Jonathan's Landing e-blast - JL Did You Know?

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JL POA Building Update

   Site sub-grading is completed.  The first lift of asphalt will be installed next week.

   Exterior windows and doors as well as building insulation will be installed this week.

    TOJ to provide potable water to the building.  Landscape irrigation to pull from existing main line.

   Roofing tile is back-ordered.  Once delivered, it will be stored on roof.  Then the gypsum work will begin, pending electrical and fire inspections.

   The last of 3 Irrigation/Landscape bids will be received by Friday.  Irrigation installation will begin in about 2 weeks.  Landscaping installation will take place at the end of the project.

Biozyme/Algae Treatment
It’s apparent that the biozyme is working in regards to water clarity and the sand bottom being observed in several places where we used to have rich organic black muck.  While we are not algae free, there is definitely a difference from this time last year. 

Sonar Application – The Sonar systemic herbicide application is currently ongoing for control of submerged aquatic vegetation including Tape Grass, Hydrilla, Bladderwort, Coontail, Naiad and Sago Pondweed.  During this process, which takes approximately 60 days, you will notice the vegetation turning brown and starting to decompose.  Sometimes this vegetation will float to the surface in mats which will cause algae growth but I believe we have timed the application appropriately to avoid this issue for the most part.

Littoral Map – Littorals are critical for the health of the lakes.  Therefore, we are working on a map showing current littoral areas along with proposed areas to reintroduce littoral plants.  We will use only plants under 3 feet in height behind the homes so as not to block views.

Update on Salt Intrusion
The Fresh Water Lake Committee (FWLC) has been doing a great job over the last 6 weeks.  Their main focus is to replace the 5 flap gates by October 1st, and repair the water control structures as necessary.

Simultaneously, an engineer is working on determining the hydrology of the lakes and drainage system throughout JL.  This will help us maintain the health of the lakes and determine solutions to various flooding issues.


May 4th Maria Vazquez celebrated her first Anniversary as JL POA Administrative Assistant.  Her's is the cheerful voice you hear when you call the POA office.   

May 11th Beth Kelso celebrated her first Anniversary as the JL POA General Manager. Her hands-on approach is making a major difference throughout our community.

May 12th Michael Gray celebrated his 11-year Anniversary. Mike is one of our finest Security Officers.

May 15th Harry Schlupe celebrated his 2-year Anniversary. Harry is JL POA's Operations Manager and our in-house security expert.


The County has agreed to bore under Jonathan's Drive to extend the water main to the park.  The Jonathan's Drive park entrance renovation has been postponed to August/September. 

The right lane on east bound Indiantown Road will be closed for 2 weeks, so the right turn lane can be added and the connection to the Waterway Park entrance to be completed.

Hurricane season begins June 1st.

Visit for the latest Hurricane and Flood Guide including tips on drainage maintenance, evacuation routes, safety measures, and important emergency numbers.