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Happy New Year! In this first issue of 2013 we are introducing two new features. Author Harry Carpenter begins an interesting series titled The Mind Game, in which he delves into the relationship between pickleball and the human mind. Also, readers now have the opportunity to air their feelings on past newsletters in the new Sound Off column. This month Dennis Dacey’s Rules Review addresses how to know when you are in the correct court and Fitness columnist Barb Wintroub provides exercises to help with pickleball elbow. In Bits and Pieces read about pickleball in China, and take a look at Palm Creek Pickleball Club’s Christmas Light Parade float. Enjoy the issue and let 2013 be your best pickleball year yet.
       Your Editors, Lynn & Linda Laymon, newsletter@usapa.org

The Mind Game…
Out of Your Mind Pickleball
By Harry Carpenter

What’s going on in your mind affects your pickleball game big time. Do you want to learn how to play the mental game? Want to make a quantum leap in your pickleball skills? Read on.

Long before my pickleball life, I entered a one day, round-robin tennis tournament in Van Nuys, California. The day before the competition, my two Yamaha rackets were stolen and the only available racket was my daughter’s. She had a habit of picking up the ball by scraping the tip of the racket on the court. The scraping wore a hole in the hollow graphite frame that you could stick a finger in. Since I had no chance of winning with that racket, I decided not to take the tournament seriously and just play for fun. Players were divided into two brackets of nine players each. Because I had nothing to lose, I played out of my mind. I wasn’t thinking about it but my game was on a high. I beat all eight players in my bracket. I played the winner from the other bracket in an eight-game set for the championship. He was a better player but I was still playing out of my mind. I was ahead 6 games to 2. Only two more games and I would win the trophy.Then, I began thinking, “Oh my gosh, I’m going to beat this guy. I’m going to win the tournament.” That was the beginning of the end. When I started thinking about winning, I started losing. I didn’t win another game. I played in my mind rather than out of my mind. More next month.
Editors’ Note: This is the first of a series of articles on the mental side of pickleball -- how to play to the best of your ability; how to improve your game while reclining in an easy chair; how to play in the “zone;” what you should be thinking about -- and not thinking about -- during play, and more. Harry W Carpenter is author of The Genie Within: Your Subconscious Mind -- How It Works and How to Use It, a manual about using your subconscious mind to achieve success, health, prosperity, and peace of mind. The manual has sold greater than 75,000 copies and is published in nine languages.

Your USAPA Board of Directors…
New Look, New Members for 2013

As of Jan. 1, 2013, new two-year terms begin for some of the current board members; others are leaving and we welcome one new member. Ruth Rosenquist has been elected by the current board to fill the position of Media Relations Chair (Check the Player Profile column for more about Ruth). Welcome Ruth! She replaces outgoing chair David Johnson, whom we thank for all his service to USAPA.

The Treasurer position remains unfilled. The board is still in need of a qualified candidate. Please contact Dan Ellsworth for more information about the duties of this crucial officer.

Nancy Jordan is retiring as the Membership Chair. The board has decided not to fill the position at this time. Many of the duties will be performed by staff and volunteers. Much thanks to Nancy for all of her travels promoting USAPA.

David Jordan will continue as Marketing and Sales Chair, with help from volunteer Kia Brown.

Norm Davis, Training/Grants Chair will also continue for another term with assistance from Mike Pagliarulo on the Training Room section of the USAPA Website.

Fran Myer was elected to another term as Vice President and Linda Laymon will continue as e-Newsletter editor (along with co-editor husband Lynn).

The two-year terms of the remaining board members expire at the end of 2013: Bill Booth, President/Website; Laura Patterson, Secretary; Christie Borne, Ambassador Relations; Dennis Dacey, Rules; Dennis Duey, Tournaments; Mark Friedenberg, Ratings; Phil Mortenson, Counsel/Grievance. 

If you have talents, experience and interest in assisting USAPA in any of these capacities in 2013 or beyond, please contact a board member. Your participation in the governing body of pickleball is always appreciated.

Player Profile…
Ruth Rosenquist…
New USAPA Media Relations Chair
By the Editors

Ruth joins the USAPA board with more than 25 years of marketing, public relations and branding experience, making her perfectly suited to take the media relations function to a new level. In addition to consulting work, she is employed full time as Director of Public Relations and Cause Marketing for The Noerr Programs, working with non-profit groups such as Save the Children and AbilityPath. Her main focus is generating and facilitating media requests as the “Santa Wrangler.” As she explained, Noerr, a digital photo imaging company, supplies turn-key operations for the Santa photo experience (and the Easter bunny too) to more than 230 venues nationwide. Her work includes representing the “voice of Santa” on conventional and social media. “On platforms such as Facebook (BeMerrySanta) I try to evoke the tradition and values of what Santa really means to our audience, which is primarily families with younger kids.”

