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LipService: A Lips and Hips Newsletter
June 2014
Live in Power
June is all about POWER for Lips & Hips.  In case you haven't heard (ahem!), our team is back at it again to bring another soul-stirring Dream. Plan. Do. Xperience on June 21.  This month's event is focused on power with exciting panels and workshops to give you a little extra (or a lot extra) UMPH.  Ya know, a little pep in your step!  So, we thought, why not extend that to this month's newsletter too?  

What feelings does the word power stir up in your soul?  Is it scary?  Motivating?  Comforting?  Ok, we know that power is rarely connected with comforting.  Often, it feels like this big, scary thing that some of us feel we can never grasp.  How can you really exude power?  What if I told you power was something that was naturally in you?  At times, when we're doubting ourselves, we remember to look in the mirror and remind ourselves, we deserve all the wonderful things in store for us.  See, power is already in your toolbox along with your other talents and skills.  It just needs a little dusting off.  The world was reminded of the importance of inner power this month when we bid farewell to two of exemplary women - Maya Angelou and Ruby Dee.  What sense of power did they exude?  The power of experience.  The power of love.  The power of courage. The power to just be.  Their legacies will continue to encourage.  To them, we say Rest in Power.  We hope to use their stories to continue to build and grow.

Lips & Hips wants to help you dust off that power and get it going.  In this issue, you'll find more info about our upcoming event, an affirmation to bring out your personal fierceness, books to encourage your soul, and awesome writings that have immortalized our dear Maya Angelou and Ruby Dee.  Of course, stay connected with us as we continue to bring you resources and events to help you Dream. Plan. Do. everyday.
Upcoming Events
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Get to Know Us!
This month, we asked L&H team members: 
What book has helped you develop a sense of self power and guidance?
"Daring Greatly" by Brene Brown

"To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee

"Jonathan Livingston Seagull" by Richard Swift
The Bible

 "The Alchemist" by 
Paulo Coelho

Little Women" by Louisa May Alcott
This month's affirmation is all about building self power.  Why affirmations?  Intentionally choosing positive, self-affirming thoughts help train the mind into healthy habits and attract positivity into your life!

Power Affirmation
I am the power, the master, the cause of my attitude, feelings, emotions, and behavior.
My thoughts create my reality, and I only create the best for me!
I choose to live in the present and not hold the past against myself.
Every perceived problem is actually an opportunity. I choose to find the opportunity.
Every action I take leads me to happiness, prosperity, and wealth.  
Fear has no place in my life.  
I go forth free to be loving, harmonious and joyful.

Biz Spotlight: Versandra Kennebrew Intl.


Every month, we celebrate women-centric businesses that embody the L&H "Dream. Plan. Do." model.  This month, we are spotlighting Versandra Kennebrew Intl. (VKI).  VKI is a personal development company which provides tools and resources to help holistic health professionals on their journey to optimal health. VKI offers personal and business  coaching for healing artists and holistic health enthusiasts (e.g., author, fitness instructor, massage therapist) across North America to move their businesses to the next level while enhancing their own well-being.

VKI was founded in 2000 by Versandra Kennebrew; whose 20-year career in retail management abruptly ended after she discovered that healing was her divine calling. Several major life challenges and poor health caused her to become depressed, suicidal and homeless, but she later used her experiences to advocate for the homeless. Her memoir, “Thank God for the Shelter” chronicles her journey to reclaim her power. She is the author of 3 books, and educates hundreds of holistic health providers through VKI. See more of her work and amazing story on her website at

Aligned with our POWER theme, we present two books from two female leaders that passed away this month. First, we recommend Dr. Maya Angelou’s autobiography I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. This coming-of-age story chronicles Dr. Angelou’s experiences of racism and trauma in the south, and her transformation into a dignified, self-empowering young woman.
Second, we recommend Ruby Dee’s My One Good Nerve â€“ a collection of musings, essays, stories, and poems from her one-woman show “A Visit from Ruby Dee.” An acting career that spans several decades, Dee shares her deepest concerns and thoughts as an activist, mother, and wife.
It is our hope that you find time to read about these women’s lives, and reflect on your experiences that helped empower and shape you into an amazing, wonderful, and POWERful woman!
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