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March 2017

Meeting Information

Next Meeting Date is
Monday, March 13th, 2017

(see below for meeting details as they 
unique this meeting.)

Please RSVP
by February 2nd
to our RSVP e-mail: 
BPPA Meetings are held the second Monday
of each month. 

Der Dutchman Restaurant
3713 Bahia Vista Drive, Sarasota, FL 34232

Dinner and Program
$35 for Members
$45 for Non-Members


5:30 PM - Registration
6:00 PM - Dinner 
6:30 to 8:00 PM - Program
8:30 PM - Meeting Concludes

If you are on the Permanent RSVP List, you only need to respond if you are NOT ATTENDING. 
If you are NOT on the Permanent RSVP List, you must e-mail your RSVP by the Thursday prior to the meeting to attend.
Please send your response HERE to reserve your space.
If you RSVP Yes, and you do not attend, you are responsible for payment.
No shows will be billed for the meeting, NO EXCEPTIONS PLEASE

...From The Editor

Dear Colleagues, 

If anyone knows InDesign, I would love someone to help me with the newsletter and bring the online version back.  Call me if you are seriously interested, my studio 941.362.1957.


Lastly, if you know someone who is a professional photographer, or is a student of photography, or someone who is starting out in this field, please be sure to invite them to subscribe to our newsletter.  We want new members.




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Maria Lyle, Newsletter Editor.






Salon Image Competition
This month is our bi-annual Salon program, where members compete in a friendly competition judged by a panel of three qualified judges using FPP and PPA guidelines including point scoring procedures. They critique our images, discuss the good and the bad and ultimately, the maker grows and learns by entering. Its a fun evening and I encourage all members to come out and watch, even if you do not compete. I have listed in detail  "How To Enter" under Salon News. Good luck to all! 
Our esteemed judges this month are: Al Alderman, Michael Landes and Rob Morman.  And Carmen Schettino will be our moderator. 
April 2017 Program

         Rhea Lewis on Boudoir!  

Stay tuned for details in our April  Newsletter
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2017 Board Of Directors

President - Gigi O'Dea

Vice President - Carmen Schettino
Secretary - David Emmett
Treasurer - Heidemarie Burke
Director - Donna Williams
Director - Christine Thomas
Director - Connie Summers

2017 Committee Chairs

Membership / Website - Donna Williams
Program - Connie Summers
Salon / Archivist - Jennifer Gerardi

FPP State Delegate - Heidemarie Burke
Newsletter / Photographer / House RSVP - Maria Lyle
Social Committee - Christine Thomas 

In order to run a good organization, we rely on volunteers.  These positions are greatly appreciated by all.  A lot of our members double up on committees.  We would love to have your assistance on any of our committees.  You get to learn more about BPPA and get to know everyone even more! 
If you are interested, please contact our President, Gigi O'Dea.

...From Your President 

Greetings!  Hope things are going well for everyone.  We had a great meeting last month with Jane Connor-ziser and always leave inspired when we hear her speak.    This month our program is salon.  If you have never entered, please consider entering this time around.  I understand that it might be a little scary, but that is how you grow.  If you need any help picking images or critiquing,feel free to contact other members who actively compete and do well, or one our Master Photographers such as Carmen Schettino, or Heidemarie Burke.  
Recently I was asked to do some work with a charity that I have worked with in the past.  This year,however, I was being asked to do the images for their national campaign and the scope of my work would be much larger with a much greater time commitment.  There were many aspects to the contract that left me feeling very used and unappreciated.  I’m sure this was not their intention, but it was still how I felt.  I decided that I would make of point of mentioning to them the issues I was struggling with and see if we could come put with a solution.  Much to my surprise, they were very receptive to my points and were very eager to make changes to where we both mutually benefitted.

In this month’s issue of PPA magazine, I was surprised to see that they were, as well, discussing working with and partnering up with charities, to make it mutually beneficial for both you business and the charity.

Here are some of the takeaways from the article:

Find a good partner.   Join forces with a compatible business in a related or complementary field.  The idea is to combine your audiences so you can substantially expand your market reach.

Use Your Partner’s Location.   Doing it at the other business’ location allows you easier access to your Partner business’s clientele and encourages people not familiar with you to show up. 

Make it a Win for everyone.  make sure there’s something for everyone involved:  the photographer, the Partner business, and the participants.

