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Eat more healthy fat! 
Eat food as close to its natural state as possible and you can be assured of good fats. Here are some delicious recipes from my Nutri Natters blog:
Salmoriglio is a tangy olive oil based marinade for meat or fish
Make your own savoury pumpkin seed spread
A quick and tasty way to cook  mackerel.

Fat and the brain

The brain is a very fatty organ and we deprive it of essential nourishment if we choose low-fat foods. Fats found in fish, plants, nuts and seeds are associated with reduced risk of dementia. One large study by the Mayo Clinic in 2010 found that elderly participants who ate more foods containing natural fats were protected against cognitive decline, while those who ate more trans-fats (fats that have undergone chemical alteration) found in processed foods were at a higher risk.  

We know that essential fats play a critical role in the development of the brain, neural tissue and retina of babies. It is crucial, therefore, that mothers-to-be take in good dietary fat before and during pregnancy to ensure a good start in life for their offspring.

Contact me to find out how nutritional therapy can assist parents-to-be with fertility and a healthy pregnancy. 

Fats that heal, fats that harm

There is a lot of confusion over fat in the diet. For years we have been told that we should avoid fat at all costs but that is just not true: fat is essential to health. It is essential fatty acids (EFAs) that keep your brain sharp, your hormones functioning, your skin dewy and your heart ticking along nicely. 
On the other hand, damaged fats, known as trans-fats, often found in processed foods increase our susceptibility to heart disease, stroke, certain cancers and diabetes.
How does the savvy shopper know what to buy and what to leave on the shelf? Follow the advice in this newsletter to make healthy choices and avoid harmful fats.

My top fat-tastic foods
  • Oily fish, such as mackerel, salmon, tuna, trout, herring and sardines
  • pumpkin seeds
  • nuts, including walnuts, almonds, pecans
  • coconut oil for higher temperature cooking, such as roasting and frying (it makes a great moisturiser too!)
  • olive oil for dressings
  • eggs
  • avocado 
  • organic butter and cheese
  • organic unprocessed meat
Yes, butter and meat are on the list! At last, the prejudice against naturally occurring saturated fat is melting away as researchers challenge the long-held belief that saturates are linked to heart disease.

Foods likely to contain damaged fats
  • Deep-fried food
  • take-aways
  • processed meats
  • margarines and spreads
  • biscuits and pastries
  • vegetable oils 
Check labels: avoid anything labelled “trans” or “hydrogenated” fat– they have been artificially
manipulated and are harmful to health. 

The message is clear: Forget the "fat is bad" mantra of the last forty years. Choose foods as close to their natural state as possible and keep processed foods to a minimum.

Lifestyle medicine

As a registered nutritional therapist, I’ll assess your nutritional needs and recommend a personal healthy living plan to help you to  feel well physically, mentally and emotionally. 

As well as "pay-as-you-go" appointments, I  offer nutritional therapy packages for a discounted advance fee of £185. What's included? Two-and-a-half hours of consultation time spread over three sessions with email support between meetings. Some examples of packages: digestive, skin, heart, thyroid, male and female health, healthy ageing, improved energy, better moods and blood sugar balance.  I'll put together a package specifically for you, if your health concerns are not listed here.

Contact me for a no-obligation chat to find out more about personalised nutritional therapy.

 Metabolic balance, the all-natural weight loss and hormone-balancing healthy eating plan includes an abundance of natural fats to promote weight loss, satiety, brain function, efficient hormones, increased control of inflammatory conditions and, of course, the wonderful flavour that comes from fat. You'll be cooking with coconut oil and using olive oil for dressings. Consumption of healing fats is a cornerstone of every metabolic balance plan; not a trans-fat in sight!

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I'm always pleased to hear from clients old and new. If you have a health concern you would like to discuss in confidence before making an appointment for a nutritional therapy consultation, please get in touch through my web site contact form or send me an email with your phone number,
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