HAP UK & Ireland - February 2016 Newsletter
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Dear <<First Name>>, and all HAP UK and Ireland Members, 

A note from the President
Welcome to our Spring Newsletter.  HAP UK & Ireland Trustees and volunteers have been very active since our last newsletter and we hope that our Monthly Updates have helped to keep you abreast of things as they are happening.   As ever, events in the world, particularly in the Middle East and related incidents mean that there is an ever-growing need for our work in providing EMDR training to mental health professionals on the ground. 
Logistically and financially this is proving a challenge and we are grateful for the ongoing support that you our members give.  Fundraising has been one of our main priorities and we have been working on ways to publicise and improve this.  We have found that this is often a matter of personal contact and networking.  As a supporter of HAP, if you have any contacts who may be able to help HAP with raising funds for our work in the Middle East, please let us know.

Sian Morgan
HAP UK & Ireland President
In October, the Palestinian training team led byEMDR  Middle East Training in Istanbul - Oct 2015 - Second group Trainer Mona Zaghrout, provided Parts 2 & 3 EMDR Training for 21 of the 28 participants from the Middle East who completed the Part 1 training in May 2015.  A number of participants were in Syria or Iraq and unable to travel to Istanbul, although a couple of intrepid souls managed to make it from Aleppo, enthused by the results they had been getting with EMDR.
Many of them had heart-rending stories of the impact on peoples’ lives of the conflict and their own lives.  Trauma and suffering are a daily event for just about everyone in the region so for them to be able to alleviate suffering so effectively with EMDR helps them to feel like there is hope. One of them said: “If we were not professionals, we would say it was magic!”
We also heard from some of the participants from the previous training group of the great work they are doing in the refugee camps in Turkey.  HAP UK’s Middle East Co-ordinator Dr Walid Abdul-Hamid and Dr Khaled Sultan are working with these participants and their organisations to provide the next EMDR Part 1 training, in Gaziantep on the Turkish/Syrian border, at the end of April 2016 specifically for mental health workers in the refugee camps. 

HAP UK & Ireland, in collaboration with the British Association of Arabic Psychiatrists, has begun EMDR training in the UK to support the need for Arabic-speaking mental health professionals to provide EMDR treatment in the UK for victims of the conflict in the Middle East.  Many of them also hope to volunteer their services in the future on the ground in their countries of origin including Iraq, Libya, Syria and Egypt.  The training was provided by volunteers Sian Morgan, Robin Logie, John Henry, Dr Walid Abdul-Hamid and Dr Khaled Sultan.  We anticipate that this will help to spread the word about EMDR both at home, in the Middle East and the Arabic diaspora.


HAP UK & Ireland has started crowdsourcing to raise money for our Middle East project. We are aiming to raise £30,000 to train another cohort of 30 therapists to relieve the suffering in the Middle East. Many of these therapists are working in refugee camps.

We have a crowdsourcing page with BIG GIVE. You can find us at
biggive.org.uk and search for HAP or go to https://secure.thebiggive.org.uk/projects/view/24349

We really encourage you to make a donation if you can and to pass this message on to others, including family, friends and colleagues - not just EMDR clinicians! We believe that many people feel strongly about the Middle East crisis and would like to help out in some way. Crowdsourcing is dependent on getting the word out there and for that we need YOU.

Volunteer Consultants providing Supervision to HAP Trainees
I  personally want to make a special mention of the 30 Volunteer Supervisors who have contributed to our projects both in Bosnia and the Middle East over the past few years.  This band of committed volunteers has not gone unnoticed in their efforts.  We know that their contribution has been a large part of the success of HAP projects in nurturing HAP trained EMDR therapists.  We have great feedback from participants and I am sure that many would not have had the confidence or motivation to develop their EMDR skills without this motivation.  In turn, volunteer Consultants have told me what a rich and rewarding experience it is to do this work. This, for me, is what HAP work is all about - building relationships and sharing in a common goal - to alleviate suffering through EMDR.

Thank you on behalf of HAP and all our trainees.

Sian Morgan
HAP UK & Ireland President

The Trustees of HAP UK  would like to say a big THANK YOU to Sonya Farrell and the Committee and all members of this regional group for the very generous £1,000 donation recently made to HAP.  This a tremendous contribution to our Middle East Programme which is largely where our funds are being used at the moment.