Don’t give away your usual product.  Do a promo that’s outside your regular business line, and make that  clear.  You don’t want to cheat yourself out of business later in the year.  

Show people how their money helps.  At the charity event, show how each donation directly affects people.  

Promote your charitable spirit.  After the event, mention your work in your communications.  This raises awareness about the causes you support and connects you with like-minded people.

Tap into available resources.   PPA Charities has built-in marketing plans and event organization materials. Everything is set up for you and ready to go.  The partner charities are even betted so you can feel confident that your efforts are making a difference.

If you are a member, please remember to wear your badge.

Gigi O'Dea
BPPA President

Jennifer Gerardi 

How To Enter Salon

Deadline to upload is Sunday March 12, 2017 at 11:59 pm

Please study and follow carefully. Not doing so will prevent judging of your entry. All entries must be completed online at

ENTRIES:  A total, not to exceed six images, may be entered by one photographer per salon judging. Images previously entered in BPPA Salon Competitions may not be entered again in Salon or Print of the Month whether it merits or not. No two images shall be of the same subject.

IMAGE SUBMISSION:  Go to and click the FREE REGISTRATION OF NEW USER.  After creating the account click the BPPA logo.  Click the CREATE NEW ENTRY button.
ENTRY FEE:  Entry fee is made online at through PayPal.  Payment can be made either through your PayPal account or with your credit card.  The entry fee is $10.00 for one to three images or $20.00 for four to six entries.
ENTRY DEADLINES:  The deadline for entering your images is by Noon on the Sunday prior to the Salon meeting.  The deadline date will be posted on when you click on BPPA.
FILE NAMING:  When submitting your entry, the title of your entry is your file name.  Do not add your name, category or any underscores to the entry title.  Always SAVE a copy of your competition file to your computer.
CLASSIFICATION OF ENTRIES:  Entries must be designated by the entrant in one of the six (6) categories listed on the entry form. If the chairman feels the entry is placed in an incorrect category, he/she may change the entry’s category. Color and Black and White images will be judged together in all categories.
1.  PORTRAIT: This category includes portraits of men, women, children, couples (two people), groups (three or more people) and environmental portraits.
2.  SOCIAL FUNCTION: This category includes social function portraits or candids.
3.  COMMERCIAL: This category includes advertising illustration, industrial, architectural, product photography and photojournalism.  Live models may be used for these entries.
4.  UNCLASSIFIED: This category includes abstracts, pictorials (non-portrait), animals, figure studies and photojournalism.
5.  ELECTRONIC IMAGING: This category includes digital restoration, image enhancement. Entries will be judged for digital, artistic and technical proficiency.
6.  ALBUMS: This Category includes wedding albums, story book and portrait albums. Albums can be from one or more makers.
IMAGE PREPARATION: Create a new file in Photoshop with a black background that is 4000 x 4000 PIXELS (20 inches wide at 200 PPI). Each file must contain an embedded color profile of either sRGB or Adobe RGB1998 and saved at a JPEG quality setting of 10.  The total file size should not exceed 7 MB.
ALBUM FILE PREPARATION:  All page/spread files must have the longest file dimension at 4,000 pixels (20 inches at 200 ppi), have an embedded color profile of either sRGB or Adobe RGB1998 and be saved at a JPEG quality setting of 10.   Each page/spread file may contain as many images as you desire.  An entry may contain up to 36 page/spread files.  Files are to be numbered in viewing order using two digits (i.e., 01 jpg, 02 jpg, 03 jpg, etc.).  All individual files must be c
Please feel free to email me at or call me on my cell at 917.621.6352 if you have any questions. Please do not wait until the last minute to enter if you have never entered before.                    
                                                                                                                                                                      - Jennifer

Print Of The Month

Print of the Month Winners March 2017

Congrats to all the winners!

First Place Portrait- Gigi O'Dea
Second Place Portait- Billy Dzwonkowski
First Place Unclassified- Gigi O'Dea
Second Place Unclassified- Billy Dzwonkowski
Creative Quarterly


 Long Exposure              March

                          Reflections In Water      May


                          Chaos                             August


                          Growing Up                   November

You can submit up to 2 prints for each CQ.

