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Pickleball rolls on. Nearly 10 places to play are being added each week to That’s an excellent indicator of just how rapidly the sport is spreading. And the list of tournaments for the upcoming winter season is growing just as quickly. Pickleball is on fire! In this month’s Mind Game article author Harry Carpenter shares with us how snowboarding’s two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White reaches into his subconscious to successfully complete the unbelievably complex Double McTwist 1260. In E.D. Corner USAPA Executive Director Justin Maloof writes about new USAPA logo merchandise and in On the Road USAPA President David Jordan provides a wrap-up on the recently completed NSGA National Tournament. And in Bits and Pieces don’t miss John Gullo’s links to the videos of the finals matches of the Ogden, Utah Tournament of Champions; they are among the most professionally produced pickleball videos we’ve seen and contain some simply awesome play. Finally, check publisher Jennifer Lucore's Final Word column for tips on staying cool on the court. Get your game together, since it isn’t long until the Huntsman World Senior Games and USAPA Nationals V.
       Your Editors, Lynn & Linda Laymon,

The Mind Game...
Enlightening Quote by Shaun White
By Harry Carpenter

Editors’ Note: This is the next in a continuing series of articles on the mental side of pickleball: what you should be thinking about – and not thinking about – during play, and more. Harry W Carpenter is author of a new eBook, Pickleball; The Mental Side, as well as The Genie Within: Your Subconscious Mind – How It Works and How to Use It. Harry welcomes reader comments at mailto: .
Shaun White packed more wisdom in two sentences than can be found in some self-help books. His quote appeared in the July 29, 2013 issue of Time magazine. The content has an important message for pickleball players, in fact, for all athletes. Shaun White is a two-time Olympic gold medalist in snowboard competition. One of his moves on a snowboard, called the Double McTwist 1260, consists of two flips with 3½ spins (Don’t try this on a pickleball court.)

When asked what he is thinking at the top of a half pike waiting to do the Double McTwist 1260, Shaun replied, “At that point you’re not really thinking, you’re just letting it happen. It’s a mixture of being completely focused, then slightly not caring.” 

At that point you’re not really thinking.” He is saying that he is not using his conscious mind. No one can do a complex maneuver while thinking through the process. The maneuver has to be ingrained in the subconscious so it can be performed without thinking. If Shaun had to think of each part of the maneuver, it would be awkward and he would still be looking for a gold medal; for any medal. “…you’re just letting it happen.” Letting his subconscious take over and perform by habit. You cannot force your subconscious; you have to “let” it do its thing. “It’s a mixture of being completely focused,...” Shaun is in the zone, in the flow. He is in a state of mind that is totally focused with one purpose. If he were in the awake state of mind he would be thinking of what could go wrong, what his girlfriend said earlier, what he was going to say to the TV interviewer after the run.

And if he did think about those things, he would botch the run and end up on his backside. “…then slightly not caring.” Caring is a conscious mind activity. Our conscious mind is our analytical, judgmental mind. So, to let go of our conscious mind and let our subconscious do a complex maneuver we have to not care about the outcome. That’s why we are objective about our pickleball game; we do not think about winning or losing on the pickleball court. We don’t really care; we just focus on hitting the ball. After all, inner joy comes from playing well, not from winning with poor play.
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Nationals V
By David Jordan and Justin Maloof, co- Tournament Directors

USAPA Nationals V t-shirts featuring the new tournament color logo on the front and back are now available for purchase. Shirts can be pre-ordered in either men’s or women’s cuts for $14.95. If pre-ordered you also can have your name screened on the back for an additional $6. Orders can be shipped starting mid-October or you can save on shipping and pick up your shirt at the tournament. There will be a limited selection of unisex shirts available at Nationals, but don’t wait. CLICK HERE and order today.
Shoe Discount
To celebrate USAPA Nationals V, Valenti Sports is offering USAPA members a 30% discount on select footwear from Nike, Adidas and New Balance. CLICK HERE to order.
Registration Update
With over 300 players now registered for the 2013 USAPA National Tournament V in Buckeye, Ariz., we anticipate an even larger event this year. Early-bird registration ends Sept. 14, so don’t miss the opportunity to save -- CLICK HERE to register today. If you have questions visit the Nationals V Website for the tournament schedule, events, FAQ and information on lodging and RV sites.   

