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Sometimes less is more. For this week, artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon chose three projects from the #The100DayProject hashtag to highlight. Lisa's picks reveal her affinity for bright colors and geometric shapes, as well as her incredible eye for detail—evident in her thoughtful assessment of each project.

A lot has changed for the illustrator since we interviewed Lisa on The Great Discontent back in 2012, namely a move from San Francisco to Portland and a colossal amount of new work. No matter where she goes, her relentless drive to continue making has resulted in countless works and hopefully inspires you as well as we continue the 100-Day Project.

See her picks below and an archive of our past newsletters here.
Lisa Congdon in her studio. Photo provided by the illustrator.
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Sally Chen (#100daysofjourneymaps)
"The nerd in me is loving designer Sally Chen's hand drawn "maps" (that essentially read like flow charts or timelines) about different experiences she has using things like technology or transportation. For example, since her project started, she's mapped the grocery store self check-out experience, Airbnb's reservation system, posting a craigslist ad, relying on a weather app—just to name a few.

I am a sucker for infographics that organize information, and I love how Sally takes regular every day experiences and attempts to make sense of them, highlighting things like how something is "supposed" to go versus how it actually happens or comparing two different ways of doing the same thing. I also love that her maps usually include humor (I chuckle at many of them) and have a consistent graphic look and feel, too. I think this project would make an excellent book! Also, her Instagram and tumblr feeds in general are gorgeous. She's a great photographer."

Natasha Nuttall (#100daysoftriangles)
"One of my recent favorite follows was the project of graphic designer (and self-described "triangle enthusiast") Natasha Nuttall. I am a sucker for a good geometric pattern, and I love how Natasha goes in search of triangles wherever she roams in her native U.K and then photographs them.

What I love most is that sometimes the patterns she photographs are obvious, but other times they are more subtle and require you to scan the image for the triangle or set of triangles in the image. And she's not just looking at floor tiles, architecture or repeating patterns; she's also capturing things like shadows and folds. Projects like this one remind us that if you simply open your eyes and look for one particular thing, you will see it everywhere."

Sara Combs (#100daysofSFpatterns)
"Last, but not least, is the feed of designer Sara Combs, who lives in my hometown of San Francisco. Through repeating patterns of ubiquitous things in San Francisco, Sara takes us on a quirky tour of my favorite city. Some of her patterns, most of which appear hand drawn and then digitally manipulated, represent obvious iconic San Francisco things like fog and tacos and some subtle things like Spanish roof tiles and city cats. Some are more realistic and some more abstract.

Her project calls to mind the way we actually stretch ourselves when we give ourselves a creative constraint. I have no doubt Sara has to think outside of the box to come up with 100 San Franciscan patterns—and what an awesome boost for her portfolio!"

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