Donna Williams 
The 2017 Membership Renewal is now due.  I recently emailed a .PDF application to the members.  You can also click here to access the Membership Application from our website.  The PDF application can be opened in Macs and PCs.  All you need to open it is Adobe Reader, which is a free download.  When you open the file, several tools appear on the right side.  Click the fill and sign tool to complete the application on your computer.  Each time you click this tool a new text box appears.  You then type your information.  You can also line up your text if you want to as well.  Print the application, and viola, you are done!  You can also print the application and fill it out by hand.  The full membership, Active Members, must also submit their 2017 Sales Tax Certificate.  You can obtain that document online from the Florida Sales Tax Department when you log into your account.

If you have not done so, please bring your paperwork and check to the next meeting on February 13, 2017.  Our speaker is the awesome and talented Jane Connor-Ziser.  However, if you are not able to attend the meeting, mail everything to me (including your check) to:

Donna Williams
158 Padova Way
North Venice, FL 34275

If you have any questions regarding membership, feel free to contact me by phone at 941-488-7300 or by email to  I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Donna Williams 

Members, please check your information on the Membership page of our website at  You can also click here to access this page.  It is important that your information is correct for two reasons.  Number one, visitors to the site have access to photographers in our area, which could possibly result in business for your company.  Number two, it is the best way to get information about other members in case you need to reach them or give them a referral.

There is also a slideshow on the home page.  If you would like to "show off" some of your best work, email me three images to  Size the images to 1,000 pixels on the longest side at about a 150 to 200 dpi. That is all that is necessary to get your photographs noticed on the home page of our website!

In the News 
Maria Lyle
This section is for you, our loyal members.
Please contact Maria at
BayProfessionalPhotographers@GMail.comso that we can share with our Association.

Congratulations to our own LeMoyne Johnson, of Johnson's PhotoImaging, who was awarded by the Manatee Community Foundation with the "Individual spirit of Manatee award for philanthropy."  We, here at Bay, are so proud of your well deserved achievement and feel lucky to have you as a sponsor of our guild.  Thank you for all you do for not only our guild, but the photography community as well.

Please join and give HUGE Congratulations to Gigi O'Dea. 

She recently entered PPA Print Competition and scored beautifully. 

And she also was featured in the current front cover of  PPA Magazine. 

How Far Do You Want To Take It
How Far Can You Go?

Gigi O'Dea

I am definitely on a high right now with one of my loan images becoming the cover of this months PPA magazine.   I was aware that my image would be "in" the magazine, but I would have never imagined in my wildest dreams to have an image on the cover.  It has been a career goal to have an image in the magazine, so when a friend of mine messaged me telling me he was looking at my image on the cover, I was over the moon.

I have learned a lot along the way in competition, with some help of other photographers who are competing and just going through the process myself.  There are steps and levels that get you to where you want to be.  The goal for me, is to get my Master's in photography.  This is done with both print merits and service merits through PPA.  Let me walk you through the steps.

Print of the month- Monthly local guild competition, with winner chosen by fellow photography members

Local Salon-  This is competition at the local guild done twice a year, with three judges scoring images.  May enter 6 images.  Goal is to merit, (80 or above), place in a category, or win best in show.  (points go towards Photographer of the Year).

State Competition- Competition held one time at year at Florida convention.  May enter 10 images in both Photographic and Artistic categories (for a total of 20 images).   Goal is to earn merits towards your Florida degree of photographic excellence or artistic excellence.  Need 30 merits, 16 of which have to be print merits and the other 14 can be print or service merits.  

District Competition-  We are in the southeastern district, in which the competition is run by PPA.  It is held once a year (usually in February.). You are able to enter 4 images in each category (photographic and artistic).  If your image merits at the district level, your image will be "sealed" in which it is automatically guaranteed a merit at PPA's International Print Competition if you enter it.  If you choose to "break the seal" and make any changes to your image, then it would no longer be guaranteed a merit and would be judged again at IPC.  

International Print Competition- IPC- Competition held one time per year (usually at the end of July) for all of the country.  Images that merit, are automatically put into the General collection book.  Merited images are judged by a loan panel to choose the images for the Loan Collection.  This is the best of the best and the ultimate goal of any competitor. 

I competed in SEPPA for the first time a few years ago and had all of my images merit.  Because I did not educate myself on how the process worked, I failed to enter my sealed images into IPC and missed getting my 4 merits that year.  I entered this year at districts and again, was lucky enough to have all four images merit again.  I had one image that scored a career high of 92, which I could not be more proud of.  Once these images are entered into IPC, if I do not break the "seal", they will be guaranteed a merit and put me closer to my goal of getting my Masters.  

