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November 2016

Meeting Information
Next Meeting Date is
Monday, November 14th

(see below for meeting details as they 
unique this meeting.)

Please RSVP
by October 6th, 2016
to our RSVP e-mail: 
BPPA Meetings are held the second Monday
of each month. 

Der Dutchman Restaurant
3713 Bahia Vista Drive, Sarasota, FL 34232

Dinner and Program
$30 for Members
$45 for Non-Members


6:00 PM - Registration
6:30 PM - Dinner 
7:00 to 8:00 PM - Program
8:30 PM - Meeting Concludes

If you are on the Permanent RSVP List, you only need to respond if you are NOT ATTENDING. 
If you are NOT on the Permanent RSVP List, you must e-mail your RSVP by the Thursday prior to the meeting to attend.
Please send your response HERE to reserve your space.
If you RSVP Yes, and you do not attend, you are responsible for payment.
No shows will be billed for the meeting, NO EXCEPTIONS PLEASE

...From The Editor

Dear Colleagues, 

Loads of news, please be sure to read from top to the very bottom. I am super excited that Al Audleman is coming to teach CPP.  Great opportunity to improve our skills.  
...And I am super excited that Billy D, will be the next speaker!!!

If anyone knows InDesign, I would love someone to help me with the newsletter and bring the online version back.  Call me if you are seriously interested, my studio 941.362.1957.


Lastly, if you know someone who is a professional photographer, or is a student of photography, or someone who is starting out in this field, please be sure to invite them to subscribe to our newsletter.  We want new members.




Thank you,

Maria Lyle, Newsletter Editor.





Connie Summers
Under the lights:  Understanding Sports Photography

In this class I hope to share with you the immense joy photographing sports has brought me.  I will take you in depth on camera settings and tips on how to accomplish the stop motion action shots along with proper team and individual team member lighting settings.  Also, I will share with you how I turn this part of my photography into money.  The world of sports offers numerous unforgettable moments just waiting to be captured on camera.  Don't miss out on another opportunity.
Billy is an accomplished wedding and portrait photographer with a passion for capturing all aspects of sports.  He will be heading to France for The World Ultimate Frisbee Beach Championships in July.  Billy has photographed numerous different sports over the past 9 years:  Over 400 football games, 350+ frisbee matches, 30+ softball and baseball games, 150 basketball games, just to name a few.

He has traveled to 6 states and 2 countries to cover various events.

Outside of photographing sporting events Billy is also an ultimate frisbee competitor.  He plays on a mixed team based out of Tampa.

Billy is also a 3 time BPPA Photographer of the year along with a 3 time Honor Award winner for sports images in the FPP State Competition.
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Become a Permanent RSVP Member and skip the hassle. 
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2016 Board Of Directors

President - Gigi O'Dea

Vice President - Carmen Schettino
Secretary - Jennifer Gerardi
Treasurer - Heidemarie Burke
Director - Donna Williams
Director - Maria Lyle
Director - Connie Summers

2016 Committee Chairs

Membership - Gigi O'Dea

Program - Connie Summers
Salon / Archivist - Jennifer Gerardi

FPP State Delegate - Heidemarie Burke
House RSVP - Maria Lyle
Website / Social Media - Donna Williams
Marketing / Newsletter / Photographer - Maria Lyle
Social Committee - Christine Thomas

In order to run a good organization, we rely on volunteers.  These positions are greatly appreciated by all.  A lot of our members double up on committees.  We would love to have your assistance on any of our committees.  You get to learn more about BPPA and get to know everyone even more! 
If you are interested, please contact our President, Gigi O'Dea.

...From Your President 
                            Gigi O'Dea, Memory Portraits by Gigi

Greetings!  Fall is in the air, which means a little cooler weather here in Florida and a 
great time to get outdoors for some portrait sessions.  It is also football season if you 
are doing any sports photography.  We are so lucky to have one of our own members,
Billy Dzwonkowski, speaking to us about sports photography.  He is so talented in many
areas of photography, but you can see his passion in his sporting images.  We are really 
looking forward to hearing what he has to teach us.

As a portrait and family photographer, it is also that time of the year when we can get very
busy with portrait sessions for the upcoming holidays.  I recently read an article from the about how you can make 5 simple changes for profitable mini-sessions. 

Here they are below:

1.  Change the name to Limited Edition Sessions.  Mini-Session SCREAMS discount!  Limited Edition screams exclusivity, special.

