Eyewell AB Market Update - 2nd of February 2014
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Title: ZONE 261
Genre: Action / Drama
Type: Feature
Original language: Swedish & English
Directed by: Fredrik Hiller
Production company: Kruthuset
State of development: Editing/post production
Delivery: Fall 2014

Title: Land of Giants
Genre: Action / Adventure
Type: Feature & TV series (9 x 45 min)
Original language: English
Directed by: Krystof Zlatnik
Production company: Roundhouse Film
State of development: In development 
Delivery: Spring 2015

Title: Nymphs
Genre: Romance / Fantasy
Type: TV-series (12 x 44 min, 1st season), feature and 2nd season in developement
Original language: Finnish
Directed by: Miikko Oikkonen
Production company: Fisher King Production Oy
State of development: Completed

Markets at hand

The action drama ZONE 261 was successfully shot October - November 2013 and some first scenes was shown as Work In Progress at this weeks well attended Nordic Film Market in Gothenburg. ZONE 261 will have complete delivery by summer 2014. 
The action adventure project LAND OF GIANTS develops very well according to plan and the drama fantasy NYMPHS has been successfully launched. Germany's major VOD platform Maxdome had NYMPHS at the top of the 100'list for several weeks by end of 2013. 

Michael Werner and Stein Markussen are available for meetings during EFM in Berlin, February 6th - 12th, at the Creative Europe MEDIA stand (Matrin Gropius Bau Bldg).

Set an appointment with Stein or Michael by sending an e-mail to

Please take a moment to look at the trailers and read more about our titles below.

LAND OF GIANTS [tv-series & feature | in development]

In the tradition of successful Primetime TV series such as Game of Thrones, Spartacus and The Walking Dead, Land of Giants takes us to a fantastic world far beyond imagination including spectacular stunts, action, love and revenge.

In a nine episode series and a one-hundred minute long feature film, Land of Giants tells us the story about the outsider Crutch who is searching for truth and revenge as he wanders through the wasteland to which the colossal giants have reduced the once thriving human civilization.

Land of Giants is more than just a TV-series and feature. Designed as a cross-media franchise, Roundhouse Film is in the process of creating a multitude of complementary media products associated with the world of Land of Giants.

NYMPHS [tv-series | season 1 | completed]

From Fisher King Production comes the romance fantasy series about three nymphs, Didi, Cathy, and Nadia, who live among us, forever young, dangerously seductive and ever so deadly.

The Nymphs series combines new technology with an old mythological story. The Nymphs is a mixture of sensual cartoon, blended with good old magical myths and tales of love, sex and death.

In addition three releases of novels, an online computer game, a feature film and second season in development to the Nymphs franchise. The series is unique in its ability to adapt Digital Product Placement - DPP, this makes the series highly adaptable to local markets.

Watch the instructional DPP video here.
ZONE 261 [feature | editing/post production]

ZONE 261 is an Action/Drama which revolves around the samurai maxim: "Look deep into your enemy, and you will see that s/he is not your enemy".

In ZONE 261 the Swedish city of Landskrona is infected by a virus developed by the army that turns people into monsters. In order to prevent the infection from spreading, the town is quarantined by the military.

A small group of Swedish and immigrant non-infected persons take shelter in the old citadel. While the monsters approach, the old conflicts between the Swedish natives and the immigrants escalate to the point of no return. Against all odds they need to collaborate in order to escape the city before its to late and the military will wipe it out.

The indigenous population has to decide who the true monsters are:

The infected on the outside – or the old enemies on the inside?

Everyone is infected.

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