NASA Florida Region
October 4-5, 2014 @ Sebring:
Participant Confirmation & Event Details
(First send 9/4/14)

Oct 4-5, 2014 @ Sebring:
Participant Confirmation & Details

Thank you very much for signing up to enjoy our fall Sebring event presented by MAD Motorsports!  Please read everything below (including the info at all the links) before replying, since most questions are already answered online. NOTE: this is the first of two similar emails you will receive - a later version with final details will be sent about a week before the event.

First things first: the event info page is:

Next, the tentative "rough draft" entry list (car numbers not listed, run groups/check rides unconfirmed) has been posted:
Please find your name on that spreadsheet and make sure your info is listed properly. There will be another version of that list posted later with the missing info, it will be online before the final version of this email is sent. Either way, all changes to that list must be made before online registration closes at 9pm Tuesday September 30 (updates after then will need to happen at the track and will incur a $25.00 change fee.)
The tentative schedule is now posted as well, linked from the event info page above. We aren't yet sure which version we will use, it depends on racecar counts, but we will let everyone know for sure in the later version of this email. Track time is the same for everyone but the v1 "two race groups" schedule ends at 6:30pm (vs 5pm for the Alternate v2 "one race group" schedule.) Please note, attendance at the Saturday drivers meetings plus all subsequent meetings and classrooms is mandatory for anyone going on track.
Ongoing streams of information can be found in the Florida subsection of nasaforums, particularly in the info thread for this event:

If there is any late breaking news, it will be posted in that thread (and probably also on our Facebook page ), but not necessarily posted on the website or emailed to you. So please check online before you leave for the track.
Each of you will need to bring a completed tech form for the car you plan to use this weekend. You may tech your own car if you are 100% comfortable with that and know exactly what to look for; use one of the partners listed on the tech page of our website or find a trusted shop/mechanic if not. If you have any questions about whether something will pass, please ask beforehand - there are no refunds or credits for cars that don't pass tech at the track! For links to tech forms please click here or here or here.
They need to be big and visible on both sides of your car - at least 10" tall, on doors not side windows - because we need to be able to quickly and easily identify you on track. If we cannot see your numbers from the tower and all corner stations, you will be black flagged. If you have any number other than the one assigned to you on the entry list displayed on your car, you will be black flagged. Some of you will not get your first choice car number due to conflicts, please register earlier next time, and be sure to check the entry list before you head to the track to verify either way. Tape is ok but no shoe polish numbers please! And if you want something nicer looking, our buddy Jason from will be on site with us at this event for all your car number needs. Order in advance for fastest service & pick up on the second floor of the tower Saturday morning. He can help with trackside installs too!
Please see the "General Event Instructions" pdf posted on the event page:
We will be autocrossing both days at this event with our friends from Martin Sports Car Club, so we will need people to only use the half of the concrete inside the back straightaway. We will have everything blocked off shortly after 5pm on Friday but please be prepared to move.
Maximum speed in the grid, the paddock, on pit road, and everywhere except on the track surface itself is 10mph and will be strictly enforced. The speed limit drops to 3mph (walking speed) when near cars or pedestrians or the tower/snack bar area.

Here is how we do grid/pit-out/pit-in at Sebring, all down on the turn 1 end of pit road:

For the combined HPDE1/2 group when you come to grid, if you are in HPDE2 (solo) or are solo'd in HPDE1, please line up in a lane on the right. If you are in HPDE1 with an instructor, please line up in a lane on the left. (Your instructor will meet you there unless you have made other arrangements.)

We are doing "roll on/roll off" again in 2014. This means a pace car or designated participant car will lead the next group out as soon as the prior group's session has ended. Literally once the last car has taken the checkered flag and gone around a few corners, the next group goes out behind the pace car or lead car, so one group's cooldown lap is the next group's warmup lap. This is to maximize your track time and it works great. It does, however, mean you need to be on grid early and ready to go early. Because when the pace car or lead car leaves, you're expected to leave behind it, or you will soon be missing some of the track time you paid for.
Additionally we are doing "hot pulls" again in 2014. This means, if we can do so safely, we may go retrieve cars/drivers that need help on course with only "local" or "regional" yellow/white flags, instead of having to go full course "global" yellow or black flag all to do a cleanup. This is also to maximize your track time BUT it comes with some conditions. #1, if there is any question about the safety of the pull or its location, we will not do a hot pull. #2, you must SLOW WAY DOWN around emergency scenes and/or vehicles. Any inappropriate, out of control, fast, unsafe, or aggressive driving under yellow - especially in or near a hot pull area - will be grounds for immediate ejection from the event without refund. If we abuse this privilege we as a group will lose it, which will cost everyone track time forever. So please use extreme caution in these situations. And please know that passing under yellow is one of the most serious offenses you can commit with NASA.
Note: If you have tow straps or hooks, particularly factory screw-in ones in your tool kit, please install at least one (on the front of your car.) Our emergency staff cannot sit there waiting to find something to hook to before towing you in; their job is to get things cleaned up and gone as soon as possible. And we're sorry but we are not responsible for any damage to your vehicle as a result of not having a tow hook installed during recovery.

Any convertible going on track for HPDE1-2-3-4-TT-Hyperdrive should have at least a 4-point rollbar installed. Stock factory rollover hoops behind the headrests or similar may not be sufficient. If you will be running a convertible but do not have a 4-point rollbar installed, please reply ASAP for specific clearance if you haven't received it already.

Our passing rules exist 100% for the safety of drivers and participants. Unsafe passing is not allowed and will not be tolerated. This may be covered further in various meetings but for now, the passing rules are:
Hyperdrive, HPDE1, HPDE2: safely and with caution, only on designated straightaways with a point-by from the driver of the car being overtaken; overtaking car goes offline and is responsible for completing the pass safely
HPDE3: safely and with caution, anywhere with a point-by from the driver of the car being overtaken; overtaking car goes offline and is responsible for completing the pass safely
HPDE4, TT, Racing: safely and with caution, anywhere without a point-by from the driver of the car being overtaken; overtaking car goes offline and is responsible for completing the pass safely
While on track in HPDE and TT if you put all four wheels off the pavement, spin on or off the pavement, have a significant loss of control (i.e. big tank-slapper or sideways moment), or make contact with anything, pit in immediately and report to the officials at the end of pit road so your car can be checked. Repeat offenders will be dealt with harshly. If you stop while on track for any reason, stay in your car unless it's on fire! If you are dropping fluids, please get offline or off track, near a flag station if possible. All drivers are responsible for any track damage that is the result of their actions on or off the track and will be financially responsible for repair/replacement of damaged track property. This includes all facilities, equipment, guardrail, tire barriers, kitty litter for fluid leaks, and more.
Please prepare for two shared 25min points races on Saturday after practice & qualifying, then on Sunday it will be two 35min races after qualifying (no warmup.) Also make sure you remove or cover up stickers from other groups and have a NASA patch on your suit. Additional details are TBA at the racer meeting.

Other general rules and guidelines can of course be found at and linked from our websites and . Further details will also be announced at the drivers meeting. As always please feel free to reply or contact me anytime. We are all going to have an awesome weekend in a month, thanks again and see you at the track!
Jon Felton
Director, NASA Florida
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