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New member on board:
meet gE4Nitra!

This August a group of experienced young professionals and entrepreneurs have created the first new local chapter of garagErasmus in Slovakia (OTI Slovakia) in order to provide a centrally organised pool of expertise and technical capacity for locals in the fields of innovation, empowerment, entrepreneurship, global citizenship, equality, democracy, justice, sports and environment.
gE4Nitra wants to offer new opportunities to the locals -to not only young people-, helping them to develop new skills and competences and encouraging them to be active at their local community. During the upcoming months gE4 Nitra is planning to organise a training for youth workers in Italy (October 2019), International English-speaking Quizzes for foreigners living in Nitra and a Bazaar & Swap event in Nitra.


Call for volunteers -  IAAF World Athletics Championship 2019

  In the framework of the implementation of our EYVOL project, aimed at fostering inclusive youth environments by implementing innovative educational methods based on sport, garagErasmus and the other partner organisations are co-organising one of the activities with the Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC).

organisation will receive 10 Sport Volunteers recommended by EYVOL to contribute to the management of the 2019 IAAF World Athletics Championships in Doha from 27 September 2019 till 6 October 2019. We consider this as a great achievement and a powerful showcase for our project, and a great opportunity for gathering together an engaged and enthusiastic group of volunteers that will take part into a big event such as the 2019 IAAF in Doha.

Volunteers are expected to be between 18 and 26 years old, speak fluently English and a second language, have interest in sport and possibly -but not necessarily-
experience in previous major events (sport or cultural event) and have had some previous experience in international cultural, education programme, or mobility framework (Erasmus, for instance). Interested candidates might also be considered for contributing to other activities in Doha such as the Beach Games. In case you would like to become a candidate, please send your CV to no later than 6 September.


Join the "Corri La Vita"
course in Florence (29/09)

  On 29 September “Corri la vita” – the largest solidarity sport event in Italy – will take place in Florence. Promoted by association Corri la vita onlus (Italian LILT in collaboration with league for the fight against cancer) to support the women suffering from cancer in the problems arising after treatment in the “area vasta Fiorentina” (Florence, Prato, Empoli and Pistoia), this race is a good occasion to build a stronger bond between the world of sports and education.

INDIRE (Erasmus+ Italian National Agency) will participate with a spirit of solidarity towards an important cause whose ethic component brings it closer to the values of inclusion and solidarity of the Erasmus+ programme.

Registrations will be open until 26 September.



What will happen to your rights to an old-age pension if you live and work in more than one country of the European Union?


According to the last Eurobarometer, EU citizens believe that ErasmusPlus is the third most positive achievement of the European Union, after free movement of people, goods and services and peace.


This study from the EU Commission examines the dynamics of different dimensions of skills mismatch and explores the empirical relationship between these skills mismatch measures and labour productivity.


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