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Something we’ve all been waiting for, in this month’s installment of the Mind Game series author Harry Carpenter tells us what to do when trying harder just makes our pickleball game worse. This issue the No Dumb Questions column discusses carrying a resin pad to cure sweaty palms, while Fitness columnist Barbara Wintroub provides tips on improving balance and Rules Review tackles the subject of who calls service foot faults. And in Bits and Pieces be sure to read about the 2014 Pickleball Ole’ Adventure to the Mexican Riviera and the prize money planned for the winning teams in the Ogden, Utah invitational Tournament of Champions. The sun is shining and the skies are blue; get out there and enjoy a fun filled summer of pickleball…
       Your Editors, Lynn & Linda Laymon, newsletter@usapa.org

E.D. Corner…
New USAPA Website Taking Shape...
By Justin Maloof, USAPA Executive Director

Back in February, USAPA unveiled a new logo and branding scheme. If you’ve been following the transformation, you’ve noticed the integration of our updated look into member t-shirts, banners, business cards, newsletters, brochures, the Facebook page, etc. However, the USAPA Website, which serves as our primary communication and resource instrument, has remained relatively unchanged. Until now!  Recently, the board approved the creation of an exciting new Website and a development firm is working diligently on production.
Why a new site?
A Website is a direct reflection of the quality and professionalism of an entity. When people visit a Website, they make immediate assumptions about the entity based on the appearance of their site. If a site is viewed as dated, difficult to use or visually poor, they may naturally assume the same is true about what the business offers and how it operates. Please don’t misunderstand. The current USAPA site is packed with relevant content and valuable information. It’s just a matter of streamlining the content into a more efficient package.

A strong Website builds brand confidence, generates leads, creates media opportunities and acts as a strong communication vehicle between the association and its members. At its core and certainly from a membership standpoint, a new site will make navigation and locating information simpler and easier. From a visitor standpoint, a high quality site is vital if we want the public and prospective members to have a positive perception of our association. A site that is visually appealing will increase visitor engagement. This encourages spending more time on the site, which leads visitors to view and process more information about USAPA and pickleball in general. While a completion date for the new site has yet to be determined, a late summer launch appears possible. We will post updates in the newsletter, so stay tuned. 

USAPA Facebook Page Update...
The USAPA Facebook page continues to grow and we now have over 470 pickleball players who ‘like’ our page. Please take a moment to check out the page and join us by simply clicking the ‘Like’ button. 


The Mind Game...
Try Harder? Play Worse! The Solution...
By Harry Carpenter

You’re in a tournament and you’re playing badly. You’re ticked off at yourself. What are you going to do? Tell yourself to quit making mistakes? Will yourself to play better?  Don’t bother; it won’t help; you’ll probably play worse. Instead, do the following:
1. Play in the Now -- Your conscious mind thinks in the past, present and future; whereas your subconscious only operates in the present. Since you want your subconscious to be dominant, keep your mind in the present. Don’t think about that snide remark your opponent made or the shot you missed – that’s the past. Don’t think about the consequences of hitting the ball long or about winning or losing -- that’s the future.  Focus on the ball -- that’s the now.
2. Observe – Your conscious mind is the critic; it judges, discriminates and analyzes; whereas your subconscious mind accepts things literally. When you critique your strokes during a game, you bring your conscious mind to the forefront. To keep your conscious mind from taking over, don’t analyze your strokes, just observe them. If any adjustments are needed, your subconscious will make them -- unconsciously.
3. Watch the ball – Think about, and keep your eyes on, the ball. You can only focus on one thing at a time with your conscious mind. Focusing on the ball blocks negative thoughts, keeps your mind in the present and keeps your conscious mind from interfering with your subconscious mind.
4. Relax – Tension impedes court movement and thwarts good stroking. Top athletes don’t tense all their muscles while they jump, throw, catch or stroke – only the ones needed to do the job. Any additional flexing hinders performance. So loosen up. Take slow, deep breaths between points.
5. Act with confidence – You’ve spent weeks practicing your strokes and strategies. Your strokes are ingrained in your subconscious so you don’t have to think about them.  Knowing your strokes are programmed in your subconscious gives you confidence that you can play as well, and better, than anyone in your bracket. Act with confidence; imagine you are confident and play confidently.
Editors’ Note: This is the seventh in a series of articles on the mental side of pickleball -- how to play to the best of your ability; how to improve your game while reclining in an easy chair; how to play in the “zone”; what you should be thinking about -- and not thinking about -- during play, and more. Harry W Carpenter is author of The Genie Within: Your Subconscious Mind -- How It Works and How to Use It, a manual about using your subconscious mind to achieve success, health, prosperity, and peace of mind. The manual has sold greater than 75,000 copies and is published in nine languages. Harry welcomes reader comments at mailto:thegeniewithin@roadrunner.com.
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National Senior Games Final Wrap-up …
Submitted by David Jordan, USAPA President

