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Spring Real Estate Market
American Pickers
Old House Dreams
Peregrine Falcon
Fly Your Flag
Your Own Wine
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Dan Harrison Pottery


Bill's Biggest Fan! Grandson Leo calls him Bumpa!


Summer is on its way and so it's time for a re-cap of the year to date in real estate! 

Leo (with a little help from Dad, Zak) will likely be doing some marketing for Bill sometime soon. The sales have been good this spring, but could be better locally and nationally if there was adequate inventory. Sellers have not taken extra advantage of buyers' demand and listed their properties this year. Inventory is down and that is keeping the number of sales down from what it could be. However, the price appreciation and the percentage of pending properties is up and that is excellent news. 2014 saw an average price increase of 8% for the year (average price was $76,292) and this year's total for the first 5 months is a 10% increase over 2014's same time period (average price is $84,412). Currently there are 212 pending properties, which is 24% of the listed residential homes. The absorption rate (how long it would take to sell every home on the market based on the current sales market) is at 6.1 months which is a healthy buyer-seller ratio. Last year, the absorption rate was 6.5 months. There are still a lot of gains to be made to get back to the sales totals of 10 years ago, but the gains experienced now are sustainable. Call or email Bill or Amy to receive your copy of the latest Buyers' or Sellers' Guides...FREE! Also, I am very pleased to announce that Dan McEvoy, my favorite senior mortgage loan originator has become the branch manager at Union Home Mortgage. If you are thinking of buying or refinancing, call Dan at 989-860-5916 and you will be thankful you did! 

American Pickers with Robbie and Gary and Gene and Judy!

Are you a fan of American Pickers on the History Channel? Bill and his wife Carol are as well as even little Leo (goes to garage sales at 6 years old looking for "rusty gold"). Recently, Carol's brother Gary and sister-in-law Bobbi went to Nashville, TN and stopped into the American Pickers store (in the Marathon Factory building). They both were surprised and excited to see Robbie Wolfe, Mike's brother, who is in a lot of the episodes. Robbie goes on picking trips with the rest of the cast, or helps them out of a jam that they are in. Robbie told Gary to not smile, act serious and tough. If you know Gary, then you know that is not possible. Great photo of them and the interior of the store!


Gene and Judy Gillette recently went to visit their daughter in the Quad Cities region and so they took an afternoon to visit the American Pickers original store in LeClaire, Iowa. The show has made a tourist attraction out of the small buildings filled with stuff from the picking that goes on in the show. If you are planning a trip to Tennessee or Iowa, be sure to add these places on your must see list!

Bill's Listing at 200 N Chilson Chosen By National Website "Old House Dreams"

Bill received a call last Saturday morning from a nice lady in Minnesota named Marjie. Marjie said she just was on one of her favorite websites,  and she had a few questions for me about my listing that was featured. I had no idea what Marjie was referring to as I had not advertised on that site. We had a great chat and she is making plans to come to Bay City to see the home at 200 N Chilson. Seems the owner of the website, Kelly put the listing, complete with all the information (she got it all right...a rarity for those in the real estate market) on the site when it caught her attention. Kelly is the owner of Old House Dreams which is dedicated to featuring historic and old homes that are for sale across the U.S. The site gets 1 million page views a month. Kelly states that she does not accept submissions and that she looks through approximately 10,000 listings each week and at the most selects 30 to be on her site. I was floored by these numbers and so excited that my marketing had caught her eye and that I had done a good job in displaying a cool house that has received so many nice comments on the site. So, go to and enjoy seeing treasures from across the country. Gene and Judy Gillette presently own 200 N Chilson, which can also be seen on my website and in over 30 websites that I do subscribe to.  

Fastest Animal in the World is in Bay City! See the video.


Zak Branigan, Executive Director of the Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy and Bill's son posted this video online of his recent spotting of a Peregrine Falcon that he witnessed on the top of St. Stanislaus Church Building. Fun and informative video. This is not something that you see every day! Click on the link below. If it does not go directly to the video. Copy and paste the link in your browser's address search box.

Fly Your Flag Every Day

Bill flies his American Flag every day mounted to his front porch.  All year long during the evening hours he has a spotlight on it. Show your spirit. The country needs to feel more patriotic. Here is one of Bill's favorite quotes of which he even has a plaque of:
I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives.  I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.  ~Abraham Lincoln


What a Neat Idea! 

The owners of 200 N Chilson, Gene and Judy Gillette always seem to have such great ideas. The latest is to have a wine company put a photo of their home on one of their selections. The Gillettes have the wine to give as gifts and the medium, full bodied red that they gave me was delicious! You can do it, too! Hometown Cellars in Ithaca, MI (989-875-6010) will do this for you by the case. I think I may have to try doing this myself. Thanks Gene and Judy! 

Check out Bill and Amy's Sellers and Buyers! :

See Bill's YouTube Channel,
and see his website 
Click the address to see the active and pending listings!

3824 Two Mile, SOLD! $159,500
701 N Johnson, SOLD! $200,000
1305 S Grant, SOLD! $61,000
1901 Center. SOLD! $89,900

2530 N Center, SOLD! 89,600
310 Countryview, SOLD! $67,500

4834 Appletree, SOLD, $109,750
600 S Sherman, PENDING, $72,200
200 N Chilson, New Listing, $175,000

2105 6th, New Listing, $167,500
1612 5th, New Listing, $119,900
1910 6th, Historic Dist.! $115,900

901 5th, Historical, $179,900
1307 S VanBuren, New Listing! $69,500
1908 24th, New Listing! $49,900

2146 6th, 4-unit, $65,900
815 E. Midland, Commercial, $178,900

0 N Scheurmann lot, $25,000


Buyer Contracts:

701 Park, SOLD! $186,000
1907 Tackle, SOLD! 119,900

Dan Harrison Pottery

Bill is a big fan of Auburn resident, Dan Harrison's pottery. Bill has purchased many of Dan's creations over the past several years and gives them to his clients for closing gifts. Dan donates all that he gets to Studio 23 so other artists can develop their talents.  Bill wishes he would have taken photos of all the wonderful pieces of art that he has enjoyed buying and giving away. Clients, work with Bill and keep Dan busy! You can see more of Dan's designs on the front page of Bill's website.

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