2.   Create a theme- no more generic mini-sessions that can easily replace full sessions.  These are not meant to be a replacement for those who do not want to pay full prices.

3.  Create Packages- By creating packages (with the ability to upgrade) you’ll not only be able to charge more and get products into your client’s hands, But you’ll give your clients a sense of freedom to choose what works best for them. 

4.  Include a product geared toward marketing.  This would be Christmas cards during the holiday season or something like accordion mini albums for other occasions.  Choose something that your client can carry with them and show friends.  Always include your web address on there.

5.  Market to your email list first.  Again, this is promoting exclusivity.  Not only is this incentive to be on your email list, but also incentive for them to book right away before it is released to the general public.  

I hope you can use some of these tips to help make your business more profitable this holiday season.  Just a reminder that the annual Christmas Banquet is right around the corner, so please Save the Date for this.  It will be Dec. 9th at the Polo grill.  There will be more information coming. 

If you are a member, please remember to wear your badge.


            Gigi O'Dea

            BPPA President


Jennifer Gerardi

Thank you to all who regularly enter our monthly print competition! Congratulations to all the October Winners! 

Our Next Creative Quarterly theme for November is :

          Unknown & Forbidden

                                     you may submit 2 8x10's
Portrait Category
Heidemarie Burke, 1st Place
"Naturally Lovely"
Portrait Category
Billy Dwonkowski, 1st Place
Portrait Category
Gigi O'Dea, 2nd Place
"Classic Vintage"
Unclassified Category
Billy Dzwonkowski, 1st Place
Tampa Theatre
Unclassified Category
 Gigi O'Dea, 2nd Place
Rub A Dub

Gigi O'Dea

 2016 Membership 

Hello Members of BPPA!
LAST Month for the Contest!!!!
March 2016 through the end of November 2016 we will have a membership contest. At our annual banquet the member who has the most visitors to join BPPA throughout the year, will WIN a certificate for an original oil painting, painted by Victoria Dietz

Example of Victoria's work:


Paintings can be found under her fine art tab at StudioVGallery. She is also open to painting one of your favorite photographs that you have taken in your career, as the prize, it will be your choice! 

Information about our meetings for newcomers: 


Monthly Fee (includes dinner and program) 
Members: $30.00 
Non Members: $45.00


For more information on becoming a member, renewing your membership, or to attend one of our meetings as a guest, please contact our Membership Chair: Gigi O'Dea



Gigi O'Dea
14762 1st. Ave. E.
Bradenton, Fl 34212

Studio: 941-747-4150



If you are a member, don't forget to wear your badge at the next meeting.
If you don't have a badge and need one ordered, contact Gigi O'Dea

BPPA Website
 Donna Williams  

Our new website is up and running.  The domain name is the same, which is  It has a new and modern look.  When you click on the website, you will see a slideshow on the home page.  We would like to display all the members' work.  To get your work published on the website, email two of your best images to me at  The images are to be about 1,000 pixels on the longest side at about a 150 to 200 dpi. That is all that is necessary to get your photographs noticed on the home page of our new website!

In the News
 Maria Lyle  
If you have something to share, please let me know. 
FPP News
Heidemarie Burke
Tha fall seminar with Russ Harrington this past Sunday was a great success! Stay tuned for details about the FPP spring 2017 seminar.
PPA News
 Maria Lyle  

We have great news for you!
Al Audleman will be here in Sarasota at the end of January so that we can become certified. The test can be taken online or taken at a convention or FPP school.
The course will be $300.00 per person and that will include the book which would cost $100.00 alone.
Florida School cost is $599.00, plus hotel over $100.00 a night, food etc.
Convention (Imaging USA) PPA is $199.00 plus flight, food and hotel.  

$300.00 per person, this is a great deal and should be attended by anyone looking to improve their business.

Are you ready for your next professional move as a professional photographer? 
Here is a little something about Certified Professional Photographer, CPP.

What's CPP?

The Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) program from PPA assures others of a photographer's knowledge, experience and continuance to develop new skills and techniques. It is a declaration of your professional competence! Being a CPP is like quality assurance because certification is a credential consumers and businesses understand. More importantly, it provides you with a tool for telling the world—and all those potential clients—why they should call you rather than a competitor down the street.

