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LipService: March 2015
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LipService: A Lips and Hips Newsletter
March 2015
Looking to Our Pasts, Finding Our Futures
What comes to mind when you think of the month of March? Spring break? NCAA basketball? Shamrock shakes? How about women’s history?  
For those of you scratching your head in bewilderment at that last one, wonder no more. March is officially designated as Women’s History Month in the US, the UK, and Australia. Women’s History Month celebrates the all too often overlooked accomplishments and contributions women have made throughout history and in contemporary times in all fields, including science, government, medicine, art, literature, and sports.     
On its face, history can seem deceptively objective. Names and dates are all concrete facts, right? But history does not exist in a vacuum. Who chooses which facts are deemed important enough to learn? What ideas and values does this chosen history put forth to us as students? As citizens?
Mainstream history is the creation of hegemonic power structures that have systematically invalidated, appropriated, and ignored the triumphs and contributions of marginalized groups, including women and people of color, in order to assert and justify their own right to power. History is kind to those who write it, and for centuries it’s been white men holding the pen.
It shouldn’t come as a surprise then, that the rest of us our starved for our own stories. As Gloria Steinem states, “Women have always been an equal part of the past. We just haven’t been a part of history.”
While understanding women’s history may not change the outcome of any great battle or move the borders of an empire, it can raise questions on both historic and contemporary cultural norms in respect to gender. Part of envisioning the future comes from reflecting on the examples of the past, and for far too long girls and women have not been able to see themselves in either. Gaining knowledge of one’s collective roots and finding role models from one’s own community is essential in identity formation and the development of self-respect. 
Written by Grace P.--The Lips and Hips community would like to welcome its newest member, Grace Prosniewski, who will be helping out with the LipService Newsletter. Grace is a senior at the University of Michigan studying Communications and Women’s Studies. She enjoys reading, crafting, and writing, and is very excited to be apart of the L&H team!
Inside Lips & Hips: Update & News
L & H Leadership Class III Graduates!
This month, another successful Lips & Hips Leadership Class will be coming to an end. These classes of 12-15 women are designed to support women living their best lives and holding one another accountable for doing so. We are constantly evaluating the program and look forward to sharing our exciting new "retreat"-program coming late summer 2015. Stay tuned for details in upcoming editions of our newsletter!

L & H in the News
Detroit NBC affiliate, WDIV featured Lips & Hips, our organic lip gloss line and our FABULOUS mentees on air. See our proud moment:
Lips & Hips founder, Yodit Mesfin Johnson was recognized by CBS Detroit affiliate, WWJ 950 as an Everyday Hero. Hear the interview here. 

#DPDX - Momma Edition
Last December  we held our 4th Dream. Plan.Do. Xperience (#DPDX-Momma Edition) in Ann Arbor. In case you've never attended, DPDX is an intimate, delightfully curated event designed to amplify the voices of everyday women, celebrate sisterhood and honor woman-ness. At each event there are powerful speakers, workshops and Xperiences, of course! Here’s a clip from the event featuring Angela Barbash, founder of Revalue and Reconsider. She shared a powerful presentation on Redefining Assets and Liabilities. Angela says we’re a composite of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Click here to hear more.
Women-Centric Events You Should Consider Attending
Launched! Women’s Entreprenuer and Branding Summit April 3-4, Detroit
It’s not a mere summit or conference.  It’s a true, interactive experience that will educate, motivate, inspire, and help move women to take action against that life passion; helping to enhance the economy of their communities and create jobs.  Oh, and a whole lotta girl fun too!
It’s live, mad fun, and crazy positive energy
You’ll participate in a sisterly community
Heck, you might even shed some happy tears
You’ll hear inspirational stories from doers, experts, and entrepreneurs that have successfully walked the walk and want to share their journeys with you.

Michigan International Women’s Show April 30 – May 3, 2015
Now in its 20th year, this annual show features venders and exhibitions ranging from apparel and fashion accessories to beauty and fragrance. The event also has a portion dedicated to women’s health issues and a panel will be on hand to answer any medical questions you may have.   And, we’ve got 5 FREE tickets. Sign up for our newsletter and leave a message on our website to get yours!

