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    JL POA Building Update


Wow, things are really starting to take shape!  With all the aesthetics like painting, tile and cabinets going in, it’s really starting to look like home.  Everyone’s getting excited about moving over in October!!


Recently completed:
1)      Roof and Interior tile completed
2)      Doors installed including the eye-catching, 
         glass front entryway

3)      Hung/Finished Drywall & Texture Ceilings
4)      Installed baseboards and door casings
5)      Graded driveway and laid 1st course of 


To be completed in the next 2 weeks:
1)     Finish interior painting
2)      Stucco Exterior
3)      Install cabinets
4)      Trim out Electric, HVAC, Plumbing &
          Fire Alarm

5)      Start Exterior Grading & Curbing  

Update on Salt Intrusion

The Fresh Water Lake Committee (FWLC) has been working diligently with the POA and we are well on our way to resolving these lake quality issues.


·  Superior Waterway Services (SWS), the POA’s lake vendor, is now providing monthly reports on chemicals used in the lakes as well as various health readings such as salt levels.  This will allow the FWLC to devise both a short and long term plan to keep our lakes as pristine as possible.


·  The designs for the 5 flap gates have been approved and are now being manufactured.  The gates are scheduled to arrive in late September and installation in early October.  The POA’s engineer, Mark Williams, has done an excellent job in sheparding this project through!


·  The POA board has also approved adding a baffle (trash collector) to the intake of the water control structure by the golf clubhouse.  This will keep debris from wedging the flap gate in an open position.


·  All landscape damage reports from the salt intrusion have been received. The POA board will now discuss, beyond what they are already paying for the upgrades to the water control structures/ flap gates and the POA’s own landscape damage, what they might reimburse the 4 villages affected.


·  Repair or decommissioning of Culvert #4 (under Casseekey Island Road just south of Central Gate) will be addressed in the FY 2017 POA budget.  This device is listed on South Florida Water Management District documents as “intentionally inoperative”.  The future need of this water access point needs to be determined.





July 6th Thomas Falcone celebrated his
6-year Anniversary with JL.

July 10th Shaun Conklin 
celebrated his
21-year Anniversary with JL.

Thank you Shaun and Thomas for demonstrating such dedication to the JL Community


Rough grading continues with the contractor preparing the south side of the parking lot and the Indiantown Road entry road for final grades in August.  Sheet pile walls installation is complete and concrete pile caps are about 50% complete.  Excavation of the boat basin is expected to begin in late July.  North wall pile cap installation will begin in late July with the deadmen currently being installed.
Storm drain structures along the spine road to be completed over the next 2 months.  Spine road water and sanitary sewer will begin installation shortly and should be completed by early September.  The exfiltration trenches are 90% complete.  Water/sewer connection into Jonathans Drive is still expected in late August, but questions remain on subcontractor availability.  The turn lane work is ongoing and should be completed by early August. 

  Flooding Engineering Study


The hydrology report that the POA’s engineer is working on will be ready the first week in August.  As well as determining the causes of the flooding, this hydrology report will address the pros and cons of raising the lake level.


To assist with this effort, the POA board just approved the engineer’s recommendation that a survey be conducted on certain areas of the golf course and along Capt. Kirle Drive to help define the drainage issues and therefore, aid in developing a resolution.


If you have automatic bill pay,
Seacrest Services has changed their
mailing address to

Seacrest Services
P.O. Box 30037
Tampa, FL  33630-3037

Their phone number is
still the same: (561) 656-6319


To help you prepare for Hurricane Season  the JL POA website now offers useful links to storm information, planning tools, shelter information, and more.

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