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The Sound of A Silent Machine Shop

On march 23rd I had to do one of the hardest things I’ve ever done as a business owner, I laid every one of my excellent staff off, save 3. We are still taking orders and still shipping but we are down to just one person in the shop at a time. When they leave, they wipe everything down with paper towels and a bleach water solution. It had to be done, but I can’t stop thinking about the pain some of my best people are feeling in these weird-ass times.

Luckily for us we have a good stock of parts assembled, and ready to be assembled. This will help us get through the next few months. Although the margins are historically poor in the bicycle business, we’re hoping this will help with some of the fixed costs we can’t get out of. I’ve also applied for the government relief money, but to be honest, I’m not holding my breath. The gears to make such aid package work will be turning very slowly for the first few months.

For me, I’m doing my best to stay home. I’m avoiding going into work during the day, and doing a lot of work at night. Social distancing and such. It seems like at this point I’m just answering emails and doing whatever I can to keep PAUL Component Engineering going as best as I can from home. But mostly, it feels like I’m just waiting. Waiting for the days to go by. Waiting for the time we can go back to work and have some sort of normal existence. Heaven forbid THIS becomes normal. But sadly, this will be normal for at least another month and probably two.

One month. As I write this, we are one month into this mess. It sucks, but we might as well make the best of it. Take up a hobby. Read a book. Do that project you’ve been putting off. Or as Larry David says, “Don’t pass up this golden opportunity: go inside, sit on the couch and watch TV.” You may never get a chance to do that again without any trace of guilt.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a fan of my company. We’ll survive, I’m good at that. More importantly though I’d like to express my deep and true appreciation for your support. Whether it’s buying our products, saying thanks for beer and bacon at races, or just writing in and asking for a sticker. We wouldn’t be here doing our dream jobs without you.

So, for now, wash your hands and stay inside except for that little ride into the hills, which keeps us all sane. And personally, I take great comfort in the fact that the Dude abides:

Boxcar Stems are Now Available in 100mm
We got a LOT of requests for our popular Boxcar Stem in a 100mm length, so here we go, now in stock on the website here or from your favorite bike shop.
It's Time to Share a Secret...

   Ok, since a lot of us are stuck at home or otherwise depressed by the current Covid situation, we thought we'd let you, (the elite few who actually read our newsletter), in on a little secret.
   We have this one little shelf here at the bike part factory that's kinda like the "Island of Lost Toys". It has a bunch of our parts that are in colorways not currently available on our website. They aren't unloved or blemished, they're still brand new in the packaging and work great, they're just left over from previous Limited Edition color runs and haven't found a home yet.
   This is all we could find, so please don’t respond with “Oh cool, do you have a pink Thumbie?”...etc. This is it!  Call up Gary at (530)345-4371 or shoot him an email at and he'll get you set up!
5 Gold
5 Red
1 46t Cards Green
1 Gold
7 Red
2 Pink
3 Orange
1 Polished w/ purple adj. Campy Pull Post Mount
3 Flat Mount Green/Black Short Pull
4 Flat Mount Green/Black Campy Pull
Cross Levers:
5 Green Pair 31.8
1 Pair Black perches with Blue blades 26.0
Canti Levers:
1 Left Gold
Love Lever Compact:
6 Left Gold
8 Left Green
3 Right Pink
9 Pair Gold
Touring Cantis:
4 Gold
1 Green
Love Lever 2.5:
6 Left Gold
2 Left Green
1 Right Red
Disc Adapters:
2 20mm I.S. Gold
2 0mm I.S. Gold 1 20mm Post Mount Gold
5mm QR’s:
2 Gold w/black head 100mm
1 Gold w/ black head 130/135mm
1 Disk FHUB-32H-Silver-150mm Thru Axle
2 High Flange Front-36H-Gold-Bolt On
1 FHUB-28H-Gold-Bolt On
1 Disk WORD-28H-Gold-Thru Axle
1 High Flange Front-32H-Orange (any axle)
1 High Flange Front-32H-Gold (any axle)
1 High Flange Rear-Fixed/Free-32H-Orange (any axle)
1 Disk FHUB-32H-Gold thru-axle-BOOST
1 Disk FHUB-28H-Gold-Thru-Axle  
1 FHUB-28H-Blue (any axle)
1 FHUB-28H-Gold (any axle)
1 28H Disk FHUB (any axle)
1 12x170x1.5 Blue w/black head
1 12x163x1.5 Blue w/black head
1 15x158x1.5 Blue w/black head
1 15x127x1.5 Blue w/black head
2 12X170,1.5 All Purple
2 15X127, 1.5 Gold w/black head
2 15mm Nuts Gold
2 12mm Nuts Gold
Seat Collars:
2 30.0 Green w/black
1 31.8 Green w/black head
2 33.1 Green w/black head
1 Navy Rear
1 Gold right 7/8”
10 Green
Sram Shifter Mount:
5 Gold
4 Green Pairs 22.2 Shimano
7 Green Pairs 22.2 Microshift
1 Green Left 22.2 Left
Stem Cap Light Mount:
6 Green
Funky Monkey:
1 Gold Rear
2 Gold 1” Front
1 Pink 11/8” Front
Chain Keepers:
7 31.8 Green
3  35.0 Green
Boxcar Stems:
90X15 31.8 Gold
We are now stocking Dropper Triggers, Moon-Units, Spring Adjusters, Faceplates, and Gino light mounts in every color of the rainbow. Check out the website.  

Purple: All components are available through the website.
Blue: All components are available through the website.

Taking the Time to Stop and Draw the Roses

This whole COVID-19 thing is really putting a damper on my spring plans. Normally, by now I would be buzzing around like crazy getting ready for bike events, doing the normal American thing of always being busy and working on something, hardly allowing myself the time to just STOP and do nothing. Well, it seems as though I got my sub-conscious wish, now we all have to stop and take a break.

With all of this time I normally don’t allow myself, I have been working on some watercolors of my favorite spring subjects, the incredible wildflowers that grace our area with their color and beauty.

Amsinckia intermedia

Common name: Common Fiddleneck

Dichelostemma capitatum

Common name: Bluedicks

Eschscholzia californica

Common name: California Poppy


Common name: Composite Flower-General

I hope that on your next solo and safely distanced ride, walk, or nap in the grass that you take the time to look closely at the beauty that flowers have to offer. Their smells, the tiny little hairs on their stalks, their incredible sexuality (yep, that’s right, flowers only exist for one reason: sexual reproduction) and the way they interact with the bees and insects that many have a mutualistic relationship with.

I know these times are unnerving and sometimes a little scary, but as we are asked to stay home and physically distance ourselves I can’t help but try to be as positive as possible and to see the silver lining of the time we now have to slow down, observe, cook, create, and truly live in the lives that we have.

Peace and flowers to you all,


Tooling Around With Pat
Filmed right before the Covid-19 lockdown, Patrick takes us for a tour through a few of his favorite sharp spinny things, and describes what they're used for.
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