And pickleball? She was introduced to the game in 1995 by her uncle, who had a pickleball court installed at his beach home in Rocky Point, Mexico. “I love nothing more than playing this game,” she says. “It’s a great cardio workout that puts me in the moment, and shuts out all the work-related noise in my head.” A member of the Fountain Hills [Ariz.] Pickleball Club, she tries to play three times a week. Even with her packed schedule, Ruth stepped up to fill the impending vacancy on the USAPA board. As Media Relations Chair, Ruth wants to see more national media attention for pickleball and hopes that it could someday grow to be an Olympic sport. Asked why she volunteered, she answered, “I’ve learned to follow my heart. If you do that, it rewards you exponentially.”
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Sound Off…
Reader Feedback

Pickleball Polly Taken Seriously…
Dear Lynn and Linda,
First I want to say how much I enjoy the newsletter. After I finished reading the article about good sportsmanship, the Ask Pickleball Polly column was somewhat of a disappointment. It lacked situational awareness that is an important part of the game. I certainly understand we get excited about competitive play and enjoy the moment in a positive way, but not directed negatively to your opponent. The article should have contained a caution to the reader about how not to let this happen. I am referring to times like playing with people we don't know very well or we assume it's okay. Also when something like this happens to a beginner it puts pickleball in a bad light, feelings may be hurt to a point where they may never come back to play. I would ask that in the next newsletter have Polly make some suggestions where "trash talk" could be the wrong thing to do or even better yet never let it happen.
Joe Dagata
USAPA Pickleball Ambassador, Antelope Valley, California
Dear Editors,  
I just wanted to say that the article on trash talking offended me. I am an advanced player, living in The Villages. These sorts of antics have caused hurt feelings, impacted friendships and have caused more than one altercation. I am not sure why some feel that the etiquette displayed on a tennis court or golf course doesn't apply to our sport. It should! Remember mom's advice... “If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all!”
Nancy Whiteman, The Villages, Florida

Guinness Book of World Records…
Linda and Lynn,
First of all, I want to thank you guys for all your hard work in promoting pickleball and all the hours you put into the newsletter. It's my opinion that the Guinness’s Book of Records Attempt article in the December Bits and Pieces column could have been expanded to include these details: Jennifer Lucore, Alex Hamner, Bob and I flew to Dallas to teach these tennis players. Since we are all USAPA members representing USAPA it would have been nice to give recognition to us. I am not trying to toot my own horn; I just think it is appropriate for USAPA members to know who helped in this wonderful event. Yes, two staff members from Pickle-Ball® also were there. Pickle-Ball® donated 500 paddles and 500 pickleballs, not just supplied them, and they should have received the appropriate recognition.
Beverly Youngren
USAPA Ambassador, San Diego County

Rules Review...
Am I In the Correct Court?
By Dennis Dacey, USAPA Rules Chair

There were several questions that came in this last month about service sequence rules. Section 5 of the rules covers this and accounts for four pages in the rulebook. This month I concentrate on how people that are just learning the game can keep track of what side of the court they should be on. I would recommend doing what is done in tournaments. In doubles play have the starting first server on each side wear a colored wrist or ankle band. This makes it easy for all players to see who should be on what side of the court. When the score is even (0, 2, 4, etc.) the game’s first server should always be on the right side of the court to serve or to receive. This is the player wearing the colored band. When the score is odd (1, 3, 5, etc.) the game’s first server (with the colored band) should always be on the left-hand side to serve or to receive. If you use this colored band when learning the game or teaching others to play you will learn very quickly where to be to serve or receive. Try it the next time you’re with new players and see how easy it can be to know where everyone should line up. More next month. Until then, keep it in play.
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USAPA Donations Now Tax Deductible

The Internal Revenue Service has granted USAPA tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3) public charity. This means that your contributions to USAPA are now tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. All donations will be used to augment the Training Grants program, which promotes the growth of the sport. You can be part of it by adding a donation to your membership dues payment (the dues amount is not deductible), by donating online at https://usapa.org/store/donation or by sending a tax-deductible donation to: 

USAPA Donations
P.O. Box 7354
Surprise, AZ 85374

Ask Pickleball Polly...

