Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'! 
Audrey Hepburn

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Honor and foster your internal MUSE!

Muse: Artwork by Brian Leonard

Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud. Maya Angelou


Calling in the Circle for Spring 2015

Celebrating the New Moon and the Spring Equinox-Only 9 months away!

New Moon Art and Yoga Retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii at the Kalani Retreat Center, an Oceanside Sanctuary with Lisa Rasmussen MFA, Ceylan Huyla MA, & Yogi Will Donnelly

March 20th – March 25th, 2015

  This is an all inclusive Yoga and Art Retreat. Space is very limited. Reserve your space for only $300  at this link Here and then make six easy payments. We are also offering a kids YogART camp ages 3-10. While you are in the workshop your child will have a blast in their own YogART camp. E-mail us for inquiries.

Join us for an unforgettable journey to your heART-Five extraordinary days of transformation.

Awaken and rekindle your ancient inner wisdom through YogART, dream-work/art, intuitive painting, personal mythology, archetypes, ritual, sacred sites, eco art, swimming with dolphins, incredible food, and adventure. All illuminated by the intersection of the creative, the sacred, and the healing spirit of Aloha at one of the most soulful venues on the Big Island.

Learn new and effective Art is Life self care practices. The flow of the YogART retreat is a potent recipe to energize your creativity and your spirit. Inclusive of a special New Moon Creative Workshop  on the Equinox, planting seeds for renewal and new project.

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. Buddha

MUSE Artwork by Lorien Eck

How does Art Transform and Heal?

Art has the power to heal and transform because art reaches into the soul and acts as a mirror revealing the deep and rich inner beauty of the Self, as well as the shadow self.  Art has the power to shift consciousness and raises the vibration of an individual, the collective consciousness and the environment.  Art is a bridge between the mundane and the Sacred and has the capacity to bridge the gap of disparity between suffering and pure bliss. Artistic expression gives meaning and healing to the human condition and is the glue of the Universe providing a safe space for the Soul to rest and take refuge. ~Lórien Eck

Launching our Art 4 Elders Program in July 
In-Home and On-Site Transformative Art and Gentle Yoga Classes for Elders  All levels of experience in Yoga and Art are welcome!! -Sign up HERE

YWCA YogART clases begin in July! 
Sign up at


Muse Artwork by Ruth Pasquine 

Happy Summer Solstice!
Let Your Art of Transformation and Healing Flower...
We hope that this newsletter finds you inspired! We at Art 4 All People has been busy, busy bees. Here is our Muse news and views. We look forward to seeing you at one or all of our events.  Love and Light, Lisa and Ceylan

Image of Lisa, Tan, and Ceylan on our YogART Retreat in Hawaii.
We at Art 4 All People are so excited to bring you are 13th Curated Exhibition to the world. MUSE: The Art of Transformation and Healing. We have curated a potent group of contemporary Artists, who have explored deeply the healing alchemy of art. Each artist employs his or her unique art process to implement personal and societal healing. The exhibit is composed of forty local and international artists, including renowned pioneers in the integrative arts and health movement, Vijali Hamilton, Edie Hartshorne, Deborah Koff Chapin, and Sha Sha Higsby.

Congratulations to all the MUSE Artist's in the exhibit. 
Mykal AubryRobert BallMisha FloresLorien Eck, Kaaren Tekla Fladager, Alice Pennes, Marianne Barnard (M), Joel Bresolin, Sha Sha Higsby, Lisa RasmussenTim Burns, Ruth PasquineMargaret LindseyCarol DuchampKate Orrange, Elizabeth Addison and Pamela BlotnerJulia Weaver, Maureen Green, Martha WidmannXander Weaver-Scull, Judy Shintani, Bobbie AltmanMonique AguerreE. Marie RobertsonCeylan HulyaMike Grady, Edie Hartshorne, Vijali Hamilton, Sandra CohnDeborah Koff ChapinGulay Alpay, Jais BoothMichele de la MenardiereAngela Hunter Geiss, Mark Wagner
Susanna Gallisdorfer, and Brian Leonard.

 As part of the engaging discourse each artist will answer the question, how does art transform and heal? Join us at the exhibit to add to the conversation!

 The emotive power of the exhibit is fueled by the interaction and dialogue produced by the art, the artist and the viewer. The transformation occurs when the viewer becomes an active participant. The art is not only what is on the walls, but is the relationship that is created within the exhibit space. The energy and healing power of art is made manifest, when all voices are heard. This takes place when all are asked to engage with the art, to create art and join the conversation.

The intention for this Arts and Healing Exhibition is to harness the power of art, to create a deeper engagement and to shift the world’s attention towards empowerment, transformation and healing through Arts. The ultimate goal of the MUSE exhibit is to inspire, activate, educate and integrate Arts and Healing into our daily lives and systems.


