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"We're not too serious about what we do with our bikes...just serious about what we put on them." ~Paul


So here's what we were thinking:

Shimano doesn't make a drop bar lever that shifts mountain bike gears, correct?

And since the advent of gravel/adventure bikes, people have been buying them like crazy, but most come with drop bars, right?

SO WHAT HAPPENS IS, some folks buy these drop barred adventure bikes only to discover their backs are aching or they just don't like the drop bar set up and wish they had flat bars.

Well, lo and behold, this Taiwanese company called Microshift exists, and they make bar-end shifters that'll fit on the end of a drop bar and will shift a Shimano Deore XT derailleur.

SO WHAT WE DID WAS - We designed a sweet, savvy little part called the Microshift Thumbie, which allows a cyclist to convert Microshift bar-end shifters into thumb shifters for flat bars.

Which is a nice segue to introduce our next video about a bike called The Plastic Bastard:


It's horn tootin' time.

Paul Component Engineering was named Sponsor of the Year by the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship.

Why? Because we show up, no matter what, with our bacon and our beer to work aid stations and make breakfast at race events. Plus, we volunteer to work on the trails.

It's a lot of time and energy but like Paul said, "We just make it happen."

Here are some pics of how we roll:

Paul and Travis do an exemplary duck face and prove sodality with masculine handshake. 
Paul and Mark of Paragon Machine Works groom their co-adopted trail.
Marley and first aid high five because you always high five someone on a motorcycle and you always high five Marley if you get the chance.
Gary smiling even after ground hornets attempted to smote his ruin on the mountainside. Caroline, the gal to the left, bore witness to the attack and still appears to be quite shaken.
Paul and Marley just...being Paul and Marley.
An entire slew of do-gooders, a.k.a. damn fine people, enjoying spritzer water and/or beer after a long day of trail maintenance.

North American Handmade Bicycle Show
March 10-12

It's in Salt Lake this year.

Hell yeah, we're gonna be there.

Buy your tickets right here.


On another quick note, QBP invited us to Frostbike this year, so we'll be freezing our keisters off in Minnesota in FEBRUARY (guess it's called Frostbike for a reason).

If you happen to be going, we'll have our wares, plus a few new goodies that are still so hush hush we're only mentioning them now in a tiny paragraph at the bottom of our newsletter.

We're excited. 2017 is going to be a good one.



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