For the 367 pickleball participants who will be in Cleveland, Ohio later this month for the NSGA Summer National Senior Games, up-to-date information can be found on the NSGA Website: http://www.nsga.com/2013-national-senior-games.aspx

For player lists, brackets and other tournament information go to pickleballtournaments.com. Please report any mistakes to tournament director Tom Burkhart at tomb7445@cox.net. For check-in everyone must enter the Cleveland Convention Center from the north end. Pickleball participants must also check-in a second time upon entering the court area. Players may exit through numerous doors throughout the building. Be sure to check out the schedule for the parade of athletes and all the other exciting events and booths in the Athletic Village -- lots of freebees and great entertainment. See you in Cleveland.
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USAPA Nationals V Registration Now Underway…
Submitted by David Jordan, USAPA President

USAPA NATIONAL TOURNAMENT  -  November 11-17, 2013
Registration for the 2013 National Tournament is now underway. All the information for this year's exciting event -- tournament schedule, events, FAQ, and information on lodging and RV parking -- can be found on the Nationals V Website -- http://nationals.usapa.org/.

Registration deadlines are: Early registration ends September 14 at 11:59 p.m., EDT. Final registration ends October 12 at 11:59 p.m., EDT; no registrations accepted after this date. 

To register go to: http://www.pickleballtournaments2.com/main.pl. See you in Buckeye…

Rules Review:
Service Foot Fault Calls…
By Dennis Dacey, USAPA Rules Chair

I had another interesting question about service foot faults this last month. The person was asking, “Who normally calls service foot faults during a tournament?” She was wondering because there is nothing specific about this in the rules and concerned because the laws of parallax would make it hard to determine these faults.
Answer: IFP Rule 14.F. specifies in part, “The referee is responsible for all decisions related to procedural and judgment calls during a match.” Only when there are baseline judges can a referee ask them to watch for service foot faults. In all other matches it is the responsibility of the referee to watch for and call service foot faults. Actually, these are much easier to see than balls close to the line during play, but still the referee needs to be sure a fault occurred before calling this on a server. So it is up to the referee to call all service faults, including foot faults during matches without line judges. After the serve is struck the referee then needs to concentrate on foot faults in the non-volley zone for the remainder of the rally. 
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Bits and Pieces...

Pickleball for Prize Money…
Submitted by John Gullo, Ogden, Utah
In July the Ogden Pickleball Association is hosting the Tournament of Champions in conjunction with the Dennis Forbes Memorial Tournament. The Tournament of Champions, participation in which is by invitation only, matches 35 of the country’s top players in men’s, women’s and mixed doubles competition. Medal rounds will be held from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on July 18, 19 and 20. The uniqueness of the Tournament of Champions is that the top three finishing teams in each event will receive cash prizes -- $3,000 to the winning team, $2,000 for second place and $1,000 for third. Cash prizes of this magnitude are a first in pickleball competition.

Pickleball Ole’ Mexican Adventure 2014…
Submitted by Audrey Phillips, USAPA Ambassador, San Diego

If you love pickleball and like meeting players of all skill levels from across the country, the Pickleball OLE’ Adventure to the Grand Palladium White Sand Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico is for you. An all inclusive deluxe resort located beachfront on the Caribbean Sea, the Grand Palladium, which is near the Mayan ruins at Tulum, features 12 a-la-carte restaurants and bars, and seemingly endless activities -- sailing, snorkeling, windsurfing, a disco and fantastic spa, and live entertainment nightly. There will be 16 pickleball courts available day and night, playing clinics, beginner lessons and a fun tournament, as well as pickle parties, informal gatherings and other surprises.

The Pickleball OLE’ Adventure is offered in two, one-week timeframes, March 22-29 and March 29-April 5, 2014. Transfers, tipping and taxes are included in the adventure price and optional excursions to the Mayan ruins, exploring underground cenote rivers, swimming with dolphins, scuba diving and golf also are available. For additional information contact me at veryaud2@mac.com or (858) 756-3356, but do so quickly, as the 2013 pickleball adventure to Costa Rica filled in two weeks. The Pickleball OLE’ Adventure is open to all skill levels, but you must be a USAPA member to participate. To learn more about joining USAPA, click here.

Pickleball Club Members Pitch In for Tornado Victims…
Submitted by Peggy Cobb, USAPA Ambassador, West OKC
This past weekend several members of the OKC Pickleball Club mobilized to assist in cleanup following the Moore, Okla., tornado. Since club member Sue Denny’s home had already been cleaned, the club cleaned up the yard and planted flowers at a veteran and his wife's house for when they are able to return home. In addition, club members Gayla and John Mullins lost their sister to the tornado. John was on the phone with her when it went dead. She had put her dog in a hall closet and surprisingly, it survived. Condolences to Gayla and John.

