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gluten-free baking

Here's a taster of some delicious gluten-free baking. The recipe for gluten-free sweet and savoury muffins is the most popular entry on my NutriNatters blog. They're being made in kitchens worldwide!

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Nutritional therapy

Ensuring that we get the nutrients we need to feel well physically, mentally and emotionally is an important step towards better health. I will work with you to create an individual healthy living plan to help to optimise your health and wellness. Enjoy good food every day!
Here is what one happy client said:
"And just three months later my skin rashes have disappeared, my blood pressure has been cut from 145/100 to 130/85, I have far more energy, and my stomach ulcer has gone.
Thanks Rita, I never thought getting healthy could be so much fun!"

Do you have gluten-sensitivity?

Bread, the staff of life or the stuff of stomach gripes?  Wheat is a huge part of our diet; we are hooked on toast, biscuits, pasta, cereals and a whole range of wheat-based foods. Many of the clients who come to me with digestive symptoms such as bloating and discomfort find their symptoms ease when they replace wheat with wheat-free alternatives. Some people are sensitive to gluten, a protein in wheat, and test positive for coeliac disease, which causes inflammation in the gut and a range of symptoms including fatigue, neurological symtpms, digestive discomfort and bloating. There are many others, though, with these symptoms whose coeliac test results come back stamped "normal" and they are told there is nothing wrong.
However, recent research published in the British Medical Journal confirms that even where coeliac disease is absent, gluten foods can induce abdominal other and seemingly unrelated symptoms, such as IBS, headaches, skin rashes, musculoskeletal pains, a "foggy" head, depression and fatigue. People who knew all along that their symptoms were not all in the mind will be interested to hear of this newly recognised clinical entity of non-coeliac gluten-sensitivity.
If you have been diagnosed with coeliac diseae or gluten-sensitivity, contact me for help with how to eat well while avoiding gluten. Digestive discomfort should always be checked by a doctor.

Coeliac UK Awareness Week is 13-19 May.


Easter treats

It's Easter, time to show your loved ones how you appreciate them with the gift of delicious dark chocolate nibbles. They are so easy to make. Present them in a little basket or cellophane bag tied with a bow and they'll beat anything you can buy in the shops. Dark chocolate is a potent source of protective antioxidants, while the nuts provide protein and essential fats. A little of what you fancy does you good, so make sure you save some for yourself. 



Weight Management

Would you like to know more about metabolic balance®, the award-winning anti-inflammatory and hormone-balancing weight management programme? There is information on my web site, including testimonials from clients. I offer a no-obligation consultation to make sure that metabolic balance® is right for you. Please get in touch if you wish to know more, email

Spring Harvest

Jersey royals
purple-sprouting broccoli
spring greens

It's always good to hear from clients old and new. If you have a health concern you would like to discuss in confidence before making an appointment for a nutritional therapy consultation, please get in touch through my web site contact form or send me an email with your phone number,
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