Dear Polly,
I must admit I enjoy your Ask Polly column. You certainly are not bashful about offering your opinions about all things pickleball, and although I don't always agree with your point of view I do enjoy your sense of humor. My question is, “Who the heck are you, where do you live and play and who made you the queen of pickleball pontifications?”  
Nosey in New York
Dear Nosey,
Thank you for your interest in Polly and your enjoyment of the monthly column. The USAPA newsletter editors receive hundreds, if not dozens, if not…okay a couple of responses to the column each month. I will take a few moments to shed a little light into the life and legend of one Pickleball Polly. Polly was born in 1950 something (sometimes Polly can't divulge exact details) and had a normal childhood growing up. Being the youngest child of middle class parents I was athletic from the beginning and tended to kick my two older brothers’ butts in ping pong in the family basement. I had a killer forehand and a wicked spin serve.

In high school I was the #2 singles tennis player at Middle Volley High School in Rally, Tennessee. I met my husband, Dink, on the tennis courts late one night on a blind date mixed doubles event called, Is That Your Forehand Or Are You Just Glad To See Me? It was love at first sight; he was so cute in his white tennis shorts and polo shirt with the sweater draped over his shoulders. He was quite the player and Polly decided right away he could volley in her forecourt anytime.

We led an average, happy life working and raising our two children, Annette, we called her our little "Net Nipper," and our son Ace. We were active in the game of tennis, but over the years we got older and slower; a couple of knee surgeries followed and our speed and skill level in the game started to erode. Our friends that we played with drifted away from the game and we found ourselves staring at the TV night after night. When we retired, Dink from his job as a parks and recreation supervisor (his co-workers said there wasn't anything Dink-a-Dink couldn't do), and Polly as a telephone operator (my idol was Lilly Tomlin from the Laugh In show).

One night just before he retired Dink came home and said that two couples traveling through our city in their RV stopped at one of the tennis courts in town, marked it off and set up a pickleball net, got out their paddles and a wiffle ball and started playing. Dink was blown away and couldn't wait to get home to tell me. The couples, who were from Fault, Oklahoma, gave us our first lesson and first game -- and we were hooked! We recruited a few of our former tennis buddies and soon had our own little group, playing most mornings and a couple of evenings a week on converted tennis courts. We love the game and have played at the Condos in Florida -- they are just south of The Villages -- and not only in Surprise, Arizona but in Dazed and Confused, Utah as well; they are sister cities.

I would say Polly is a 4.0 rated player in Women's Doubles, but I am a 4.5 when I partner with my personal trainer and masseur, Hans. He has a great game and an even better pair of hands! I met the editors of the USAPA e-Newsletter when they came to Polly's neighborhood on their way across the country and I shared a couple of things I had written for our local newsletter. They obviously recognized great talent and a partnership was formed. Polly can serve it, smack it, lob it, pickle it, dink it, smash it, volley it, return it, poach it, and yes, occasionally stink it up. But that is the joy of pickleball. I consider it an honor to be able to offer my tips for better play and better relationships on and off the court. And sweetie, what makes me the queen of pickleball pontifications? I am a woman, I am retired, I am good at what I do and humble at the same time. Like the great, late Walter Brennan used to say “It ain't braggin’ if you can do it."
In Pickleball, Polly
Editors’ Note: Pickleball Polly is a tongue-in-cheek advice column. The answers to readers’ questions are contributed by an anonymous USAPA member. The advice given is not necessarily the view of USAPA and should be read at your own risk.
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Bits & Pieces…
Blasting Off on the Space Coast…
Submitted by Scott Nelson, USAPA Ambassador, Florida Space Coast
Pickleball growth continues in Brevard County. As we move into our most popular season for play, the word on the street no longer is, “What IS pickleball?” but “WHERE can I play?” Some notable milestones are: Dick’s Sporting Goods and Sports Authority are now carrying pickleball paddles and balls; unfortunately, they cannot keep enough in stock to meet the demand. The South Melbourne Beach Recreation Center recently replaced their volleyball and basketball programs with pickleball. Pickleball is played five days a week during the day and twice in the evenings. Satellite Beach Recreation Center has started a new primetime play slot in the evening and may be adding another. There are now 152 pickleball players (that we know of) who play in the Space Coast. 