E.D. Corner…
Cooperative Merchandising Endeavor
By Justin Maloof, USAPA Executive Director

Over the past few months, the transformation of the USAPA brand and image has been a top priority. This process is ongoing and being completed in stages. One very obvious phase is the new website. While work continues on that project another area of branding that is taking shape is logo merchandise.Through a cooperative endeavor with Valenti Sports, USAPA soon will have a new line of high quality embroidered logo soft goods available for purchase. To this point t-shirts have been our primary apparel item, but we are broadening our selection with a professional product line that caters to both men and women, and gives members the opportunity to proudly proclaim their USAPA affiliation.
Why Logo Merchandise?
Similar to other sports associations (USTA, USGA, etc.), we need to offer a wide selection of logo enhanced clothing options. Whether looking for a collared shirt for the office or golf course, or perhaps a performance shirt for the courts, members should have the option of wearing quality USAPA apparel for almost any occasion. Other items such as jackets, shorts, hats, visors and bags will also be available. Quality merchandise provides our members with a fashionable marketing tool; a conversation piece that encourages someone to ask, “What is pickleball?” This helps us promote pickleball and USAPA. On a basic level, good merchandising equates to added revenue, which in turn opens more possibilities for USAPA to enhance association goals and objectives. The bottom line is: logo merchandise is another positive step forward for USAPA. We are close to launching this program and details will be sent to all members very soon.
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On the Road at the NSGA National Tournament…
By David Jordan, USAPA President, and Nancy Jordan

WOW, what a week we had in Cleveland, Ohio during the 2013 National Senior Games Association National Tournament. Folks from all over the U.S. came together to celebrate this historic first year of pickleball in the NSGA National Tournament. It has been a long time coming and when it finally got here 360+ enthusiastic pickleball players, who had previously qualified in NSGA state events, showed up to play, socialize and enjoy all the happenings at the games. The Athletic Village was just down the hall from the pickleball venue, with many booths, entertainment, and of course, loads of freebies. Inside each player’s welcome bag was a tote bag made to hold a pickleball paddle. The venue was inside the new Cleveland Convention Center and tournament director Tom Burkhart and crew were able to set up 14 courts. What a great four day tournament they put on. Spectators from all over came out to witness this game that most had never seen or heard of. No other sport in the convention center drew crowds like pickleball. A question asked at the USAPA table all day, each day, was “where can we play?” 

The Cleveland tournament staff did an excellent job of getting volunteers from the area to help in everything from check-in to refereeing. The group of pickleball players that showed up was ready for the games and the competition level was understandably high. For results of the games visit With the first NSGA pickleball national event behind us, it is time to think about the 2015 NSGA National Games, which will be held in Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Minnesota. To participate, you must qualify in a state-level NSGA event during 2014. Until then, we are on the road for pickleball. 

Bits and Pieces...

Tournament of Champions Videos…
Submitted by John Gullo, Ogden, Utah

Okay pickleball lovers, we need to get 1,000,000 hits per video to see TV come to our sport. Hits are from a computer, so only one time from yours counts. Got more than one computer? Use them all; you do not have to view in the entirety to qualify as a hit. Tell your friends to do the same. If you haven’t yet viewed these exciting Tournament of Champions finals videos, do it now! Some great play.

MEMBERS AND PICKLEBALL CLUBS.  Please Obey Copyright Rules.  The intent of copyright is to give authors protection so their creative works won’t be stolen. The scope of the law is large. Any expression recorded in tangible form, unpublished or published, in any medium, is automatically protected with few exceptions. A copyright notice isn't necessary to protect these works. Unless the published work is 75 years old you can assume that it is not in the public domain. Therefore, you should get permission from the author before using the work, including editing it and placing it on your website.

