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"We're not too serious about what we do with our bikes...just serious about what we put on them." ~Paul

Happy Groundhog Day!!
We’ve got new product, some horn tootin’ to do, and announcements to make – one of which is, we’re repeating ourselves:
Because of repeated requests, we’re bringing back the 31.8 Thumbies and the 27.2 Rear Funky Monkey.
The 31.8 Thumbies are for mounting on the bulge section of a drop bar where the stem clamps.

That's friggin' fantastic because the shifters are much more positive, and it's cheaper to move your shifters than to buy new brake lever shifters, no?

Also, shifting is more positive and intuitive, and the hinged clamp makes installation easy.

The 27.2 Rear Funky Monkey is a hinged housing stop that clamps to a 27.2 seatpost, great for any bike with canti’s and no housing stop.

It’s especially handy for smaller frames where the housing stop doesn’t leave much room for the cable hanger above the tire. It has a deep drop which takes the kinks out of the housing.

Also there's a convenient barrel adjuster.

So thank you for your feedback concerning those products - seriously. We're blushing.

We’re thrilled you voiced your opinion, and we're happy to return them to the market.

Okay, now for the NEW new stuff:
Disc adapters, baby!
Sure, any disc adapter will work, but we wanted our own with the same quality and finish as our other products.

Anything can be improved. Anything has the potential to be better than it already is.

You know like how Jack White sets his instruments further and further apart in concert, just so he has to work harder and be sharper onstage to keep getting more awesome?

Well we're like Jack White...But in the bike world...? Sorta?

You know what, guys, just forget it.


Our disc adapters are a little more precision machined, so everything mounts flat and square.

We’re making 5 sizes. Three of them are international standard: +0, +20 & +40.

Two are post mounts: +20 and +40.

That means you can go big and run a 160mm to a 203mm rotor in front, and a 140mm to 180mm in back.
Either way, we’ve got you covered. Mount screws are included.

And now, a video on how it works and why you need one:

Paul installs ALL of his new disc adapters.
Also! Since it’s in our DNA, (not to mention part of our jobs...kiiinda like Jack White...), to sweat the small stuff, we even improved our beloved bottle openers.
Our 15mm wrench/bottle opener now includes a rotor truing slot.

This eureka moment was had by Jon, manager of Yuba Expeditions in Downieville, in the midst of a long night of drinking, playing Crud, and one of those "you know what would be cool?" conversations.

If more inventors played crud over a few beers, we'd have robots cleaning up the trash islands by now - no doubt.
Anywho, we have new bottle openers in a bunch of different colors at the moment.

Collect them all and stash one everywhere – the vehicle, the backpack, the toolbox, and supply your partner with one, lest you somehow forget your own.

And for those of you anywhere near Sacramento, you know where to be February 26-28th, right?


The North American Handmade Bicycle Show is going down.

See you at the Sacramento Convention Center at 1400 J St.

That means right downtown at J and 14th streets. We’ll be in booth number 213.
Come see us. We're sporting the Boxcar Stems, which should be for sale by then.

The TAQR’s should be just weeks away from release.

This past cyclocross season, we had the pleasure of working with the incomparable Anna Schwinn and her Minneapolis-based racing team, Koochella.

When Anna asked if we were interested, we immediately jumped on board and supplied them with anodized hot pink Klampers because that's just what you do when a badass, all women's cycling team is formed!
We highly recommend following them on Instagram. If they don’t inspire you to get out there and race next season, nothing will.


Old News But Still Good News

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