  • There is a CPP Standard. What is it?
    Established in 1977 by Professional Photographers of America the Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) credential serves to identify professional photographers who have demonstrated technical competence through a written examination and photographic image submission. PPA and the Certification Committee follow standards for certification which are established by the national Institute of Credentialing Excellence (ICE). ICE sets the guidelines for creating the written certification exam, and makes sure the questions are relevant to professional photography today. ICE also provides PPA and the Certification Committee with support and information to maintain the certification process.

  • What's a Certification?
    The certification of specialized skill-sets affirms a knowledge and experience base for practitioners in a particular field, their employers, and the public at large. Certification represents a declaration of a particular individual's professional competence. In some professions certification is a requirement for employment or practice. Doctors, mechanics, accountants, professional secretaries, surveyors and many others are all required to go through a certification process of some kind.

  • What Motivated Photographers to Get Their CPP?
    "Certification counts in ways you never thought! Two years ago I was in a nasty auto accident and couldn't shoot for three months — it's in litigation — my lawyer just called and wanted to know 'are you a certified professional photographer?' I kid you not! Because they have to prove I'm not just a MWAC—belonging to PPA and being certified is critical in proving my professional status! Who knew?"                                                                                         — Francie Balthazar Stonestreet, CPP
  • Why Hire a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP)?
    Because when things matter, you've only got one shot. And there's no substitute for experience.
Meeting Photos
Maria Lyle

Hello everyone, 

Here are some photos from our last meeting.

Soooo, this past meeting I was the speaker.  Had a blast sharing information with my colleagues.
Carmen Schettino, our Vice President ran the meeting.

Until next time.

BPPA Spotlight
Christine Thomas 
Please support our Vendors who kindly donate door prizes.
For Sale
This for you, our precious member.  
2016 Calendar
Please be sure to add the dates below to your appointment book.
Sunday, January 10-12
Tuesday, January 19  (RSVP by Thursday, 1/14 by Noon)
- Scheduled Program:  "Advanced Techniques in Photoshop" with Jane Connor-ziser               
- Print Of The Month

Monday, February 8 (RSVP by Thursday, 2/4 by Noon)
- Scheduled Program: Salon
- Creative Quarterly- "Look into the Dark"

Tuesday, February 16, 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
- BPPA Spotlight
- Location: Cafe in the Park at Payne Park

Sunday, February 28, 9:00 AMA - 5:00 PM
FPP Spring Seminar 2016: "Lighting, Capture, and Posing Strategies" with Damon Tucci.
For more information:

PPA members: this is a Continuing Education System Seminar-- all PPA members will receive a Merit for attending!

Monday, March 14 (RSVP by Thursday, 3/10 by Noon)    
- Scheduled Program: Frank Dispensa- "Science of Exposure"
- Print of the Month

Tuesday, March 22, 
 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
- BPPA Spotlight
- Location: To be announced

Monday, April 11 (RSVP by Thursday, 4/7 by Noon)
- Scheduled Program:  "Sales" with Pepito Valdes  
- Print Of The Month

Monday, May 9 (RSVP by Thursday, 5/5 by Noon)
- Scheduled Program: Alicia D'Amico "Maternity as Art"
     4:30 PM at Arlington Park

     6:00 PM Back at the Der Dutchman.
-Creative Quarterly: "Is it Real?"
- Print Of The Month

Monday, June 6 (RSVP by Thursday, 6/2 by Noon)                          
*Please note date change of meeting, it is not on our regular date as the second Monday of the month*
- President assigns Nomination Committee consisting of three Past Presidents of BPPA to fill Board of Directors positions.
- Scheduled Program: Cookie Boudreaux
- Print of the Month

Sunday, June 12 - June 15
2016 Florida Photography

 Florida Photography Workshop
Daytona State College
PPA/FPP Merits…
Attendees who are PPA members in good standing will receive two PPA Educational Merits upon completion of a four day workshop. FPP Members will receive three FED points for the four day workshop, which is good towards their FED degree. Attendance for each day is mandatory to receive FED points and/or PPA merits.
Monday, July 11 (RSVP by Thursday, 7/by Noon)     
- Scheduled Program: Al Gordon - Weddings

Monday, August 8 (RSVP by Thursday, 8/4 by Noon)
- Annual Meeting of the Corporation And Election of New Board Members
- Creative Quarterly- "Let's see colors that have never been seen"
- Scheduled Program: Salon

Monday, September 10th - 12th, 2016
Florida Convention: Focus 2016
At The Florida Hotel 1500 Sand Lake Road, Orlando, Florida 32809
Monday, September 19 (RSVP by Thursday, 9/8 by Noon)
- Scheduled Program: Connie Summers, Charlie Courie, Carmen Schettino, Gigi O'Dea                                                                           
- Print Of The Month

