Do good culture. Not a feel good moment.
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The #foodforallOK truck is like a community barn raising. Except it’s a truck, that serves food and offers hope. It offers hope to the hungry and hope in humanity to those that give and receive.

Raising a barn. Building a truck

It takes a lot to pull off a community barn raising.

First, it takes a unique community. In fact, it takes a very unique community. It takes one that’s connected, is aware of a neighbor’s need and is willing to take action. In short, it takes a social action community to solve the problems in a community.
That’s why Made Possible By exists, to solve problems with like-minded difference makers. We don’t have to agree on everything to make a difference. But, when we agree a problem exists then a solution is necessary. In the #foodforallOK truck project, the problem is hunger.
Amidst our block parties and rising glitter we’re a state with a significant amount of disadvantaged. In this case, children are hungry or food insecure--1 in 4 even. How did they get there? Each has a story. The reality is, they’re where they’re at--today. They’re kids. We could admonish them to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and exhort them to do better. We could also extend our own hand and tug, together.

Not a few, but 7,000 of us.

Back to raising a barn.
Here's a few more things that It takes too raise a barn/roll out a sustainable food truck.
There must be a legitimate need. Hunger and food insecurity is legitimate. Remember, 1 in 4 kids are food insecure.
It takes awareness. A community must be aware of the problem. We’re now aware. In just a week, your sharing efforts have resulted in an overwhelming amount of views, shares and impressions. Hat’s off to you for driving awareness.

Veronica Pasfield at Territory Magazine made this point a couple days ago in an instagram post. It's really well said.
But, keep in mind, sharing isn’t doing.
It takes Raw materials such as lumber and tools. In this case, our truck, takes cooking equipment, food and a qualified staff. Each of these are covered by your community partners: A Good Egg Dining, Whole Foods OKC, Truck It OKC and First National Bank of Oklahoma.
Most of all, it takes a unique community’s intentional and collective effort. Potentially, we’re that unique community--you and our collective and respective friends.
Finally, we need a big dinner for those that showed up to co create the barn, or truck. It’s a dinner where we rest, relax and rejoice. We won’t celebrate our do gooding. Please not that. But we will rejoice in the reality and effort of collective, community impact. And one where we share and plan more #whatifOKC projects and intentionally seek the next neighbor we help, problem we solve and opportunity to advance.
There’s not a legitimate reason some combination of us, 7000 of us, can’t take five minutes to invest $5 in a sustainable solution. The #foodforallOK truck won’t solve all the problems associated with hunger. But, it’s a sustainable part and a sustainable start.


We’re not about crowdfunding one project. That’s cliché.

We’re about addressing problems and offering sustainable solutions to our community problems and opportunities consistently, intentionally and together. If you’re into a feel good moment press on. If your into a do-good culture then give to fund our #foodforallOK truck and stick around. We're just getting started.
Welcome to Made Possible By. We’re a social action community.
For those of you that have co funded just know your neighbors may or may not say thanks but you did good, made right and are real.
Now, we need action to make an impact. Keep sharing, keep proclaiming hope, co fund and invite others to co fund and co create sustainable impact with you.
Onward all,
Mike & Adrian and your MADE POSSIBLE team

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