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What's in season now?
Look out for the first English asparagus. It's early this year and in the shops now. Break off the woody ends and steam the spears for about 5 minutes - a real seasonal treat!

Other foods in season now:  purple sprouting broccoli, watercress, leeks, rhubarb, chard, new potatoes, cucumbers, spinach, aubergines and leeks.
I have moved
My new base is Tranquility Holistic Therapy Centre and Studio, 169, High Road, Chilwell, Nottingham, NG9 5BA. It's a bright, friendly place with lots going on, including yoga, Pilates and meditation classes. The tram and  NCT bus number 36 stop nearby and there's free parking on adjacent roads. The number to book a nutritional therapy consultation and for enquiries remains the same: 07973 750 626.

I look forward to seeing you there, whether it's for a new appointment, or a health review meeting for existing clients.

Metabolic Balance® and the liver
 Metabolic Balance® is the ultimate healthy-eating plan to nurture your whole body, including the liver. All those fresh, natural foods on your personalised plan provide nutrients to support the liver and help it to perform its important, protective role.
Book a Metabolic Balance® diagnostic consultation to find out more.
Visit my Metabolic Balance® East Midlands Facebook page for tips, success stories and meal ideas.

Please note: See a medical doctor if you have liver problems. Nutritional therapy does not replace medical care.

It's time to spring clean your liver

Your liver is a real workhorse responsible for hundreds of essential jobs in the body. Yet how many of us give it a second thought? Here's a quick summary of some of its tasks:
  • Our bodies are assailed by hundreds of toxins every day such as pesticides, alcohol, chemicals, exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke and drugs. The liver detoxifies these harmful substances
  • A healthy liver produces approximately a cupful of bile every day to help the body to digest and absorb fats. If your digestion is sluggish it could be due to poor bile flow
  • The liver makes and recycles cholesterol, a necessary component of the cell membrane. It also provides the structural backbone for steroid hormones, including adrenal and sex hormones and vitamin D
  • The liver stores vitamins A, K, D, E and B12. Iron is also stored there ready to make new blood cells
  • Kuppfer cells are active immune cells sitting in the liver ready to pounce on pathogens that might enter the liver from the gut
  • The liver produces a hormone, angiotensinogen, which helps to regulate blood pressure
Everyone benefits from a healthy liver. Often small changes in nutrition and lifestyle can make a big difference to how you feel. Read through the tips below and choose one or two that are easy for you to put into practice and show your liver you care:
  • Flush out toxins by drinking water throughout the day
  • If you drink alcohol, consider cutting down and having some alcohol-free periods
  • Eat more cruciferous veg: broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts, pak choi and cabbage. They supply chemical compounds that enhance liver activity
  • In fact, just eat more veg, preferably organic (free of pesticides), to provide protective antioxidant minerals and vitamins. Plus, the fibre in vegetables and fruit sweeps toxins through the digestive tract
  • Reduce toxic exposure to chemicals and additives in processed food by buying fresh and cooking from scratch as often as you can
  • Buy organic meat, poultry, vegetables, fruit and dairy products where possible to reduce your exposure to pesticides, hormones and antibiotics in  food
  • Get rid of non-stick pans. They contain harmful PFCs. Replace with ceramic or stainless steel cookware
  • Buy natural cleaning products to reduce your exposure to chemicals in the home
There, your liver feels better already!

Take a look at my Nutri Natters blog for lots of recipes made from fresh ingredients that your liver will love, including spicy cauliflower and ratatouille.
Rediscover your health and sparkle with nutritional  therapy!

You'll find more information about nutritional therapy on the  Consultations page of my web site. Or send me an email me with your phone number and I'll call you for a free,  no-obligation 10-minute chat. 

Yours in very good health,

Rita Carmichael
DipION,FdSC, MBANT, CNHC Registered Nutrition Practitioner and Metabolic Balance® Coach


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