Monday, October 10 (RSVP by Thursday, 10/6 by Noon) 
- BOARD: Review Dues and Fees structure for the upcoming year.
- BOARD: Set date and plan for Annual Banquet General Meeting
- Scheduled Program:   Maria Lyle, commercial, Lightroom and Photoshop

Monday, November 14 (RSVP by Thursday, 11/10 by Noon)
- BOARD: IRS Reporting of 990-N Non Profit Status
- BOARD: Review Awards and Certificates for Annual Banquet (get plaques and certificates on order)
- Scheduled Program: Billy D.  Sports/Action
- Print Of The Month
- Creative Quarterly Theme: "Unknown and Forbidden"

Annual Banquet, TBA
Professional Organizations

For the benefit of new members, here is additional information on other professional organizations in Alphabetical order.


ASMP, American Society of Media Photographers

This organization is a national group of professional still and motion photographers.
The Mission of ASMP:
To create sustainable information, advocacy and communication systems designed to empower and educate still and motion photographers, and associated imaging professionals.
The Three Purposes of ASMP

  • To protect and promote the interests of professional still and motion photographers, and associated imaging professionals.
  • To maintain and promote high professional standards and ethics in the professional still and motion photography industry, and associated imaging fields.
  • To cultivate friendship and mutual understanding among professional still and motion photographers, and associated imaging professionals.


FPP, Florida Professional Photographers, 


As a professional photographer please read this article:

Mission Statement, 

The Florida Professional Photographers, Inc. exists solely for the good of its members. The association provides the tools and educational opportunities for its members to achieve their business and artistic goals. It is committed to an ongoing exchange of information and experiences among all members in an open and friendly atmosphere.

Who are we? 

The FPP is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization, made up of the most talented professional photographers in the state of Florida. As stated above, our goal is to educate our membership in all aspects of the art and business of photography and provide the general public with a trusted and talented partner when the need for a professional photographer arises.


Click here to see all the Florida Guilds:


PPA, Professional Photographers Association,

Events and Image Competitions: PPA 2016 CALENDAR

Professional Photographers of America (PPA) is the world's largest non-profit photography association organized for professional photographers, by professional photographers…and with more than 28,000 creative members in more than 50 countries. Our mission is to create a vibrant community of successful professional photographers by providing education, resources and industry standards of excellence.

PPA's the go-to resource for everything you need to grow your business and be more profitable. You want educational workshops and classes? We got 'em. Cutting-edge techniques and ideas to broaden your creative scope? Done. An esteemed photography group of successful professionals to guide (and befriend) you? Absolutely.

PPA Photographers can rest assured that PPA will help them navigate the business of photography. We are here to help you Be More!

SEPPA, Southeastern Professional Photographers Association,

CLICK HERE FOR OUR NEWSLETTER  Is the largest regional affiliate of the Professional Photographers of America. SEPPA encompasses states from Delaware to Florida and Mississippi to Puerto Rico. Boasting one of the largest photographic Trade Shows in the country, the biennial convention in Georgia is attended by thousands of visitors from the entire southeast and beyond. Program talent rivals any other professional imaging convention while the annual affiliated print judging is accepted and sealed by the Professional Photographers of America for national merits. SEPPA is also the official host for the PPA Electronic Imaging and Commercial categories judging. SEPPA serves the membership of our affiliates by providing scholarships, valid at any of our regional weeklong schools, an opportunity to network with other working professionals in the southeast region and the biennial convention with no cost pre-registration. Our members represent the best qualities of the South: hard work, open sharing of ideas and knowledge and, most of all, southern hospitality.

Assistant Services
Billy Dzwonkowski, Highly educated in studio/onlocation lighting.

Facebook: Facebook Billy Dzwonkowski Recommend to message me. 

Very familiar with Photoshop, creating wedding albums, composites, and could come to your studio for retouching services.
I know both Canon and Nikon, Prefer Nikon. Have experience with White Lightning, Alien Bees, Photogenics as well as Pocket Wizards.  
Love, love photography and I love assisting.  
Will be available upon request with ample notice. 

Financial Report
BPPA members, please note that all financial documents are avail­able for inspection. Please contact our Treasurer, Heidemarie Burke, to view these reports. Thank you for your membership in our professional organization.
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