Does anyone ever really like waiting?
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Worth & Wisdom
So, um, God - what's the plan?

Ack! Waiting.

Sitting. Being still.  All those "good" things for you to do in order to really be able to listen. While you strain to hear what God's message is for you.

I still get antsy - no matter how much I know I "should" wait.

We want action. We want to know what steps to take next. We want to know exactly what to expect, exactly what to do; we want to have a safe and predictable map to follow that gets us exactly where we think we need to go.

We don't want to miss out on anything that's waiting for us!
Live in the Moment
But the funny thing is, all those plans, all that action - it actually does make us miss out.

We miss out on seeing what is happening for us, right here right now.

We miss out on the miracle of watching steps unfold before us.

We miss the beauty of being in the moment.

And we miss out on trusting God for our next steps.

Don't let the success of your own plans in the past

drive you to stop trusting God has a plan for you now.

No matter where we are, no matter what we have done, God can order our steps starting right this very moment.  Whether events and experiences were planned by Him or by us - He can start anywhere.  He can start today.  We just need to stop to listen.

Let God make the plans while you wait.
You have plenty to do with living in the moment,
seeing the life and love around you
and trusting.
Focus on living and listening
instead of making plans.

Simple Words of Wisdom

Make time to listen

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Be blessed my friends,
and try letting go
of needing your own plans!

Christine Morgan, M.A., CPC

I am a professional encourager and the founder of the Know My Worth and 3-word Wisdom blogs and Facebook communities - now with over 100K page friends.   I guide women who are tired of being overwhelmed or anxious into healing and finding their courage. 

If you are interested in coaching, workshops, or can use a little encouragement, visit me.

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Know My Worth
Know My Worth
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3-Word Wisdom
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