and found herself sharing a room with 18-year-old Georgie - asking the usual ‘where are you from?’ questions.

She didn't expect to hear the young student lived in Lyme Regis."

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Sallie had a bit of a rant recently

"Here at people and places we are constantly struggling to get enough volunteers for our programmes - there are other sending organisations that manage to attract thousands of volunteers every year - we don`t - and I now know we have got so much wrong - so here`s my proposal - " here
‘ethical … responsible … transparent … trusted’ - volunteers appreciate people and places !

What I ( Kate)  enjoy most about my work, as placements director, is getting to know each volunteer as we work together through their placement preparation. As all returned volunteers will know, we provide loads of information and also ask for rather a lot … this exchange  and attention to detail is what makes for a successful volunteer experiences … a ‘win-win’ situation.

a win-win situation
a win-win situation

It’s really encouraging to know that more and more potential volunteers are taking to time to do their research and consider their options carefully.

I shall let them speak for themselves – in their initial applications: here

Two big thankyous - to two special volunteers

Kate and I know all our volunteers are special and we are very thankful for their support ......

..... we want to say a special thankyou to two volunteers who go above and beyond to help us in our work.

Dianne (right) with volunteers                    
Natalie, Yvonne and Esme                          
in The Gambia

Nigel right with Chris
in South Africa

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people and places named in top 5 ethical volunteer programmes by National Geographic Traveler

“Please, please ask questions,” says Sallie Grayson, programme director at volunteer tour operator People and Places,2014_APRIL_cover-cb1395178291 a winner at the 2013 World Responsible Tourism Awards. “There are still way too many unethical or poorly managed volunteer organisations operating. 

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There are loads of new volunteer
and partners
video interviews and stories.

If you haven’t already spotted our YouTube channel it’s worth a look. There are video interviews from volunteers and if you have videos of your time volunteering or one of the talks you have done – we know many of you talk to groups on your return from volunteering – please send them to us so we can share them.

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Tshume playing field


last call - Saturday 14th June in Dorset, volunteers' get-together! 
as ever - the kitchen is THE place to be!

I (Kate) know that some people have already let us know, whether or not they are coming to our next volunteers' meeting and social, ... to whom we say 'thank you and we're looking forward to seeing some new and some familiar faces'.

However, we know need to start to firm up numbers We really  will need to make our decision by Friday 25th April. We would love to see you - so please do let us know.
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Sallie and Kate join conference to discuss how we can achieve change

Kate and Sallie are very much looking forward to meeting up with some of the responsible travel people that inspire us here


 our recent volunteers to Saint Lucia  work hard and play hard

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