USAPA Grant Jumpstarts Fowler YMCA Program…
Submitted by Kathi Jones, Robert D. Fowler Family YMCA, Norcross, Georgia
The Robert D. Fowler Family YMCA is excited to announce the recent receipt of a grant from the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) for the purchase of new and much needed equipment for the facility. This grant would not have been possible without the determination and perseverance of two dedicated YMCA members – Joe and Peggy O’Toole. About two years ago Joe started asking about introducing pickleball at the branch. In 2011, the Y purchased paddles and Joe made his own portable net, which wasn’t very portable! Through their dedication and by inviting friends, neighbors and fellow Y members the program has grown from having one court to now having four courts in the gymnasium. Last month the floors in the gymnasium were refinished with permanent pickleball lines added to the floor. Out of 25 branches in our association we are the only Y that offers pickleball. We are hoping the other branches will see the merit of this sport and introduce it to their members. Pickleball provides a great workout and is a sport that can be geared to your experience and age level, and can be played inside or out; not many sports offer that advantage. Eventually we would like to have the adult players introduce the sport to our after-school middle school students. That would truly be bridging the generation gap. 

Graduation Day for Disabled…
Submitted by Jimmy O’Hearn, Grand Haven, Michigan
December 10th was a special day in Grand Haven for 27 men and women with disabilities -- they graduated from pickleball class. Each received an Olympic-style medal after completing the six-week Hero program. It was a very rewarding time for all of us. These men and women, who range from youngsters to seniors, spent six weeks learning pickleball from 10 caring instructors. Everyone did excellent. In fact, we are probably going to advance six of them into the beginner pickleball class at the Spring Lake Aquatic and Fitness Center. Instructor Cindi McKinney sums it up best: “We have a lot in common with the people we are teaching. We love pickleball and we all love having fun.”

Palm Creek Pickleball Float in Electric Light Parade…
Submitted by Rosemary Reese, USAPA Ambassador, Casa Grande, Arizona
Casa Grande’s annual Christmas Electric Light Parade included an entry from the Palm Creek Pickleball Club. Four elves played pickleball as Mrs. Santa looked on from the fireplace. There were 50,000 spectators -- many of whom had never heard of pickleball!

Let the Games Begin…
Submitted by Chris Thomas, USAPA Regional Director, West Region  

Over 125 people, including local civic leaders and news media, attended the grand opening of the four-court pickleball complex at the Golden Village RV Resort in Hemet, Calif. With over 800 RV spaces at Golden Village general manager Michael Carle led the effort to build the courts in order to attract more players who were looking for RV facilities with courts. Let the games begin!

USAPA Grant Helps Start Bemidji Program…
Submitted by Marcia Larson, Parks and Recreation Director, Bemidji, New Mexico
Thank you USAPA for the Training Grant! I'm really excited to be offering indoor pickleball starting in January. Bemidji State University and Active Living Bemidji are partnering with us on the program. The USAPA grant will go a long way toward helping us get up and running! 

China – A New Pickleball Venue…
Submitted by Connie and Bob Anderson, USAPA Ambassadors, Corvallis, Oregon
Six couples, including nine USAPA pickleball players, traveled to China this fall to introduce pickleball to as many Chinese people as we could. We took a USAPA portable net and paddles, which were all donated by S-type Sports. We demonstrated pickleball in Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guangzhou, the Great Wall and on our ship on the Yangtze River. We also were invited to Guangdong Industrial Technical College to demonstrate pickleball. After the lessons we donated the net and paddles so the college could continue to teach pickleball to their students and faculty. At every stop we found the Chinese people welcoming and receptive to the game. Even though we had interpreters we used a lot of sign language to explain the rules; this generated many smiles and much laughter from both sides. By the time we finished playing we had made many new friends. It was a wonderful experience and trip! Read more about it at http://www.albanypickleball.com/blog/
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Pickleball Poem of the Month…
Submitted by Donna Loveland

Ode to Pickleball
Lobs, dinks
Slamming serves
Shots that miss,
Shots that swerve.
Big flat paddles,
Holes in the ball
Lots of fun
For one and all.
Crazy rules
Crazy scoring,
Lots of fun
And never boring!
The best medicine
Is laughter
But if it is fitness
You are after,
It is the perfect
Of exercise
And relaxation.
Is it tennis?
Is it ping pong?
Both good guesses
But you're wrong!
For young and old,
One and all
It is the game of PICKELBALL!!
For most of us
All it took
Was just one game
And we were hooked!!