Last year I entered IPC for the first time.  I had three of my images not only merit, but were also chosen for the Loan collection.   My one image that did not merit, I decided to enter at district competition this year.  I really believed in this image, so I resubmitted it with no changes to the image from last year.  It scored an 85!!!!  I was so happy that I followed my heart with it, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it gets into the Loan collection this year.   There have been many changes the competition rules this year, so if you want to learn more about them, go to  

Why You Should Enter Salon
Billy Dzwonkowski

It is that time of year again, possibly the best time of year. SALON!

I know most of you have heard me give long winded speeches at meetings about why entering salon is so beneficial to you as a photographic artist. Well I am going to do that again today and hopefully I will see some more images from you guys and gals at salon.

It's self explanatory. We all come to BPPA to better ourselves at our craft. Yes it is nice to see each others faces, network, and just chit chat, but at the root of all of this is to be a better photographer. I can honestly say I believe Salon is the best way to do this.

When we have our fantastic speakers come, they talk about whatever it is they are talking about. I know we learn from them and we take bits and pieces home from each meeting. However when YOUR image is up on the screen and they are talking about YOUR shoot in YOUR setup in YOUR environment, it is geared solely towards YOU. At that moment you are having three photographers whom have spent years refining their craft, through the same competitions we are in. Offering up gold nuggets of information about how to make you and that image better. Do not ever take a personal. That isn't what they are there for. Competitions does require you to sometimes have a thick skin. Here is the thing, when you get knocked down, get up, do it again, and do it better. We have all had those images we love fall flat on their faces. Myself (Billy D) scored a 69 once. a 69 is deemed unfit for show as a professional photographer. I deserved it, I got some emotionally attached to an image that I completely missed the fact that it was out of focus. I had six 79's at FPP last year. You learn from these images. If you don't enter you will not get better. 

Everyone loves awards. It is a wonderful feeling to know that hey I am as good as I thought I was. When you have an image score an 85 you feel great. Your confidence grows and guess what you can share this with all your clients and potential clients. Clients like to be reassured that they are picking a great photographer. When they see so and so placed 5 merited images at the BPPA Semi Annual Photographic competition they are feeling better about spending money with you. Have a "Love Me Wall" up at the studio, be proud of your accomplishments.

Everyone has their own memories and thoughts about Salon, but I'll share how I feel at competitions. Salon is the most exciting meetings of the year for me. You are sitting in the room, it's pretty quiet, and you hear your image title get called and BAM, it's up on the screen. My palms get sweaty, my heart starts to race a little faster the rest of the room kind of falls into a darker tunnel and I zone into that image and if I am lucky enough to have a challenge happen on my image I am zoned into the judges words. It turns into a sport for me, some of you know how much I love sports. I am now competing. It's more like a coaching feeling at this point though. I can't get out there and change stuff now, but I have spent hours preparing this image (we'll call it practice) for when it finally turns in front of the judges. (Game time). Once that image is scored I am either ecstatic or disappointed. The great thing about entering at Bay is no matter what the judges will talk about your image. So you can take information home with you  to make things better. To me it is the best rush in the photography craft.

I challenge each and everyone of you to at least enter one image at Salon, so you can feel what it is like to be under the lights.  Iron sharpens iron my friends.  It is the best way to grow. 

Below is a comparison of an image  

Original image
Print Competition image
FPP News
Heidemarie Burke
March 10th is the Deadline to Sign Up for the Competition Team Challenge!
Intimidated by image competition?  Not sure how to mat your image or what to title it?  Want help, but don't know where to go or who to ask??  You should be part of the FPP Mentor Matchup!

FPP Master Photographers Mike Potthast, Carol Walker, Kevin Newsome, Randy Van Duinen, Jesus Cabrera, Julie Johnson, Kevin Floyd, Kim Warmolts and Patricia Macfarlane have volunteered as coaches and will lead small teams as you select your images, make changes, mat and title your images.  

Each team coach will be in competition to see who's team can do the best, so your success is their success! Whether your coach is in your town or across the state they will work with you by email, phone, skype, etc. to give you caring critique and encouragement so that this is your best year of competition yet!

