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Winter Running Competition
 Round Two
The second round of the running competition rolled up at Woodley parkrun. With a good turnout of 19 Tr2o members, orange hoodies could be seen all around. A three lap course run on mostly paths but with a couple of tight slippery corners, good times can be had.

At the start a number of Tri2oers shot off amongst the front runners, looking very strong. By the second lap Ian Gosling was making up places in the field, steaming along pushing young Max.

Some great times recorded and 5 Tri2oers in the top ten,Tony Walker, Sean Stewart, Will Headland and Ellie Gosling came in 3rd,4th,5th and 6th overall.

Ellie Gosling was the 1st lady home and Edwina McDowall close behind in 2nd.

We'll done to everyone for taking part.

Round three - 7th December at Tadley Xmas xcountry.
This is a 5.2mile course run entirely off road on footpaths, fields and meadows, taking in some varied terrain and a few ups and downs! Entry is £10/12 (see the link)

Other races in the series
28-Dec-14 Gut Buster
10-Jan-15 Newbury Parkrun
31-Jan-15 Basingstoke Parkrun
15-Feb-15 Bramley 10mile
07-Mar-15 Reading Parkrun
22-Mar-15 Reading Half Marathon

Congratulations Dom!


Huge congratulations to our very own head coach Dom Dos Remedios who has been named Triathlon England Participation Coach 2014!

Dom was instrumental in starting the club and the time and effort he has put in helping to develop the club and it's members has been huge. He is a very worthy winner, I'm sure you will all agree. We should all be very proud of his achievement. 

Well done Dom!

Don't miss your chance to vote!!!!

Club Awards
This year has seen some amazing performances from Team Tri2O. We've had Age Group wins, World Champ qualifiers, first timers and relays podiums, but who do you think deserves one of our coveted Tri2O awards?

There are 6 categories and we need your votes! Please select which club member you feel is most deserving for each of the the following awards and email 

Iron Women - for the female athlete showing true grit and determination and overcoming adversity to complete a race

Man of Steel - as above for male athlete

Most Improved Female - most improved female athlete this season

Most improved Male - as above for male athlete

Performance of the Year Female - female race performance of the year

Performance of the Year Male - as above for male.

WILDMAN Offroad Duathlon
Callum Hughes
So I turn left on to a road that looks like it goes nowhere, at the top I’m greeted by a marshall donning a fluorescent jacket and he sees the bike stuck to my roof and says â€œDuathlon?” to which I nod and he points to the closer car park... The location was the Ash Vale Ranges where military train. Last year I was about 1k away from transition and this time I was glad as I was about 150m away from registration.
Instantly as I pull up to park I notice all of my fellow Tri2o team mates as well as my Pro Bike Fit team mate Katie and our newest member Alex Warner both in black and blue. It felt great seeing so many people from the club, most of them doing their first off-road multisport race and in tough conditions.
I banished all my previous habits of arriving late, rushing and not knowing where I was going, got registered and racked. I then started to prepare for blast of a 10km run, 20km bike and a harder 5km run all off-road. As the start time neared the weather felt warmer and so I just raced in my trisuit instead of having a base layer underneath.
The ten minutes from the pre-race briefing to the sound of the air horn felt as if it was just a few long breaths. I was focussed and smiling. We all set off hard in to the first corner and I wanted to be near the front but knew it is usually too fast for me. Soon after we were all tiptoeing around a swamp of a trail before settling in to single file trail running. At this point Alex was in front of me and running well. I don't know when it was but Alex was soon at the front with another guy and I was in third place trying to just keep a steady pace. A little jostling and a 10k run done I came in to transition in third place with Alex just behind me, I heard Ruth cheering me on to catch the guys ahead and so on to the bike to try and do just that.
Instant troubles, no gloves on but my hands were wet... I had no grip to change gear on my retro grip shift gears... DOH. I stayed in the same gear I had set in transition. Which left me spinning really fast on the flats and pedalling slowly on the hills... and going nowhere fast. Head in a rush of what to do and my grip tiring I decide to stop and grab a hand full of sand and mud, slop it on the bars and GEARS... I HAVE GEARS. I actually laughed at this point. The course had it’s fair amount of water now that it was raining. Puddles and mud made the descents a bit frantic, your wheels going where a rut may be and on the boggy marsh it felt like your wheels were being held back. You can now see why the military train here, it was tough conditions and terrain. Then all of a sudden as we get near the second lap turn and I am passed then start to see people who are joining the lap for their first time. I’m now 4th place and after the second lap of sharp hills, sucky ground, marsh terrain, seeing club mates and cheering them on and dragging climbs I get past just before we head in to T2.
Ruth gives me a quick update that 3rd place is a few minutes away which is enough to spur me on. I leave T2 back in 4th place and just try to get my legs moving, I walk the first sand bank which is what the military fire in to on the range, it’s about 45degrees but feels worse. From there onwards you can’t guess how many miles you have run and with no Garmin I know to just survive the hills and then get back on to a good pace on the flats and descents. It was working, at half way I could see 3rd place, and within 500m I catch him and get past on a tough climb. A few grunts from one another to show equal suffering I dig deep to try and get away from him. As we head on to the field for the last 6-800m I can see the next person and try to just close that gap down rather than worrying about who is behind me. No chance, he was too far away but I needed to focus on something.
I crossed the line as third athlete but the chap who finished before me was part of a Relay and so I was second in the individual race. I was chuffed. I had beaten athletes who had beaten me just a few weeks before at the off-road Duathlon National Championships in Nottingham. I had a few minutes of banter with the other guys and then Andy and Alex crossed the line. Alex was covered in mud courtesy of two falls on the bike (it was his first off-road duathlon so fair play), Andy had one spill as well but still finished well! After this I had to go and get dry clothes as the weather had gotten cold and wet.
It was good to see people trying an off-road event and liking it. Everyone has said how tough it was, and I couldn't agree more. It was a tough year and very satisfying to finish.
My Favourite Training Session 
This month sees a new article added to the newsletter which I hope will become a regular feature over the coming months. I am going to ask our coaches or team mates to explain on of their favourite training sessions. Hopefully this will give you a few ideas for your training and some motivation to get out over the winter months. 