Phil Mortenson, USAPA Legal Counsel


Pickleball Flowers…
Submitted by Sue Pace, Rancho Carlsbad Senior Community, Carlsbad, California
Here is what we did for our Pickleball Play Day. They are made from broken pickleballs and will be used for prizes for our Play Day tournament and potluck. We cut and painted them and hot glued flowers and birds to each half. Makes a cute conversation piece.

Places to Play…
New Courts and Program in Northern New Jersey…
Submitted by Dori Zarr, Highland Lakes, New Jersey
Last month we opened four new pickleball courts in Highland Lakes, New Jersey. Tom Burke and I are charter members, having learned to play in Sun City West (Arizona) in the winter of 2010. At Highland Lakes we now offer lessons on Monday and Wednesday nights as well as Sunday mornings. The sport has become quite popular with families desiring to play together. We supply paddles and balls so new people can try out a variety. So far pickleball has been well received in the community and we get about three new people every time we play. For more information about pickleball at Highland Lakes contact Dori Zarr at or 973-764-1648.

Discovery Bay, California Gets Two New Courts…
Submitted by Bob Lyman, USAPA Ambassador, Brentwood-Discovery Bay
The Town of Discovery Bay, in cooperation with local pickleball players, has refurbished and converted a double tennis court facility in Cornell Park into two pickleball courts and a tennis court. The budget was $28,000 and came from park capital improvement funds. The tennis court is also marked for pickleball play and was sized to allow for four additional pickleball courts as demand grows. Currently we have 35 local players with drop-in play averaging 8-12 in this public facility. For more information about play this location is listed on under places to play or contact me at 925-628-7906 or
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No Dumb Questions...
Ball Hits Wrist…
Submitted by Bill Krueger

Question:  Realizing that paddle and hand are treated as one, and if ball hits hand or fingers of the paddle hand it's still in play, what if the ball hits the wrist or above and is returned to opponent’s court? Is it legally in play?

Answer:  IFP Rule 7F states in part: If the ball strikes the player’s paddle hand below the wrist, the ball is still in play. An IFP Comment adds: If the player is in the process of changing hands with both hands on the paddle, or is attempting a two-handed stroke and either hand is hit below the wrist, then the ball is considered in play. Therefore, the ball must be struck below the wrist of the paddle hand or it is a fault regardless of where it goes after that.
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A Wealth of Information

The USAPA Website is an incredible source of information about all things pickleball! The home page contains buttons to everything from tournament schedule and results to places to play in each state and province and information about pickleball clinics and demonstrations being held in your area. Visit the Training Room to learn how to improve your game. Interested in seeing the pros play? From the home page you are just a click away from viewing the Open competition finals at the 2012 USAPA National tournament. All this and much, much more. Take a moment to visit and you are guaranteed to come away more informed and ready to hit the courts than ever before.


USAPA Facebook Page Update...

The USAPA Facebook page continues to grow and we now have over 700 pickleball players who ‘like’ our page. Please take a moment to check out the page and join us by simply clicking the ‘Like’ button.


Pickleball Thought of the Month…
Submitted by John Gullo, Ogden, Utah

You’ll Never be as Young as You Are…

In terms of days and moments lived, you’ll never again be as young as you are right now, so spend this day, the youth of your future, in a way that deflects regret. Invest in yourself. Have some fun. Do something important. Love somebody extra. In one sense, you’re just a kid, but a kid with enough years to know that every day is priceless.

Stretching the Truth
By Barb Wintroub 

No one likes to stretch, nor do they think they need to stretch. Why inflict pain on yourself on a daily basis? Here's a quick story. While playing pickleball one of our players grabbed his hamstring and went down on the court. He has got great legs and he works out at the gym, but he's all quads, no hamstrings. In addition, he never stretches. Therefore, the balance of his muscles is off so the weaker muscles lock down. When is the best time to stretch? Rule of thumb: muscle fibers stretch better after they are warm, not cold. So, warm up by side stepping around the court then vigorously marching in place. Once the muscles are toasty do these three stretches:

Stretch #1 quad stretch:  if you cannot reach your ankle or deep bend your knee then don't hold on.
Stretch #2 hamstring stretch:  can be done seated.
Stretch #3: hip stretch:  can be done seated.