To register to be on a team, simply log into your FPP profile at and pay the nonrefundable $25 fee!  You will randomly be assigned to a coach and coaching will begin in March to prepare you to enter the FPP competition at FOCUS in September!
My best,
Linda Long, Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman


June 4 – 7, 2017

Daytona Beach, Florida
Real Education – Real Results


Early Bird Pricing (thru April 15, 2017)

FPP Members: $599
Add FPP Member Same Studio: $549
PPA Members: $675
Non FPP/PPA Members: $775


Pricing (after April 15, 2017)

FPP Members: $699
Add FPP Members Same Studio: $649
PPA Members:$775
Non FPP/PPA Members: $875

2017 FPW Instructors

Thom Rouse from DeKalb, IL

Fine Art Techniques in Photoshop

Elizabeth & Trey Homan from San Antonio, TX
Your portrait studio Refined

Eric Richards from Sharpsburg, GA
Prepping for Certification

Dave Cross from Tampa, FL

Photoshop Efficiency & Creativity

Tim Priest from Grand Rapids, MI
Commercial Income for the Portrait Photographer

For more information on this event or to apply visit
There are some scholarships available.

FOCUS – Annual Convention 

September 9 – 11, 2017

Florida Hotel, Orlando, Florida
Photography – Inspiration – Education

PPA News
 Maria Lyle  

Copyright Laws are in peril, but only YOU can help. 
Join the Grassroots Action Team

BPPA Spotlight
Christine Thomas 
Monthly Meeting Photos
Maria Lyle

Hello everyone, 

Sorry, no photos from our last meeting.  

Hello everyone, 

Sorry, no photos from our last meeting.  

Please support our Vendors who kindly donate door prizes.
For Sale
This for you, our precious member.  
2016 Calendar
Please be sure to add the dates below to your appointment book.
Sunday, January 5 to Jan 10

Monday, January 16th  (RSVP by Thursday, 1/12 by Noon)
- Scheduled Program: “Lightroom & Photoshop” by  Randy Van Duinen 
- Print Of The Month

January 16th-19th
- Portrait Masters, SPI 25th Annual Photography Conference in Orlando, FL
SPI The Society Of Professional Imaging

January 23rd, 24th and 25th
- Certified Professional Photographers Workshop with Al Aldeman
At Christine Thomas’ Studio

Monday, February 13 (RSVP by Thursday, 2/4 by Noon)
- Scheduled Program: Jane Conner-Ziser

Sunday, March 5, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
- FPP Spring Seminar 2017
Marketing Strategies in the Digital Age ‘You can’t Photograph Clients You Don’t Have.” With Al Behnke
For more information:

Monday, March 13 (RSVP by Thursday, 3/10 by Noon)      
- Scheduled Program: Salon
- Creative Quarterly Theme:  Long Exposure


Monday, April 10 (RSVP by Thursday, 4/7 by Noon) 
- Scheduled Program:  TBA 
- Print Of The Month 


Monday, May 8 (RSVP by Thursday, 5/5 by Noon) 
- Scheduled Program: Gregory Daniels (possible early start)
- Print Of The Month 

Sunday, June 4-7th
2017 Florida Photography Workshops
Daytona State College

Monday, June 12 (RSVP by Thursday, 6/8 by Noon)                          
- President assigns Nomination Committee consisting of three Past Presidents of BPPA to fill Board of Directors positions.
- Scheduled Program:
- Print of the Month

June 12th-14th
- "The Art & Business Of Photography" SPI 25th Annual Summer Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, NW
  SPI The Society Of Professional Imaging

Monday, July 10 (RSVP by Thursday, 7/6 by Noon)    
- Scheduled Program: Kevin Floyd 
- Print of the Month 


Monday, August 14 (RSVP by Thursday, 8/10 by Noon) 
- Annual Meeting of the Corporation And Election of New Board Members 
- Scheduled Program: Salon 
- Creative Quarterly Theme:


Monday, September 9-11TH , 2017
- Florida Convention: Focus 2017
At The Florida Hotel 1500 Sand Lake Road, Orlando, Florida 32809

Monday, September 18 (RSVP by Thursday, 9/14 by Noon)
- Scheduled Program:                                                                      
- Print Of The Month:


Monday, October 9th  (RSVP by Thursday, 10/5 by Noon) 
- BOARD: Review Dues and Fees structure for the upcoming year.
- BOARD: Set date and plan for Annual Banquet General Meeting
- Scheduled Program:  TBA


