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Lenses to fit your lifestyle

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Life has never looked better! With advances in optical technology you have more freedom of choice to suit your style and lifestyle. 

  1. MAGNETIC CLICK-ON SUN-LENSES that attach to your glasses. The polarized clip transforms your glasses into instant sunglasses..
  2. PRESCRIPTION SWIMMING GOGGLES If you feel lost without your glasses, at the beach or swimming pool  you can now have your prescription (as well as a tint) in your swim goggles..Available for adults and children
  3. PRESCRIPTION SUNGLASSES If you wear glasses and would like to wear fashion sunglasses; you can have your prescription made up with polarized lenses on your choice of frame. .
  4. CHROMAGEN X LENS FOR COLOR DEFECTS. It’s a contact lens that can help people who have colour vision defects
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Have Medical Insurance?

Then you are covered for frames and lenses

If you have medical insurance, you are covered for spectacle frames every two years and lenses every year.  Sagicor is the exception as they cover both frames and lenses every calendar year.  Remember also you can make use of the benefit of “Assignments of Benefits” if you are covered by:

  1. Sagicor or
  2. Guardian Life
  3. Pan American Health
  4. Maritime
That means that you only need to make a “part payment” on the cost of your glasses.  The outstanding balance is billed directly to the insurance company. Companies not listed here like Clico, Uni-Med, Tatil & Beacon etc., the patient pays us, we fill out their form and then they are reimbursed.

Enter our 2nd Sunglasses draw

From Apr 22 - May 31 on any purchase over $500 enter a prize to win a pair of sunglasses valued up to $1000.

Are your floaters normal or need to be checked?

Sometimes floaters and flashes signal a condition that can lead to vision loss. A new onset of floaters may herald retinal disease so always stay aware of sudden changes.
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Eye-Care tips:


CONTACT LENS WEARERS: Be careful about overwear...

Contact lenses these days are so comfortable due to the high oxygen content and materials that its easy to forget that you have them in.  Please remember that the maximum daily wera should not exceed 10-12 hours to prevent drying of the cornea, redness, and discomfort which occurs with overuse.

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Lighter side of RM Optical :)

It may be the water as has been universally suggested or it may be contagious - All three staff members have had or are having a baby since the last newsletter.  Congratulations to them all
  • Meena has had a  baby  boy Keshav
  • Mala  also had a baby boy Ethan
  • Marsha is due in mid July

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Through her eyes
Sharbat Gula was a 12 year old Afgan girl in 1985 who was living as a refugee in Pakistan when she was photographed by 1972 by Steve McCurry. Her image was featured on the cover of the June 1985 issue of .. The photograph has been likened to Leonardo da Vinci's painting of the Mona Lisa and is sometimes popularly referred to as "the Afghan Mona Lisa" .
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