Any stretching is better than no stretching, but I highly recommend an easy stretch program done on a daily basis because life, along with pickleball, causes muscle tightening. Stretching can be your best friend, not your worst enemy.
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USAPA Donations Tax Deductible...
USAPA is a 501(c)(3) public charity. This means that your contributions to USAPA are now tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. All donations will be used to augment the Training Grants program, which promotes the growth of the sport. You can be part of it by adding a donation to your membership dues payment (the dues amount is not deductible), by donating online at or by sending your tax-deductible donation to: 

USAPA Donations
P.O. Box 7354
Surprise, AZ 85374

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Want a new USAPA t-shirt? How about an Official USAPA/IFP Rulebook and a discount when registering for tournaments? Visit to learn more about all the benefits of renewing your membership today. Plus, all USAPA members have access to the Working Advantage discount network, which can save you up to 60% on ticketed events, online shopping and much more!
Disclaimer: Working Advantage is an independent gateway for USAPA's members to access voluntary benefits, discounts and special services offered by vendors and other companies affiliated with Working Advantage. USAPA does not promote or endorse and is not responsible for any of these products or services.
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Sound Off…
Reader Feedback
I read the USAPA newsletter completely. Thanks for all the great info. Our pickleball club wants to always play by the rules so we play the game as it should be played.  Just sign me, All in for Pickleball in Arizona
Editors’ Note: The views expressed in the Sound Off column are not necessarily those of the editors or USAPA.  

USAPA Online Store...

Need an official pickleball net system, USAPA logo apparel, instructional DVDs, the official USAPA-IFP Tournament Rulebook, window stickers and more? Find it all at the USAPA online store --  And don’t miss the latest in apparel designs at
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The Final Word…
Staying Cool in the Summer Heat…
By Jennifer Lucore, Publisher, USAPA e-Newsletter

Summer play outdoors can be hot and so can the temperature on the court. I played in the Tournament of Champions in Ogden, Utah in July and it was HOT, both the competition and the weather. Being from Southern California I am accustomed to warm weather, but those coming from indoor play and cooler climates had more of a challenge. The heat-trapping surface of a pickleball court can leave a player sapped of energy. Here are some tips to keep your body cool even on the hottest days so you can perform well and recover quickly.

Your Feet: Hard courts trap heat sending it right up through your feet. Wearing quality court shoes will keep the bottoms of your feet and the rest of your body cool. Wear flip flops to the court and change into your shoes right before your match. Wear socks made of wicking material to pull sweat away from your skin and help prevent blisters. Stash an extra pair of socks in your bag for those extra-long days. I remember years ago a tennis pro told me always buy the cushioned Thorlo socks; the padding helps absorbs shock and your feet are worth the $12 cost.

Tend to your Neck: Your body's pulse points, such as behind the ears, the temples and the wrists, are sensitive to the cold. Sticking your wrists under cold water, or placing ice on your neck, can produce a cooling effect. When you're on the court, use a bandana or wrist bands soaked in cold water to help you stay cool. Several companies make cooling bandanas, which are designed to stay cold longer.

Proper Clothing: On hot summer days, wear white or light-colored breathable clothing to help reflect the sun's heat, not absorb it. I am asked a lot, "Aren't you hot in that long sleeve shirt?" Sometimes I am, but for sun protection and to keep my arms from feeling like I am baking, I wear long sleeves. Some 100% polyester shirts seem to trap the heat in, which you don't want, so try out a few different types and brands.

Shade Yourself:
Wear a hat or visor to keep the sun from blasting your head and face. White hats are most effective. Hats with big brims or those that have a drape off the back help keep the neck cooler, but can trap in heat. Like clothing, light colored hats will reflect heat whereas dark ones will absorb and transfer the heat to your head. Sit in the shade between games. Look for a shady spot you can use, if only for a few seconds in between points. It'll keep you cool and may even give you an edge over a tough opponent.

Last but not least, hydrate early; rehydrate often and choose healthy snacks. Hopefully these tips will help you stay healthy and give you an advantage over your opponent. Good luck and stay cool.

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