Opening Reception and Arts and Healing Festival
on Saturday, July 12th  from 1:00 pm- 6:00pm

MUSE’s opening reception will feature an Arts and Healing festival, colored with ritual and reverence. Event is open to the public on Saturday July 12th 2014 from 1:00pm -6:00pm at the Commonweal Gallery, a nonprofit health and environmental research institute.  451 Mesa Rd. Bolinas, CA 94924. 
The event will include performance and evocation by Vijali Hamilton and Edie Hartshorne,  Interactive arts and healing workshop with Artist Margaret Lindsey. Performance by Sha Sha Higsby, Nature Zone with Eco Artist and Teacher,  Zach Pine, Dance Performance with Inna Dagman.Music.Poetry Reading and Performance with artist, Sandra Cohen , Roving Poet Chaya Silberstein, Traveling Installation Performance by Turkish Artist, Gulay Alpay,  Interactive Creative Stations, Artist Talks, D.J. and much more.

At the opening on July 12th at 4:00pm there will be a Special Film Screening of Turning of the World Wheel "A Woman’s Journey for Global Peace" A Film by Vijali Hamilton, 2014. More information about the film at this link HERE.

Event max of  200 people ~RSVP at

Closing Reception on Saturday September 27h, 3:00 – 7:00pm with special workshop experience.  Sacred Meditation with The Holotope & Ancient Crystals Workshop with Kirby Seid followed by interactive, intuitive painting with Art 4 All People. Workshop Fee $35

MUSE Workshops and Other Happenings 

July 12th, 2014  6:00-7:30pm JFKU Arts and Consciousness Gathering: Envisioning the Future at Commonweal
TBA July 13th, 2014 YogART happening on Baker Beach 

TBA July 14th, 2014 YogART with JV Hall in Oakland. 
September 21st, 2014 Touch Drawing with Deborah Koff Chapin. Register HERE

We are looking for Community Partners, Donors, and Sponsors for MUSE: The Art of Transformation and Healing.  E-mail us at or click the Fundly like below. 
We need your support to make this happen.
Please go to our fundraiser at Fundly to see where the funds are needed and will be used. At this link HERE.


Press Contact:

Lisa Rasmussen MFA and Ceylan Hulya MA

Activating Your MUSE 
Arts and Healing Articles from the Co-Founders of Art 4 All People

Art is Ritual
By Co-Founder, Ceylan Hulya MA

I am taking a deep breath in, a full cleansing breath all the way down, washing my body, my feet, my head and my hands. As I release my breath, I focus on my highest dream. I am in it, living it, right now, right here in this moment. The breath is my only link that links me to my aliveness. I walk pass by my paintings hanging on the walls in my home that I painted over the years, markers of my breath, my aliveness. I open the sliding door to my deck over the ocean ma. I gaze deeply into the Muse mandala co-created last night on a full moon in Sagittarius, setting intentions, setting arts and healing vibrations into motion, making the unseen seen, the invisible visible, tending the candle flames, building the energy of Muse for its’ opening day celebration. I acknowledge the salt under my feet, the circle of salt around the mandala. The smell of turmeric, paprika and curry fill the air, as I get closer to the mandala.  The next-door neighbor taking her dog for a beach walk peeks through is it a sand mandala? I love it, as she descends the stairs to the beach. I take a photo of the Muse mandala with my I-phone. I pick my abalone shell full of ashes from last night’s burning herbs and incenses. I wait for a wave to hit the shore and I throw the ashes away. Seagulls soar flying in from afar thinking ashes are food. I go in and get some left over food from last night and throw to the seagulls. A morning ritual of art, mandala, giving, receiving, presence, senses. I say to myself art is my ritual, ritual is my art, art is my soul’s food that nourishes me and links me to my breath and to my aliveness. What’s your soul’s food? What nourishes you? What helps you breath in the flow? What is your aliveness?

For a simple art ritual practice you can experiment with steps go to this link HERE

Control Issues
By Co-Founder, Lisa Rasmussen MFA

Ha, Ha,  last night my sister said I have control issues. She was making reference to my tennis style or maybe it is all aspects of my life. In my mid age, I had finally slowly crept back on the tennis court.  I basically grew up on the court from ages 4 to 18 tennis was my life.  I was pretty good. Some people thought I could have been a professional, except I was too wild. As I reflect, what tennis provided me were glimpses of pure brilliance. I was a wild woman. My style was always unyielding power with a reckless abandonment and a lack of control. Each stroke would end up either in complete brilliance or complete failure. My aces have always been met with internal wow, where did that come from and my double faults with internal ouch. The point being is for me the Muse’s, brilliance came through me in flashes and it was never to be controlled. 

As I take this wildness to my art making process. The MUSE is all about letting go! 
While I create the MUSE arrives when I step back from the painting and let it drip and evolve. The Muse arrives with the absence of my hand and head, within observation and reverence of that which I cannot control. She also arrives in great reflection, while staring at my work a spark of guidance will flash in my thoughts and I listen it.  I feel to activate the Muse one must listen, trust, and honor the mystery. The Muse channels through us all in all moments of life. She can never be controlled just accepted and revered. She is the wilderness within us all and through the reverence and awe of this magical process and place arises our personal and universal  transformation and healing. Let your beautiful eternal garden grow wild! 

What are your thoughts about the MUSE
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**Artwork on the MUSE Flier by Kaaren Tekla Fladager "Dragon" one of the featured artworks in MUSE: The Art of Transformation and Healing. Photos through out the newsletter by Lisa Rasmussen
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