Monday, November 13 (RSVP by Thursday, 11/9 by Noon)
- BOARD: IRS Reporting of 990-N Non Profit Status
- BOARD: Review Awards and Certificates for Annual Banquet (get plaques and certificates on order)
- Scheduled Program: TBA
- Print Of The Month
- Creative Quarterly Theme: Growing Up 


- Annual Banquet, TBA

PPA/FPP Merits…

Attendees who are PPA members in good standing will receive two PPA Educational Merits upon completion of a four day workshop. FPP Members will receive three FED points for the four day workshop, which is good towards their FED degree. Attendance for each day is mandatory to receive FED points and/or PPA merits.

Professional Organizations

For the benefit of new members, here is additional information on other professional organizations in Alphabetical order.


ASMP, American Society of Media Photographers

This organization is a national group of professional still and motion photographers.
The Mission of ASMP:
To create sustainable information, advocacy and communication systems designed to empower and educate still and motion photographers, and associated imaging professionals.
The Three Purposes of ASMP

  • To protect and promote the interests of professional still and motion photographers, and associated imaging professionals.
  • To maintain and promote high professional standards and ethics in the professional still and motion photography industry, and associated imaging fields.
  • To cultivate friendship and mutual understanding among professional still and motion photographers, and associated imaging professionals.


FPP, Florida Professional Photographers, 


As a professional photographer please read this article:

Mission Statement, 

The Florida Professional Photographers, Inc. exists solely for the good of its members. The association provides the tools and educational opportunities for its members to achieve their business and artistic goals. It is committed to an ongoing exchange of information and experiences among all members in an open and friendly atmosphere.

Who are we? 

The FPP is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization, made up of the most talented professional photographers in the state of Florida. As stated above, our goal is to educate our membership in all aspects of the art and business of photography and provide the general public with a trusted and talented partner when the need for a professional photographer arises.


Click here to see all the Florida Guilds:


PPA, Professional Photographers Association,

Events and Image Competitions: PPA 2016 CALENDAR

Professional Photographers of America (PPA) is the world's largest non-profit photography association organized for professional photographers, by professional photographers…and with more than 28,000 creative members in more than 50 countries. Our mission is to create a vibrant community of successful professional photographers by providing education, resources and industry standards of excellence.

PPA's the go-to resource for everything you need to grow your business and be more profitable. You want educational workshops and classes? We got 'em. Cutting-edge techniques and ideas to broaden your creative scope? Done. An esteemed photography group of successful professionals to guide (and befriend) you? Absolutely.

PPA Photographers can rest assured that PPA will help them navigate the business of photography. We are here to help you Be More!

SEPPA, Southeastern Professional Photographers Association,

CLICK HERE FOR OUR NEWSLETTER  Is the largest regional affiliate of the Professional Photographers of America. SEPPA encompasses states from Delaware to Florida and Mississippi to Puerto Rico. Boasting one of the largest photographic Trade Shows in the country, the biennial convention in Georgia is attended by thousands of visitors from the entire southeast and beyond. Program talent rivals any other professional imaging convention while the annual affiliated print judging is accepted and sealed by the Professional Photographers of America for national merits. SEPPA is also the official host for the PPA Electronic Imaging and Commercial categories judging. SEPPA serves the membership of our affiliates by providing scholarships, valid at any of our regional weeklong schools, an opportunity to network with other working professionals in the southeast region and the biennial convention with no cost pre-registration. Our members represent the best qualities of the South: hard work, open sharing of ideas and knowledge and, most of all, southern hospitality.

Assistant Services
Billy Dzwonkowski, Highly educated in studio/onlocation lighting.

Facebook: Facebook Billy Dzwonkowski Recommend to message me. 

Very familiar with Photoshop, creating wedding albums, composites, and could come to your studio for retouching services.
I know both Canon and Nikon, Prefer Nikon. Have experience with White Lightning, Alien Bees, Photogenics as well as Pocket Wizards.  
Love, love photography and I love assisting.  
Will be available upon request with ample notice. 

Financial Report
BPPA members, please note that all financial documents are avail­able for inspection. Please contact our Treasurer, Heidemarie Burke, to view these reports. Thank you for your membership in our professional organization.
You may unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive our emails.
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Our mailing address is:
1055 South Tamiami Trail, Suite 110A, Sarasota, FL 34236


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