Audrey Phillips Honored with USAPA Grant…
Submitted by Tom Burkhart, USAPA Ambassador

Donations from the 240 participants of the Pura Vida Pickleball Adventure to Costa Rica this past May have resulted in a $500 grant to the USAPA Training Grants program in the name of Audrey Phillips, organizer of the annual Pickleball Adventures.


USAPA 2012 Financials Available…
Submitted by Dan Ellsworth, USAPA Bookkeeper
The USAPA Income and Expense statement for year 2012 is now available online at http://usapa.org/financial/2012-Pie-Charts-percentages.pdf.

Places to Play…

New Venue in Grand Junction…
Submitted by Dick Bright
Grand Junction (Colo.) Parks and Recreation is undergoing a big renovation to its Pickleball and Tennis facility. Since pickleball is growing leaps and bounds in the Grand Valley, plans are to replace the old eight-tennis-court site, which includes four temporary pickleball courts, with a tournament quality facility. The complex will have four new post-tension concrete pickleball courts with a complete new surface, as well as four new tennis courts. Hopes are that the facility will be complete by the end of summer. During the construction the City Parks and Recreation department has modified and opened another pickleball facility at Pineridge in the Ridges subdivision, site of this August’s Senior tournament. For play information contact Dick Bright, 970-773-8828.

Meadow Vista Pickleball Founders Honored…
Submitted by Chris Thomas, USAPA West Region Director
Chic and Ingrid Koenig, the driving forces behind pickleball at Meadow Vista in Auburn, Calif., recently were awarded the Friends of Recreation designation by the Auburn Recreation District. It was five years ago that the Koenigs first approached the district with the idea of promoting pickleball. Today the sport thrives. For detailed information and play schedules at Meadow Vista contact Ingrid and Chic Koenig at 530-878-0103.  

No Dumb Questions...
Sweaty Hands and Resin Pads…
Submitted by Karen Tolliver 

Question: My hands often get sweaty, with or without gloves, and wiping them on a towel or my shirt is a very temporary fix. Is it legal to have a resin pad with me to help with sweaty hands?
Answer: According to Dennis Dacey, USAPA Rules Chair, there is nothing in the IFP rules to prevent a player from carrying a resin pad onto the court. It would be the same as a cell phone, keys, a handkerchief, etc. There is a rule concerning "Items on the Court," but nothing concerning what a person can take with them onto the court. However, if someone wanted to really test this rule to the extreme, IFP Rule 14.M.7. states: Any other actions that are considered unsportsmanlike behavior may result in a technical foul.
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On the Road with David and Nancy…
Submitted by David Jordan, USAPA President, and Nancy Jordan

It was a weeklong drive to San Antonio, Texas, with extended-stay stops in Surprise and Tucson, Ariz. In Surprise we met with USAPA executive director Justin Maloof. Since Justin was hired in January we have constantly been in touch by phone, but had never met in person. While in Tucson we played pickleball at the reopening celebration of the refurbished courts in the Village Green Subdivision. Shaarla Blackwell and her crew did a great job of getting the group together for a fun morning of pickleball. USAPA Tucson Ambassador Tom Starrs was on hand to congratulate the folks on a job well done. 

In San Antonio we had a family reunion of sorts, for our youngest son’s 40th birthday and our grandson’s high school graduation. But it was not all family fun. We got to play pickleball at Morgan’s Wonder World, a four-court indoor facility, with USAPA ambassadors Ed Beyster and Sandra Carrillo and a lively group of other local folks. Next month we head toward Cleveland with a stop in Fairfield Gladys, Tennessee to put on a clinic. Until next month, we are on the road for pickleball.

A Wealth of Information

The USAPA Website is an incredible source of information about all things pickleball! The home page contains buttons to everything from tournament schedule and results to places to play in each state and province and information about pickleball clinics and demonstrations being held in your area. Interested in seeing the pros play? From the home page you are just a click away from viewing the Open competition finals at the 2012 National tournament. All this and much, much more. Take a moment to visit the site and you are guaranteed to come away more informed and ready to hit the courts than ever before.