First up is our Head Coach Dom.
My favourite session:
“My favourite training session at this time of year is a long ride on the mountain bike on bridleways through the stunning South Oxfordshire countryside.  My rides always start from Caversham before heading out through Bugs Bottom towards Rotherfield Peppard.  At Peppard I always pass The Greyhound Pub whose proprietor, the famous cheese thief Anthony Worrall Thompson, can often be seen barbequing in the garden in summertime.  From there I head north for some steep climbs through the woods around Stoke Row and continue to Nettlebed where a stop at the famous Nettlebed Field Kitchen is not unknown!  A stunning descent into Henley via Bix Manor (where on one ride last year with Tim C and Rich Coates three deer decided to join us galloping alongside for what seemed like a minute) is then followed by a final long climb up towards Sonning Common via the famous “stairs” of Pack and Prime Lane and a return to Caversham via Bugs Bottom.  Beautiful countryside, 90% off-road, and no angry car drivers – perfect!
At this time of year, a major focus of training should be Endurance.  ‘Endurance’ training is referenced regularly by triathletes, cyclists and runners but is misunderstood by many.  The intensity of this type of training should be very specifically at 55% to 75% of your maximum heart rate.  The more time in this “zone” the better.  A mountain bike ride, provided it is on a route where you can maintain a constant intensity, is ideal for this, though obviously a road ride is great too.
The main benefits of proper Endurance training are vascular development, increasing and improving the pathways through which you transfer blood (and oxygen) to the working muscles, and improved fat metabolism, increasing your body’s ability to use fat as fuel.  Fat is the most abundant fuel source in the human body but many athletes have not trained themselves to use it.  Focusing on improving these aspects of your physiology through Endurance work can have a transformational effect on your ability as an athlete even if you do no additional training at higher intensities.  Professional athletes do huge blocks of work at this intensity, but then they have infinite time and no jobs or families!
If you’re interested in doing some more research into Endurance training I’d recommend checking out the work of American coach Phil Maffetone, whose endurance training philosophy powered Mark Allen to six Kona titles.”
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Training Sessions

Swim: Monday 20:45-21:45. At Crosfields School, Shinfield. This is a coached session.  Sessions cost £7 on a weekly basis or £30 for the full six week term.

Swim: Friday 6-7am. At Bradfield College sports centre. This is a coached session.  Sessions cost £7 on a weekly basis or £30 for the full six week term.

Run: Friday 6.30-7.30pm. Tri2O members can use the Palmer Park Athletics Track. Entry costs £1.50. This is not a coached session

Cycle: Three regular groups go out every weekend, 12-14mph, 15-17mph & 18-20mph. Please check Facebook or email here to find out the schedule.

Tri2O Christmas Party - Only a few places left!

There are only a few places left for the Christmas party, if you'd like to come please contact Nicky ASAP.

Date: Friday 12th December
Time: 19:00 (food will be served at 20:00) - Midnight (taxis to into town!)
Dress: Anything but Lycra - but as it's national Christmas jumper day.........
Partners: are of course welcome
Cost: £40 per head which covers the meal, gratuity and DJ

Summer Club Championships

It's that time of year when we all start planning for next season. To help you choose the events you do, here are the races we have chosen for the Club Championships

Hart - 4th May (sprint 400m, pool)
Dinton - 6th June (sprint 750m, lake). Website
Marlow - 28th June (sprint 750m/Olympic, river). Website
Wellington - 19th July (sprint 750m, open pool). Website
Concorde - TBA, early August (sprint 400m, pool)
Reading (grand final) - 30th August (sprint 750m/Olympic, lake). Website

We have secured a club discount to Dinton, Marlow, Wellington and Reading. Please send us an email for the discount code - Email
Athlete of the Month for November is Paul Devlin
1. How did you get into triathlon?
I had a friend who used to race back in the 90s and stopped. Then me and another friend talked him in to a comeback. We meet up for two events every year. That was back in 2005 and I still haven't beat them in a race!
2. What training session/s do you normally attend?
The Sunday bike rides when I can, and the lake at weekends when it opens. I'm hoping attend all the winter running events too. A bit of friendly competition will make me train a little and speed up.
3.What was your highlight of 2014?
The fish 'n' chip ride to Hayling Island.
4.What are your aspirations for 2015?
To have one or two races where everything comes together. I like it when that happens.
5.Favourite discipline and work out?
Running. But only after I've trained myself up and it's starting to go well.
6. What do I listen to on the turbo?
I use rollers. And I'll listen to anything in my collection. If there's any cycling on TV I'll watch that instead.
7. Top tip
Work on your technique. It's useful to have when your fitness leaves you, and will make you faster when you're fit. Otherwise, you're doing it the hard way.
Welcome to Tri2o
Well, we're almost at the end of the year and we still have people joining, taking us to over 135 members! Our latest recruits are:
Dave Wood
Lee HInton
Will Headland
Vanessa Munday
James Darler
Neil Sparkes
Welcome to you all and we hope you enjoy training with us!
Best wishes all,
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