No Dumb Questions…
What type of shoes should I wear?
Question Submitted by Kate Cox, Glen Allen, Virginia

Question: What type of shoes do you recommend for playing pickleball on a basketball court and composite tennis court?
Answer (by Barbara Wintroub, USAPA e-Newsletter Fitness columnist):
First let me say that running and cross training shoes should not be worn to play pickleball on any surface. These shoes do not give the lateral support that is so necessary in pickleball. A good tennis or court shoe is the best to change direction while playing on any surface because of the support. Also, shoes should not blacken toenails, so get shoes long enough for toes to move around. Some shoes are very narrow; some are wider. Try on many pairs; don't just buy a pair because it’s on sale. 
Follow-up from Kate Cox: I purchased ASICS gel shoes and love them. The bottoms are flatter than the shoes I was wearing -- no accidents so far, no black marks and a new confidence with the court shoes. Love this game!
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Places to Play…

New Nets in Buffalo…
Submitted by Jason Santerre, Buffalo, New York

Our group at Buffalo Pickleball has grown in leaps and bounds. Through Facebook, Twitter, our Website BuffaloPickleball.com and eMarketing tracking and targeting we’ve been able to get the word out and people in. Being a software developer and graphic designer I use technology to better promote the activities. We play on regularly scheduled Tuesday nights, as well as some Fridays or Saturdays, in the gym at First Baptist West Seneca, which holds four courts. It also has locker rooms, showers and bathrooms. There is no fee to play and all are invited. Our goal is to get eight courts going during the spring, summer and fall months (wind and rain being a factor of course) – four courts inside and four outside. We received a USAPA grant that helped with the cost of two nets. At this time we play with two adjustable nets and two official nets. The West Seneca Christian School has asked me come in and teach the gym classes pickleball and make this a part of their yearly activities. This will not only increase awareness of the sport within the younger crowds, but with the parents of those children as well. The portable nets purchased with the grant money make it much easier to travel and show people this great sport. We are planning on having another pickleball bootcamp for inner city kids at a local Salvation Army gym soon. Contact information: Jason Santerre, 716-803-5520, jason@buffalopickleball.com 

USAPA Grants at Work in Grass Valley…
Submitted by Sandy Pack and Judie Tartaglia, Grass Valley Pickleball Club
Thank you very much for approving the $250 grant for the Grass Valley Pickleball Club. We will apply the funds to reimburse the club for two portable nets we purchased for play on our newly painted courts, which are dual-use on a rarely used tennis court at a local city park. Club members did the striping ourselves in October, 2012. We had two portable nets from our previous location and obtained two more with the USAPA grant. Our club has about 40 members with many drop-in players each day. Established play times are Mon. and Weds., 2:30 p.m. until dark, and Saturday mornings 10 a.m. to noon or beyond. The schedule will change as days get longer and weather gets better. Dues and drop-in fee are very reasonable. Our listing in the USAPA Website Places to Play has resulted in players from other parts of California and other states coming to the courts. Pickleball adds a valuable recreation opportunity to the community. Come on by if you are in the area! Contact information: Judie Tartaglia, 530-559-0322
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NSGA Nationals Registration Now Open…
Submitted by David Jordan, USAPA Marketing and Sales Chair
If you are a qualifier for the 2013 games, registration is now open. The games will be held in Cleveland, Ohio with lots of activities and celebrations going on before pickleball and in the evening during pickleball play. When you go to register you may get “Sticker Shock,” because the registration fee of around $140 is much higher than any other pickleball event you would attend. Is it worth it? You will have to be the judge of that.  Let’s take a look at what your registration fee covers:

Registration for the games. No separate fee for each event, so you can play in all three events if you are qualified to do so: Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles.Torch Lighting ceremony with a festival type atmosphere, vendors, top notch entertainment, beer garden and top it all off with a fireworks display.

Celebration of Athletes. This intergenerational event for you and your family members will rock your soles and make a lasting impression as you watch the parade of states. The event usually includes a top sports or entertainment spokesperson. 

Free four-day pass on the RTA (Region Transit System), which connects with local hotels, the convention center and other points of interest. The AstraZeneca Athletic Village. Vendors from all across the country will be represented, with free goodies for those who visit their booths, plus free entertainment each day – a great place to spend several hours while you are not playing pickleball. It is located in the Cleveland Convention Center where pickleball will be played. Many discounts for you and your family on sightseeing tours, hotels, flights, transportation and restaurants.

