I’ve been tumbling in a purgatory of flux since returning to Chicago. In the midst of finding focus, the digital versions of pushing sand around on a beach have been achieved. Updating my calendar? Done it. Cleaned out my downloads folder?

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The Fieldwork*: “Slash now”

I’ve been tumbling in a purgatory of flux since returning to Chicago. In the midst of finding focus, the digital versions of pushing sand around on a beach have been achieved. Updating my calendar? Done it. Cleaned out my downloads folder? Yep. I even culled down my podcast listening list in an obsessive-digital version of sweeping the mess under my metaphorical bed. In between figuring out my next body of art and doing daily client work, I was thumbing around the same RSS sites looking for a bone to tickle my attention.

The universe always knows when I’m screwing around on the internet because that’s when gold strikes. While burrowing myself in a web of links, I came across the idea of building a /now page. Yeah, slash now. Thank the heavens for making descriptions that don’t sound like click bait.

The /now page is a section on your website that lists all the things you are currently focused on. This is not just a list of the projects that are on your plate but a public declaration of where you are keeping your mind-space. Mine is not only a collection of projects, but concepts, aspirations, and errors in my habits I want to fix. Sounds new-agey? Yeah sure. If you are curious, I built mine here.

“Hey, I’d love to work on this but unfortunately I don’t have the time for it right now. → http://www.jamestgreen.com/now“

I think of this webpage as being that little sticky note that sits on the palm rest of your computer, set up as the homepage of my browser, reminding me what the fuck I need to keep my mind on track with. That, and it’s a handy little page to send people when you are asked to work on a project but you just don’t have the bandwidth for it.

There’s something about publicly declaring your time, intention, and bandwidth. Not only does it seem to keep me in check but it keeps my wandering mind in somewhat of a lane versus running off the road and into a snow banked ditch without four wheel drive in the middle of North Dakota. It’s nice to know that the moment I feel like I’m off the rails and open up a browser tab, I know where I need to be.


This Week’s Magazine Clippings

★ â€œStop saying technology is causing social isolation”: It’s the present day and we use screens to gather information, read, and connect with others. Get used to it.

★ â€œHumans of New York and the Cavalier Consumption of Others”: An interesting insight into the success of Humans of New York and the approachability of snack-able bites into other people’s lives.

★ â€œInstagram’s TMZ”: A peek into the gossip columns of Instagram by one of my favorite writers, Jenna Wortham.

★ â€œOne Day at Panda Express”: An interesting insight into the daily inner-workings of a fast food restaurant. Read this on the website for the full experience, design, and interactions.

★ â€œLiving and Dying on Airbnb”: Get your tissues out.



★ CSS Black Lives Matter shirts and hoodies raised $67.91 for the Black Lives Matter BLCK store! I need 8 more reservations to do another run of printing for the holiday season. Check out the shop to order yours today.

★ I’m back on the speaking and visiting-artist train for the rest of 2015. If you teach a class, host a residency program, need a speaker for your event/conference, or looking for a studio visit, contact me. I recently had good visits with Columbia Chicago and School of the Art Institute Chicago, focusing on self-employment and creating internet-based art with a human touch.

★ I have one slot open for design and development work between November - December of this year. If you are in need or know of any leads, contact me.

★ Well I’ll be a can of lime La Croix, this Wednesday will be episode 28 of Cher Vincent and myself’s podcast, Open Ended. We vaguely talk about humanity and tech from the black perspective, but mostly we trade jokes and talk about the ratchetness of our surrounding world. It’s honestly a great weekly release. This week we bring in guest Molly Marshall to discuss creating communities online, but you can check out our last episode ‘Look Outside Your Bubble,’ with guest G. Keenan Schneider on our websiteiTunes, or in any other podcast player. Be sure to rate us on iTunes and send us a donation to keep the lights on.

★ If you’re into owning some art, I’ve got a few framed prints of a piece I created recently, “we(act)," for sale. If you are interested in having some art of mine in your home or studio, reply to this email so we can chat!


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