More than 50 volunteers

The response to a HAP UK & Ireland call for volunteers to offer pro bono treatment to UK based victims of the terror attacks on 13th November 2015 has been tremendous. Paris Attacks EMDR We now have a database which covers a large part of the UK.
As with the 7/7 bombings in London, we know that it takes a time for those affected to come forward.  Our colleagues in France have also launched a similar initiative.   We are publicising this as much as we can and will continue to do so.
A huge thank you to all of you volunteers.  There is so much willingness to help out there.  Sadly, I suspect that this database will prove invaluable for future similar events.  If you would like to volunteer to be on this, please see our website for details and a
volunteering form.
 Shawn Katz
After 5 years of meticulously sorting out our accounts as Treasurer, Shawn has decided to step down.
He has done a sterling job all those years making sure that things financial have run smoothly.  Shawn is a founding member of HAP UK & Ireland. In 2009, before we became a charity, he stepped forward to volunteer and has made an invaluable contribution as a Trustee in steering the organisation forward and keeping us solvent!

Many thanks to him from us all.
In addition to Shawn, this year we have also lost two more Trustees - Mark Brayne, who did such a great job of setting up and looking after the website and editing the Newsletter and Richard Worthing-Davies whose experience working with NGOs and charities was invaluable in our setting up as a charity and running projects, especially in Bosnia.
We are therefore recruiting 3 new Trustees to the board.  We are especially looking for volunteers with one or more the following skills:  Fundraising, Marketing, Publicity and Research.  The Trustees recognise that these skill sets may not naturally be those of EMDR therapists so, although we would welcome anyone from the EMDR community willing to offer their time and energy, we are also widening our net to include other professionals. 
One Trustee role would be for someone who would take on our Publications development.  For a long time, we have not expanded the list of  EMDR publications we sell to raise funds.  There are lots of ideas of what we might include but we need someone to take it on.  Plenty of scope for creativity…
Another role is to take responsibility for organising EMDR Workshops on behalf of HAP UK & Ireland to raise funds.   We already have a checklist of how to do this and a system for managing this through our website.  We also have ideas about how we could use the internet to make this more accessible.
Within the context of our growing work and funding needs, we are also looking for Trustees who have experience of, or access to, funding organisations including government departments, large charities, national and international aid organisations.
In addition to individual roles, we have 6-8 weekly Trustee meetings via Skype which are relaxed but business like.
If you or anyone you know might be interested in contributing to the great work that HAP does, please contact me: 
The wintery December 2015 Part 3 Training in Sarajevo saw the number of fully-trained EMDR therapists since the start of the project reach 100!  Sandi Richman and Sanja Oakley, HAP UK’s Bosnia Project Co-ordinator provided the training assisted by Bosnian facilitators Professor Mevludin Hasanovic and Semsa Sabanovic.

In April 2016 HAP is returning to Tuzla to provide EMDR EMDR Training Bosnia December 2015training specifically to organisations and therapists involved with the Victims of War Rape.   Many women from Srebrenica fled to Tuzla following the massacre there and many of them continue to suffer from the symptoms of trauma.

Although the conflict ended in the late 90’s, the aftermath continues and the process of bringing some of the perpetrators of war rape to justice is still in the early stages.
Following her Part 1 Child Training in May 2015, Joanne Morris-Smith will be following up with a Part 2 Child Training in May 2016.  We are grateful for her time and expertise in providing this.

Whilst our main focus is on training clinicians in EMDR to work with survivors of trauma, the charity has a second objective: 'To conduct and promote scientific research into the efficacy of psychotherapeutic treatments in developing regions and regions in crisis and publishing the useful results of all such work

We are grateful to the EMDR Association UK & Ireland for a grant to support a research project in Bosnia.  Now that we have a good sample population, we are embarking on detailed research on the impact of the project, trainees and their clients.  The research team is Professor Mevludin Hasanovic, Sanja Oakley and Robin Logie.  The grant will be used for a local administrator to distribute questionnaires and collate results.

Please continue to promote the work of HAP UK & Ireland with your colleagues and friends.

The next Monthly Update will be published towards the end of March 2016.

Sian, Derek, Ines, John, Michael, Robin and Sanja.
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