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   POA Board Establishes FWLC


As of March 30, the POA Board established the Fresh Water Lake Committee (FWLC).  This committee has 3 goals:

1)Transition the lakes back to acceptable fresh water levels.  Then devise a plan to maintain them moving forward.

2)Given sea level rise, look into irrigation alternatives such as IQ or Town of Jupiter water for those drawing from the lakes.

3)Identify associated cost of plants needing replacement and determine a replacement strategy.  Then, put together a salt tolerant plant list for all areas to utilize moving forward.


This effort is the continuation of the work undertaken in October to  address intrusion.

CareFL Fight Progressing


On the JL POA website we have added notes taken by Nancy Sturke and typed up by Carol Gamache, from the March 29th CareFL meeting with attorney Steven Ryan, Esq.  

At this meeting, Mr. Ryan updated everyone on where things stand in the litigation to fight the 2nd phase of the train from West Palm Beach to Orlando. 

Click the below link and it will take you directly to the page on the site.
      Heading North?

           You may find these tips helpful.

Please remove your kayak from the JL POA kayak racks, and put it in your garage.  In the event of a hurricane, a kayak can become a serious projectile.  We have recorded all kayak locations, and your spot will be available upon your return.

 Please call Seacrest Services at (561)656-6319, so that your assessment, JL Cable Bill and other JL POA news may reach you.

*  Please ready your home for your time away.

          Have a safe and enjoyable summer.

 JL POA April Anniversary

April 10th Bob Lewis celebrated his
16th year Anniversary with JL.

Thank you Bob for demonstrating such dedication to the JL Community!


Seacrest Services has changed their mailing address, it is:

Seacrest Services
P.O. Box 30037
Tampa, FL  33630-3037

Their phone number is still the same: (561)656-6319

The JL Golf Club has received its Final Certificate of Occupancy.  Everything looks spectacular!

Additionally the club is adding seven parking spaces to the Fitness Center Parking lot.