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Bike stuff and shop cats
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No babies, we swear
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Tis the season for crowded stores, overstuffed parking lots, hectic, shitty driving (probably including your own), which can bring out a little Scrooge in all of us. 

But we're cyclists. And at PAUL, we're cyclists lucky enough to work in the industry, so we ain't going down like that, Ghosts of Christmas Pasts and all.

We're keeping it real. We're keeping it silly. And the only haunting we're willing to put up with will be from this video floating around the Internet until the apocalypse. 

We present to you the PAUL COMP Holiday Fashion Show, a visual component to the shopping guide we put together of products $55.00 and under (the pics are links; see below). Our interview is with Garrett Kautz of Straw Foot who has some wonderful, USA & handmade gift ideas as well.

Check it out, especially the vid. This is what happens when the machines go down and the tinsel goes up. Shop with us. More importantly, laugh behind the camera with us. And as for the sound, we're all DIY and punk when it comes to video content over here, so be careful with the volume. Have a friggin' fantastic holidays and Happy New Year!!

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7 Questions with Garrett Kautz of Straw Foot

1. Have you always been making things? How did it all get started? 

I grew up on a 120-acre Prune farm in Visalia, California. My grandfather was a machinist and he ended up farming with my dad. We grew up working in the orchard and helping the weld and repair tractors.

Even though I respected their work, I never adopted had their mechanical inclination. I was too obsessed with riding dirt bikes. Luckily, almost all the women in my family are experienced sewers and they helped pass on the skill.

I started making surfboard and tote bags after college and I discovered that sewing could be an outlet for my creativity.

2. What's the most satisfying part of your process? Or what's the most rewarding thing about what you do?

I really enjoy interacting with customers and seeing the bags after years of abuse. Selling online, you rarely see the face of the buyer, but I always end up running into someone on the trail or at a cyclocross race and they have a story about their bag. I get to see how the fabric and shapes have changed and I love that stuff, it keeps me excited to keep sewing.

3. This is the December issue of our newsletter - what product of yours would you suggest as either a stocking stuffer or something that has more versatility than you might think?

Everyone needs a dopp kit for your toiletries. Stop using that
Ziploc bag, you’re a grown up! Or just get some wool socks because everyone needs some nice socks that are made in the USA.

4. How involved are you in the Santa Cruz bike scene?

I feel entrenched in it, but also a bit of an outsider. Some of my best friends are either local frame builders or work in the bicycle industry. We try to support organizations like MBoSC, Sierra Buttes and Surf City Cyclocross because their advocacy goes beyond bikes and ends up uniting segmented parts of the community.

We’re a small business making handcrafted products and we have tight production limits. Sometimes the size of our business keeps us out of the scene, but it doesn’t bother me. I enjoy what we do and working out of a garage is awesome, especially with two young daughters at home.

5. What's your favorite material to work with and why?

Waxed canvas. It sews smooth, the wax keeps the needle and thread cool. There is nothing like it.

6. How did you get into fabrics? Did you come at it through the bike side of things or did you bring fabrics into the bike realm? 

I came into sewing obsessed with heavy army tarp materials and waxed canvas because that’s what I wanted for our tote bags. It was more of a lifestyle brand then, but now we adapt our product lineup to accommodate synthetic fabrics to fit their application. Saddle bags or Insulated window covers for Sprinter vans, it’s all different.

7. Who cuts your hair?

Ramona! Montgomery’s Barber Shop in Santa Cruz. She runs a small shop and is the sweetest gal around. $20 and it’s a great cut with the straight razor/hot towel method. Go see her.
You can follow Garrett on Instagram @strawfoot


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