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Bike stuff and shop cats
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No babies, we swear
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In this new vid, Paul assails the fortress of White Industries where Alec White (naively?) takes him on a tour. The mission, of course, was to steal his secrets, render him obsolete, and assume our rightful place on the bicycle component throne.

This is another one our longer productions, so we recommend this to the fringy type who loves big machines, factory tours, and bad jokes.

We shot around loud machinery with the bare minimum of equipment, so forgive the sound quality: 

Paul invades White Industries

So which one do you choose?

There are few times in life when the answer is - BOTH.

PAUL Comp and White industries are technically competitors, but symbiotic relationships exist even in the world of metal.

We've seen (and made) many bikes with White
cranks, hubs, and headsets paired with our stems, seat posts, and brakes

So you don't have to "choose." You just have to think big when it comes to building the bike you really want.


Seven Questions from Paul to Doug White of White Industries

1. How long have you been making bike parts?

I’ve been making components since '87 and bicycle accessories since '78.

2. What were you doing before White Industries?

Before WI… I served a machinist apprenticeship at United Airlines and then started working in a bike shop in '71. While working at the bike shop, I started a business building frames (looked to be pretty simple... before starting!).

3. What is your first memory of being on a bike?

My first memory of being on a bike was when my dad brought home my first real bike. The bike was much too large for me,  and I spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out how in the world to mount the beast. I recall my dad helped me balance and then turned me loose! Yikes… there I flew, down the sloped driveway, across the street straight up the opposing driveway, and then, bammo, into our neighbors garage door!  Definitely  memorable!

4. What is your favorite product you are making now?

My favorite product is our freewheel.  Customers are happy so I am happy.  They are problem free, never to be seen or heard from again after leaving the shop!
5 .What is your favorite bike part of all time, made by White Industries or otherwise?

My favorite component of all times is the click-in pedal.

6. Do you get to spend much time on your motorcycle?

I haven’t spent much time on motorcycle lately, as it is a big bike and I spend more time worrying about tipping it over!

7. If you could do either would you wear shoes, boots or sandals to work?
My preferred footwear are Shimano black leather cleats, model SH-UT70 to be specific.  They discontinued them, so I custom order in bulk now.  A bit of an oddity, I did know a machine shop owner who went barefoot!

The Downieville Classic - a few words from Paul:

We came, we rode, we flipped pancakes. As usual, we brought our full arsenal of tasty treats to both our on course aid station and breakfast downtown.

We switched from toast to pancakes for breakfast this year which was a major crowd pleaser. Up top on course we stuck with our tried and true whiskey, bacon and beer formula. Plus some of that other boring stuff like water, gels and bananas.

See you at Grinduro next!


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