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Thomas Falcone


I have been a Security Officer with JL since July of 2010.  As a shift leader, my responsibilities include supervision over Gate Officers.  I am originally from Brooklyn, New York and moved to Jupiter in 2003 with my wife.  We have a ten year old son.


We broke ground January 11th and the projected completion is September, 2016.  So far, the site has been cleared and surveying for the building slab has been completed.  Steel footers should be delivered tomorrow.  A construction fence will go in as soon as the GC Maintenance fence is installed – hopefully by next week.


The POA building will sit directly on Barrow Island Road in front of the golf club maintenance buildings.  To blend in, the POA building is designed to emulate the aesthetics of a home within JL.  Shown below is a drawing of the site plan so you can see both the layout of the building and the overall site. 



              Lakes - Salt Water Intrusion


Due to the exceptional high tides over the recent months, a greater amount of salt water has been able to backflow into the freshwater lakes.  Because of this Cape Pointe, Trader’s Crossing, Waterbend, West Bay, Golf Club & the POA are affected.


Therefore an engineer and underwater inspection company have been hired to inspect the water control structures and determine necessary repairs.  To expedite the repairs it is planed in three stages.  Stage one repairs should commence within the next few weeks.  


Stage 1: Complete the minor pipe repairs, dredging and general cleaning of the pipes, head walls and flap gates.


Stage 2: This will allow us to truly check the functionality of the flap gates and then refurbish as necessary.  Secondly, determine what needs to be modified and then make any changes/additions to water control structures as necessary.


Stage 3: Make major repair to culvert #4.

Have You Heard?

The new date for the Gala Dinner will be Saturday, February 27, 2016.


The Silent Auction will take place on February 27 along with the Gala.



New CARE Florida Chairman Update:

Bill Ward stepped down as Chairman
         and             Brent Hanlon was voted as new Chairman.


If your Kayak and Canoe is stored on a JL POA kayak rack and is not registered with the JL POA Office by January 31st, it will be considered abandoned and therefore forfeited. 

Please call the JL POA Office at (561)743-2032 to register your Kayak/Canoe today.

Update from: Tim Richards, CCM General Manager
Golf Course Maintenance

 We are progressing through the final stages of the Golf Course Maintenance project. The contractors are currently
awaiting permit approval from Palm Beach Country to begin installing the new fencing around the maintenance complex. The appearance of the site from Barrow Island Road is being softened with attractive landscaping, and we are looking at ways to possibly reduce the size of the site’s front entrance gate to accommodate additional plants.  Landscaping continues to be installed around the building and golf course. We planted 25 Coconut Palms and 43 Fishtail Palms near the driving range netting and  maintenance buildings. An additional 146 trees were planted over and above the original plan, including 13 Foxtail Palms, 2 Fishtail Palms, 31 Sabal Palms, 2 Live Oak Trees and 30 Ligustrum trees, ranging 10’ to 12’ in height and width, which were placed along Trader’s Crossing to buffer the view of the maintenance building. The look of the #8 green and #9 tee have also been softened to achieve the aesthetics outlined by the Course Beautification Program. Additional trees may be strategically added as the existing trees mature and the views are reevaluated.


The new downstairs restaurant, activity room and Golf Shop are nearly complete.
The Exterior Patio

You may have noticed the rapid improvements to the patio dining and cart parking area now that the pavers have been set.  Decorative tiki torches will be strategically placed throughout the landscaping to create a tropical ambiance.


David G. Dolan, Project Manager

PBC Capital Improvements Division

The contractor will build the boat ramp basin first (as well as the Indiantown entrance lane) and site retaining walls and then construct the underground utilities, the restroom, parking areas & roadways, irrigation and landscaping – roughly in that order.


The construction should begin shortly.  The only activity that has taken place so far is the capture and relocation of 54 gopher tortoises to a certified ranch in Okeechobee County as well as the corralling an area for those gopher tortoises that continue to maintain a habitat around the existing lake.

The contractor has begun clearing the heavy brush from the site and will shortly begin removing, and root pruning those trees slated for disposal or relocation, which will occur over the next 4 weeks.  A construction trailer should be delivered to the site by the end of January.  We hope to begin the Indiantown Road entrance in early February and be complete by late March.




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