December Days 1 of 10: Knit Happy 30% off!


Knit Happy = Happy Knitter

December Days: 1 of 10 


Whether giving or receiving, the Knit Happy line is built to remind us "we'd rather be knitting". We have bags, coffee mugs, water bottles, sweatshirts, totes, and other goodies for you to enjoy! 

30% off any Knit Happy products

Free shipping on any order over $70.

Coupon code expires on Tuesday, December 4, 11:59EST. Eligible products are in this Knit Happy category and are for in-stock only. No other coupons can be used in connection with this offer. 


Curvy Tumbler - Knit Happy
Notions Box
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From now until December 25, Knitting Today will be offering ten deals on products in stock. Be sure and check your email for upcoming surprises.

December Day 1: Knit Happy Products: 30% off
December Day 2: to be revealed
December Day 3: to be revealed
December Day 4: to be revealed
December Day 5: to be revealed 
December Day 6: to be revealed
December Day 7: to be revealed
December Day 8: to be revealed
December Day 9: to be revealed
December Day 10: to be revealed

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