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How Are Your Mutual Funds Performing?

8 years ago, on March 9th 2009, U.S. stocks reached a low following the great financial crisis.  There are thousands of mutual funds investing in U.S. stocks. Unfortunately, the majority perform poorly compared to indices like the S&P 500, Dow Jones...

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Here are the 10 best performing funds since March 2009

As you can see, while an index like the S&P 500 had a 310% performance ($100,000 invested became $409,849), many U.S. equity funds had much better performance.

For example, PIMCO RAE Fundamental managed by Rob Arnott returned 619% ($100,000 invested became $719,347)

While 10% of the funds returned better than 475% ($100,000 invested became more than $575,000), the bottom 10% of the funds returned "only" 157% or less ($100,000 invested became less than $257,000).

Fund selection can make a big difference for your portfolio even in a 8-year period!

Note that we excluded bond/sector/country/alternative funds and we analyzed 4,630 well diversified U.S. equity funds in our analysis. 

Many clients have asked us how do we select fund managers since most funds underperform index funds / ETF over the long term.  While we may recommend investing a portion of a client's portfolio in index funds / ETF, BFM is committed to researching and developing innovative solutions to meet this challenge.  As you will see in the next BFM newsletter, the BFM due diligence process and expertise provide a rigorous and disciplined framework for identifying premier investment managers that we recommend to our clients.  The process is characterized by a comprehensive and continuous review of fund managers.  We are using a proprietary methodology and advanced analytical tools to create peace of mind.

Our disciplined, straightforward approach includes:
- Comprehensive due diligence / research
- Combination of qualitative and quantitative factors
- One-on-One manager interviews (Chicago, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Geneva…)

Our goal is to select better fund managers that we can trust, to manage your customized portfolios to help you reach your financial goals.

Contact us if you want more detailed information about how we select fund managers.

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We welcome the opportunity to know you better, introduce ourselves, share with you the work we do for our clients, and position ourselves as a useful resource for you.  It will be a wise first step towards achieving your vision.


Getting to know you, your needs and motivations, is almost as important as you evaluating our capabilities to help you meet your financial goals.  We do not charge a fee for our initial consultation during which we review your portfolio, and listen to your goals and objectives.


Who are our clients?

Our clients are located across the globe including North America, Europe and Asia.  Our broad client base encompasses expatriates, executives, entrepreneurs, working professionals, and business individuals.  We welcome all clients from individuals with multi-million dollar portfolios to individuals with little assets.  We do not have minimums. 


We have discovered that a few of the most valuable things we do for our clients are guiding them on selecting better performing mutual funds and making sure they have enough assets as long as they live. 


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