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Nutri Natters
My healthy eating blog, Nutri Natters is now part of my new Nutrimatters web site. It's a free resource of nutrient-packed, anti-inflammatory recipes. Last week I was on Radio Nottingham talking about ways to cook cauliflower for which, it seems,  we have a growing appetite.  Here's my recipe for spicy roasted cauli.You can also read how to make cauliflower into delicious cauliflower rice. Other popular dishes on my blog include chicken curry and crunchy granola. Most of the recipes are gluten-free. In fact, the most popular recipe of all is for gluten-free muffins.

 Nutri Natters is open to everyone so please tell your friends.



Hormone Heaven

Followers of Metabolic Balance know that it is the ultimate hormone-balancing plan that works on the whole body to restore health and energy. As a client said to me this week, "I'm learning how to eat properly to keep well for the rest of my life." I offer an initial diagnostic consultation for people who want to find out more. Please contact me for details. 

Your hormones: havoc or harmony?

Hormones carry chemical messages around the body to enable our organs to work in harmony. It's when this delicate dance of the hormones is disrupted and things start to go wrong that many common female health conditions can occur. Premenstrual tension (PMT), endometriosis, fibroids, heavy periods, lack of periods, fertility problems, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and menopausal symptoms are signs that hormones are out of kilter. Thyroid and adrenal hormone problems affect men, women and children in increasing numbers, while insulin resistance is on the rise. Why are our hormones in revolt? Lack of essential nutrients, an abundance of "anti-nutrients" in the typical western diet and environmental pollution can lead to hormonal meltdown. 
Nutritional therapy tackles to the root cause
 Nutritional therapy aims to stimulate the body’s powerful healing capacity to restore good health, rather than masking symptoms. Often just small changes to diet and lifestyle can bring about significant health improvements. Read how my client Sally overcame painful symptoms of endometriosis with her personalised hormone-balancing healthy eating plan. 
Hormone-balancing foods
Like Sally, here are a few things you can do to help your hormones: cut down on sugary foods (anti-nutrients) and add more dense vegetables, such as broccoli, avocado, cauliflower and cabbage to your plate. Introduce some bean and lentil recipes, especially if you have an oestrogen-related condition such as endometriosis, PMT or hot flushes. Try this easy quinoa and chick peas salad recipe on my Nutri Natters blog.
Chemical disruptors
Every day we take in many hormone-disrupting chemicals from the air and through our skin. You can reduce this chemical burden by choosing more "natural" skincare and cleaning products. I love the Botanical range of organic skin care products made from essential oils. You can order Botanicals from my new web site.  The Natural Dispensary sells a wide range of gentle toiletries and beauty products, including Green People,Weleda and Jason brands (email me if you've lost your discount code).  

If you need help with your health, you can find out more about the support I offer on the Consultations page of my web site. Call or email me for a free, no-obligation 10-minute chat to find out how healthy eating could restore your body's natural rhythms. I look forward to hearing from you.

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I'm always pleased to hear from clients old and new. If you have a health concern you would like to discuss in confidence before making an appointment for a nutritional therapy consultation, please get in touch through my web site contact form or send me an email with your phone number,
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