SHE’S Empowered, 6th Annual BUTTERFLY BASH Extravaganza May 17, 2015
This annual event provides women entertainment and encouragement through interactions with the arts and health experts. A portion of the proceeds from this event will go to fund classes that empower Lupus Survivors through art and inspiration.   
Get to Know Us! 
This month, we asked the graduates of the Lips & Hips Leadership Class III: What's the most impotent thing you've learned during your L&H experience?

Celeste: My greatest takeaway would be to live intentionally striving for increased self-awareness along the way. There are tools to guide us and we are not in self-improvement work alone. It's a collective effort of love. 

That I can dream the unthinkable.... And that can be my life.
Biz Spotlight: Angela Barbash
Every month, we celebrate women-centric businesses that embody the L&H "Dream. Plan. Do." model.  This month, we are spotlighting Angela Barbash, founder of Reconsider and ReValue. Angela Barbash serves as the Principal and Investment Advisor for Revalue, a registered investment advisory firm.  Revalue specializes in helping investors align their investment decisions with their values and diversify their capital into the local economy.  In addition to her role as an innovator in the local investment advising market, Ms. Barbash is also the visionary and founder behind Revalue’s sister company Reconsider, a research and development firm launched in 2012.  Reconsider’s core purpose is to nurture the growth of the social impact economy ecosystem.  The firm specializes in research, development, education and advisory services around community capital, local investing, and social entrepreneurship.  Both firms are located in the Spark East business incubator in Downtown Ypsilanti and the teams work together to take a holistic systemic approach to building the local impact economy.
Prior to launching Revalue and Reconsider, Angela spent 10 years as a financial advisor in the Metro Detroit region, managing over $250 million during the last decade.  She studied Cultural Anthropology and History at Eastern Michigan University and began her professional career at the Michigan Small Business & Technology Development Center (MI-SBTDC) before becoming entering the financial services sector.

Look out for an upcoming Asset & Liabilities webinar with L & H and Angela.
Inspiring Women-Led National Projects
Because of Them, We Can
Have you seen photographer Eunique Jones Gibson’s “Because of Them, We Can” campaign? Gibson dresses and photographs young children as Black icons in order to educate and inspire younger generations.
Gibson started the campaign in 2013, and originally only intended for the campaign to run through Black History Month. However, when she realized how many achievements she wished to highlight, she quit her job and started working on the campaign full time. Because of Them, We Can continues to inspire and empower children to see themselves in historic figures and in dreams for the future.  
To see some photos and learn more about the project, visit:
National Launch: 
The production team behind the widely acclaimed film “Miss Representation” is back with a new film that focuses on how boys and young men negotiate their sense of self while contending with our culture’s narrow definitions of masculinity. “The Mask You Live In” explores how toxic masculinity hurts both men and women and what we can do as a society to raise better-adjusted boys and men. Watch the trailer below:
Movements/Calls to Action
This past International Women’s Day, you may have noticed women missing from billboards, posters, and magazine covers. The disappearances were part of the #NotThere campaign, sponsored by the Clinton Foundation’s No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project, which deals with issues of gender inequality worldwide. #NotThere is filled with statistics and policy information that show, both domestically and abroad, we’re not there yet when it comes to gender equality. To learn more about the campaign, visit:
Against the backdrop of the surveillance, punishment, and criminalization of youth of color in the United States, Black Girls Matter: Pushed Out, Overpoliced, and Underprotected seeks to increase awareness of the gendered consequences of disciplinary and push-out policies for girls of color, and, in particular, Black girls.11 The report developed out of a critical dialogue about the various ways that women and girls of color are channeled onto pathways that lead to underachievement and criminalization. At the 2012 UCLA School of Law Symposium, “Overpoliced and Underprotected: Women, Race, and Criminalization,”12 formerly incarcerated women, researchers, lawyers, and advocates came together to address the alarming patterns of surveillance, criminal supervision, and incarceration among women and girls of color. The symposium was an effort to investigate the specific contours of race and gender in relationship to zero-tolerance policies, social marginalization, and criminalization. Read more
We’re certain you know about exciting and important women’s work—tell us about it! Email us at and tell us about them. We’ll include them in future editions.
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