Nancy and I attended the games in 2007 held in Louisville, Ky., and in 2011 held in Houston, Texas. We put on pickleball demonstrations for two weeks at each of these games and can tell you it was a great experience. We got to attend many of the events and really enjoyed ourselves. Hopefully you will join us in Cleveland for this historic pickleball event. USAPA has worked hard over the past several years to get pickleball included in this national event, but we have no say in the prices charged or the cities chosen for the tournament. It will be an historic event for pickleball and we hope you can see past the dollar signs and join us for a great time in Cleveland. These games will be attended by well over 10,000 athletes from across the country. They come every other year to test their skills in a sport they love. They must feel it is worth the cost.
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USAPA Merchandise Online…

Support USAPA. Look cool, know the rules, own a net and learn to play. The USAPA Online Store is one-stop shopping. Visit http://usapa.org/store/ to purchase the official USAPA-IFP Tournament Rulebook, window stickers, logo apparel, net systems, instructional DVDs and more. And don’t miss the latest in apparel designs at CafePress.com/pickleball

Pickleball Elbow...
By Barb Wintroub
Lateral elbow pain or pain on the top of your elbow is a condition in which this area becomes sore and tender. Pickleball elbow is an overuse injury that can also be caused by knitting, gardening, scooping ice cream and anything else you do using your wrist in a repetitive motion. The pain can be so great that you cannot lift a coffee cup, carry a purse or pull laundry out of the washing machine. Improper form hitting a backhand allowing the wrist to "snap" or "flick" or hitting from your elbow instead of hitting from your shoulder can be the reason for this issue. Once you have cured your problem returning to an improper hitting technique will only bring the symptoms on again. Consult a pickleball instructor to learn a better way to hit your backhand.

There are several treatments you can try when you have pickleball elbow: ice, anti-inflammatories, massage the muscles attached to the tendons that run across your elbow bone, wear an elbow band to secure the muscle so it doesn't move and KT tape the area (Google tennis elbow and KT taping procedures). Unfortunately, you might need to decrease your amount of play and actually rest your arm. Here are two stretches you can do daily to improve your condition.

Photo 1.  Reverse prayer stretch with your shoulders down.

Photo 2.  Arm outstretched in front of you, palm forward fingers pointed upward.

Member Benefits…
In addition to the inherent pickleball related benefits of USAPA membership, each USAPA member has the opportunity to cash in on discounts and services offered by Working Advantage. Simply register online to receive a variety of exciting discounts compliments of USAPA. How about $25 dining certificates for only $10 at over 18,000 local restaurants across the country? Or free shipping at online retailers and automatic notification of tickets to new events in your area? It’s all part of being a member of USAPA.
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Demo and Clinics…

List Your Clinics and Demos on USAPA.org…
Group events such as demonstrations, clinics and lessons can be posted on the USAPA Website. A great way to promote your educational events. Any USAPA member can add or edit events that are of general public interest. Under the terms of service, it may not be used for advertising private or semi-private lessons. The link to Demos & Clinics is under PICKLEBALLZONE in the left menu at www.usapa.org. Take a look to see what’s happening in your area.

Tournament Schedule and Results…
Want to know about upcoming tournaments around the country?  See Tournament Schedule for information and details. And what about tournament results? Visit http://usapa.org/tournamentnews/index.php to find out who won and lost. Tournament Directors, contact your USAPA Regional Director or Media Relations Chair, David Johnson at the USAPA Contact Page for assistance with creating a press release to promote your upcoming tournament.
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Newsletter Submission Guidelines…

If you have articles, news items, questions or photos that you would like to submit please send them to newsletter@usapa.org. The submission deadline for possible inclusion in the next issue is the 15th of the month. The desired length is between 100 and 175 words. We also encourage members to submit contact information for potential Player Profile candidates.
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Do Not Forward...

Please do not forward this newsletter. It is a benefit of USAPA membership. If one of your forwarded recipients clicks the unsubscribe link it automatically will unsubscribe you from the newsletter and all future USAPA communications. Prior newsletters are available in the newsletter section at usapa.org one month after they have been e-mailed to members. 
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The Final Word…
By Jennifer Lucore, Publisher USAPA e-Newsletter
Nationals 2012 - What a great way to end the pickleball year. Last month we had an article on Nationals and I listed numerous volunteers in this column. I do need to thank Larry and Nancy Kraus because they were left out of the listing. My guess is there are several more of you wonderful volunteers out there who did help and were not in print, so let me say again - YOU ALL ARE THE BEST, THANK YOU!!!

Big breath in... I love Nationals... I could probably talk about it for months on the simple fact that our sport has a once a year tournament where all gather from far and near to complete. New friendships are made, the energy is exciting, and the variety of play is awesome. USAPA Nationals is pickleball's Wimbledon, US Open, Masters, Superbowl or even World Series. Here are some more Nationals photos to enjoy...



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