You don’t need to kill the barracuda to remember the catch.

Lower Keys

FWC Commissioners will make a final vote on the rule changes for barracuda at the Sept. 2-3 meeting in Ft. Lauderdale.

And though the first vote at the June meeting went well - applying protection to this unregulated species that is dwindling in South Florida waters - there’s a new wrench in the works.

According to FWC staff, a new request has been made, and though staff do not support the request, they are obliged to present it to commissioners for consideration.

Some charter boat captains have claimed that barracuda is one of their most commonly-mounted species and that their clients want to be able to take the actual fish home so that they can use the teeth in the mount. 

Our research shows this is not necessary. Taxidermists do not need the teeth to recreate the fish, so killing and keeping the catch is not required. Simply put, the barracuda can be caught and released even for those who want a trophy.

Please join LKGA in asking FWC commissioners to finalize the vote for limits on barracuda without changing the rules unnecessarily for trophy hunters!


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Barracuda by Travis Luther
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