Pickleball Lyrics of the Month…
Submitted by John Gullo and Nadine MaKay, Ogden, Utah
Written in memory of Dennis Forbes
Who can give you lessons,
Teach you what to do
Complement your play
And never make you blue?
The Paddle man
The Paddle Man can
The Paddle Man can cuz he loves to play the game called Pickleball
Who can sell you paddles,
Nets and balls as well
Share his expertise
And make your game just gel?
The Paddle Man……
The Paddle Man can
The Paddle Man can cuz he loves to play the game called Pickleball
Who is good at doubles,
Singles play as well
If you beat him once
Well, he will never, never tell?
The Paddle Man…..
The Paddle Man can
The Paddle Man can cuz he loves to play the game called Pickleball
The Paddle Man makes
Every shot he takes
Look easy and with little thinking
Forehand, backhand, or just dinking
He hits the corners without blinking
Who can hit a deep shot,
Follow with a drop
Always hits it in
And is in the right spot?
The Paddle Man….
The Paddle Man can
The Paddle Man can cuz he loves to play the game called Pickleball
Who is always smiling
Having lots of fun
Now, he may hit a cobra
Hit it hard and low,
But he does it to everyone
The Paddle Man….
The Paddle Man can
The Paddle Man can cuz he loves to play the game called Pickleball
Now he has hooked you good now
And you’re having fun
Tell all your friends and family
That we welcome everyone
Come Join the Paddle Man, The Paddle Man
The Paddle Man can
The Paddle Man can cuz he loves to play the game called Pickleball

Improving Balance...
By Barb Wintroub 

Have you watched any of the French Open Tennis tournament? Can you believe those players can slide from side to side on the clay and remain standing? As we age our balance begins to lessen. On the pickleball court good balance helps us make those great shots. If you can move quickly, bend for those dinks and reach for those wide shots you are one step ahead of your opponent.

There are three types of balance: vision, inner ear (vestibular) and proprioception (when your ankle wiggles when you stand on one leg). Here are three exercises to practice daily to improve balance. Balance on each leg, doing more repetitions on the weaker leg. For safety, make sure you're in the corner of a room. Turn your back to the corner because people don't fall forward they fall backward.

1.  VISION, VESTIBULAR, PROPRIOCEPTION BALANCE: Stand on one leg with your eyes open (I'm wearing sunglasses with eyes open). Photo 1.

2.  VESTIBULAR, PROPRIOCEPTION BALANCE: Stand on one leg with your eyes closed. Trick -- hold onto the wall with one hand, then the other hand, until you can release both hands. Photo 2.

3.  PROPRIOCEPTION BALANCE: Stand on one leg with your eyes closed and head tilted back. Same trick -- hold on till you can release both hands. Photo 3.

Have patience. You will get better at this; it just takes time.


USAPA Donations Now Tax Deductible
The Internal Revenue Service has granted USAPA tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3) public charity. This means that your contributions to USAPA are now tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. All donations will be used to augment the Training Grants program, which promotes the growth of the sport. You can be part of it by adding a donation to your membership dues payment (the dues amount is not deductible), by donating online at https://usapa.org/store/donation or by sending a tax-deductible donation to: 

USAPA Donations
P.O. Box 7354
Surprise, AZ 85374

Member Benefits...
Support the governing body of pickleball by encouraging all players to join USAPA. They’ll receive:
  • A newly designed official USAPA T-Shirt for new members and multi-year renewals
  • Official USAPA/IFP Rulebook with 3-year and 5-year memberships
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  • Secondary medical insurance in sanctioned tournaments
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All members also have access to the Working Advantage discount network, which can save you up to 60% on ticketed events, online shopping and much more!
Disclaimer: Working Advantage is an independent gateway for USAPA's members to access voluntary benefits, discounts and special services offered by vendors and other companies affiliated with Working Advantage. USAPA does not promote or endorse and is not responsible for any of these products or services.
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Sound Off…
Reader Feedback

I Liked It…
The video link in the article from Bill Lubansky, Ambassador, Rockford, Minnesota, was fantastic. It was very encouraging to teach kids to play pickleball. Thanks for putting it into the newsletter. In addition, in a previous newsletter you had something from Jane Niehaus in Estero. Because of the article, we called her to discuss how she handled getting pickleball started in her area and we found some additional information that may prove helpful to us. I liked it.  -  Josh Kalin, Delray Beach, Florida
Editors’ Note: The views expressed in the Sound Off column are not necessarily those of the editors or USAPA.  
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The Final Word…
See the World...
By Jennifer Lucore, Publisher USAPA e-Newsletter

The world. So many places to see, people to meet, courts to play on, indoors or out. Life is quickly moving along so make time to do what you love with the people you like. To find courts along your travels, check out Places to Play. USAPA maintains this master list of reported court locations. Be sure to check that your favorite venue is listed; if not, follow the contact link to add it.

During your travels keep your ears tuned for the sound of paddle making contact with pickleball. It’s everywhere. I've been lucky enough to talk with pickleball people from all over. In one case a student, age 11, from Scotland contacted me and needed information about our sport for her school paper. Through our e-mails I learned she introduced the sport to her class - Yay! Also, in July and August I will be exploring Norway, learning about my family history and, of course, introducing pickleball to whomever will listen. If you have any connections to friends or family in Oslo, Norway, please e-mail me asap at: publisher@usapa.org and maybe I can connect with them and play!  

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