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I ♥ Libraries

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How I love the library. When I was old enough to read, I would visit our town library and check out stacks of books. Same with our school library.

I'm thrilled to present to librarians this week. They represent an underrated but important service in society, acting as field guides to knowledge.

Think about how much information and entertainment is out there. Never has it been easier to get your hands on books, publications, DVDs of movies and TV shows, CDs and virtual versions of music and literary works, not to mention the treasure trove of Internet databases.

The best librarians have a curiosity about the world around us, and infect us with enthusiasm for pursuing all we can absorb about science, art, fantasy, current events, history, economics, faith, hobbies and more.

What can I show such an inquisitive bunch? The wonderful realm of Facebook. How to help patrons, how to show off events at the branches, how to ask and answer questions. It's not unlike what they do in person and on the phone and by email. But libraries that show their personality on Facebook can bring in more readers, circulate more material and elevate their standing in the community.

I can't wait!

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Read Up!

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Tweets of the Week

tweets of the week

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