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We're bringin' BMeXy back

Okay look, we don't actually have an obnoxious red bow and a comically GINORMOUS pair of scissors to commemorate this collaboration. (Hint: It involves Three P's - Parts, Paint, and Pale Ale).

BUT if we did!? This is the situation where we'd use them.  

Instead, what we DO have is a warehouse full of giddy adults who've been growing antsy and impatiently waiting and impressively keeping their lips zipped because we've had a secret to tell for months!!

And you're really going to want to pay attention to this if you're in the NorCal area.

And especially if you're going to Sea Otter.

And ESPECIALLY if you like the F word. 

(Free). But you'll have to win it first...

Also, you're going to want to see this even if none of our nonsense here applies to you because:

It involves a gorgeous piece of eye candy.
It will make you insanely jealous.
And therefore, it will inspire your next bike build.

Now please watch the damn video already before we accidentally spoil the surprise:


Paul interviews Ken Friggin' Grossman, creator of Chico's own Sierra Nevada Brewery

1. How often do you get to be on a bike? 

Currently 3-4 days a week travel schedule permitting, ramping up for my third Death Ride in July so need to get some miles and climbing in.
2. What’s your favorite ride when you just have a couple of hours? 

After work I like to do a climb from the Forest Ranch Store to Lomo, or if time allows to Butte Meadows or Jonesville. If I have a break during the day, end of pavement past Centerville is a nice, nearly 30 mile ride.
3. Please describe the best bike ride you ever did. 

Best is a hard one, most memorable might be an unsupported ride a buddy and I did at 17 just after graduating High School started in the Bay area, to Ukiah, Boonville, down Highway ,1over the Golden Gate to Santa Cruz.   
4. At one time we had an Italian distributor. Skinny guy that had pretty good English but was a little pushy. He told me he bought a ’56 Buick from you, this was years ago. Any recollection of that? Do you ever mess around with old cars or any other rolling stock, tractors, that kind of thing? 

It was actually a 57 Buick Special with a custom 3 on the tree manual transmission…. Made some pretty fast runs to LA and drove it to Colorado for a wedding .It had the ability to get to 55 in first gear, and boasted an early air conditioner that got so cold it would freeze the vents.  Saw it with a $700  for sale sign driving through Chico  and couldn’t pass it up.  Only had  a little over 50,000 original miles, it was my only car for a while and still have fond memories.

Wasn’t the most practical car when I started my family and eventually got a station wagon (yea I know). Didn’t have a garage and after it was parked for a while in the weather sold it to Stefano, your Italian distributor, who I knew through a mutual acquaintance.

Sold it for what I paid for it. His plan was to restore it and take it to Italy which seemed like a fitting home. Sadly it sat on the street in SF when he was in Italy and was towed and as far as I know never recovered.    
5. When I first landed in town I was able to get a job with Mountain Goat. You guys are buddies and go way back. Were you involved when he started that company as a helper, fabricator, tester, etc? 

I have known Jeff since I first moved to Chico in 1972. He originally started making Road bikes. I think I bought the third bike he made. My brother bought his second.  
6. I’m sure you had to do a bunch of fabricating for your brewery. Are you a decent welder? Do you enjoy building stuff?

I got my first welder (AC Buzz Box) when I was in Junior High. When I decided to start the brewery in 1978, I took a lot of fabrication and welding classes. I did all the welding for the early years at the brewery, I still get to occasionally weld, but I wouldn’t say I am a great welder these days. Let’s say that I can still stick metal together. I have staff that are highly accomplished sanitary stainless welders, so anything critical I pass off.   
7. I’ve seen pictures of you guys riding Mountain Goats in Upper Park on what must have been the first mountain bikes up there. Can you describe one of those rides? 

One that was pretty memorable was the morning after a Bigfoot Beer party, probably in the late 80’s. A big group of us rode the next morning from Chico over Center gap and back down through Butte Creek Canyon on probably marginal off road bikes. The only food we brought was leftover fried chicken from the party the night before.     
 8. Right after I started working for Jeff Lindsay a small group of us went to see the Sacramento Mile flat track races. On the way down, you cooked something on the engine of the van. Chicken? That blew my mind. Do you get to do any goofy experimental stuff like that anymore? 

Still enjoy cooking, but not much anymore on the manifold! My schedule permitting, Jeff and several of our friends try to get together to prepare Sushi at the Chico restaurant every month.


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