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Christmas Recipes

There are lots of Christmas recipes on my Nutri Natters blog, including a delicious and light Christmas pudding and mince pies – both with gluten-free versions. My luxurious and nutty vegetarian Christmas roast is perfect for guests who don't eat meat.   You'll also find a a recipe for leek and celeriac soup and ways to jazz up your Christmas vegetables.


A healthy 2018

DNA Testing 
A simple mouth swab can unlock the code to your  genetic strengths and weaknesses.  You'll receive a comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle report to show you how to maximise your welbeing by eating optimally for your genetic tendencies. Take advantage of a special Christmas offer running until the end of January- contact me before 26th January, 2018 to find out more.
Eat Well at Christmas

Have you noticed how a few extra indulgences at Christmas can leave you feeling lethargic and several pounds heavier in January? Follow the simple guidelines below to help you sail through the festivities feeling more energetic, healthier and lighter. 
  • On Christmas Day make sure you have a good breakfast – see my free breakfast e-book, "think outside the cornflake box", for ideas.  With your appetite satisfied, you won’t be tempted to nibble between meals. Metabolic Balance followers will know how satisfying meals wards off cravings!
  •  The traditional Christmas dinner of turkey and loads of vegetables is very healthy. Just watch portion sizes to make sure you have room for the pudding!
  • Sugar-free Christmas puddings are available (see my blog link in the left-hand column for a light and fruity pudding to make at home), or choose an exotic fruit salad with a dash of cream
  • Keep the  turkey carcass to make a nutritious bone broth (recipe courtesy of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition). Also, save the water from cooking vegetables to use as a nutrient-infused stock 
  • How to enjoy a drink or two:  choose a smaller glass, pace yourself and make every other drink a glass of water 
  • Good choices from the party buffet table include olives, smoked salmon, cheese, nuts, salads and meats. Begin with a small plate of food -you can always go back for more if you still feel hungry
  • Walk it off – Wrap up warm in your new Christmas woollies and take a stroll.  The exercise will help to lift your spirits and give you the  energy boost you need to tackle the washing up!
Put yourself to the top of your “to do” list in 2018 and book a nutritional therapy consultation to transform your health in the New Year. I'll also be taking on a limited number of new Metabolic Balance clients in the coming months.  See my web site for more information or send me an email me with your phone number to arrange a free 10-minute chat.
It has been a great pleasure working with so many of you this year and seeing how you have achieved your goals of better health through personalised nutritional advice.  I look forward to seeing old and new clients in 2018.

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year,


Rita Carmichael
DipION,FdSC, MBANT, CNHC Registered Nutrition Practitioner and Metabolic Balance® coach



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