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We hope that the e-bulletin will be viewed as a key resource, fully engaging our residents and driving activities at a community level.

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News & Notices

Parish Office
Admin staff are undertaking a phase return to the office, following COVID-19 guidelines, and keeping socially distanced.  The Parish Office is open to the public by appointment only. 

Our Grounds team continues to work (socially distanced) maintaining our parks and green spaces.
Parish Meetings

The next Full Council “face-to-face” meeting is on Monday 19 July 2021 at 7 pm.   
Visit our website for more details on the venue.

All residents are welcome to attend any of our meetings.  If you would like to be part of the meeting or ask a question, please contact the Clerk by emailing: 

The Agenda for the meeting will be posted on our website one week prior to the meeting.  
The meeting will be recorded and can be found on the Council’s YouTube channel

Meetings dates for 2021/2022 can be viewed
Water Bottle Filling Station
The second water bottle filling station has been installed at the Parish Office and has already been well used by users of the parish office such as those visiting the diabetic eye clinic, dog walkers, park users and school children. The third fountain is due to be installed at the Library on Monday 28 June. Signage has been commissioned to encourage residents to fill their water bottles and discourage the use of single use plastic.  The stations are sensor operated to eliminate the spread of germs and for their robustness against antisocial behaviour. 
Message from the Chairman
The Parish Council is always very pleased to receive positive comments about the services we provide and when we do receive emails regarding points which we could do better at, we always review what we are doing, and strive to improve. After all, as Parish Councillors, living in the parish, we all want Fair Oak and Horton Heath to be amazing places to live in, so we do welcome your ideas.  

A few weeks ago, I received a very critical – in fact offensive email about One Horton to which I wrote a lengthy response- the sender used an email that did not accept replies and I suspect a false name.  The sad thing was that the criticism, and much was valid, was about an aspect of our community over which the Parish Council has no control at all, and are not responsible for.  I have noticed too on social media lots of posts with valid questions and queries on it, but again directed at the wrong people. With three councils all having different responsibilities it is really difficult for you to know who to make representations to.  Therefore, we have produced a chart of which council is responsible for what, so that if you do have questions about something or a point to make, it can be directed to the right place and can be addressed. However, we are always happy to pass things on to the right people and continue to lobby for change to those who do have control over that issue.  
Please click here to see the wheel of service 

Meanwhile I encourage anyone who wants to have their say, and be listened to, to come to a Parish Council meeting and tell us your concerns; details on our website. 

Woodland Community Centre
The Woodland Community Centre remains closed for regular users due to the “drying out” process from its recent flood.  We apologise for any inconvenience to our users and hope these issues are addressed speedily. 
Good progress has been made with the installation of upgraded CCTV on Parish sites, including the installation and commissioning of the new camera systems at Lapstone Pavilion and the Fair Oak Village Hall. This now allows for remote access.
A new system at Horton Heath Community Centre is to be installed week commencing
28th of June.
Community Café – update
The Clerk, with the Community Café Manager have now completed a face-to-face street survey with residents at Shorts Road regarding the café. All houses along the road were visited and a total of 22 residents were spoken to, the majority of which were in support of the café. Residents did however express concern regarding the current traffic issues on the road and fears that users of the café could exacerbate this. Residents explained that they frequently suffered from obstructive parking on the road and also raised concerns regarding the buses which had caused damage to parked cars and often struggled to pass traffic on the road. 14 residents requested assistance with this issue, namely that EBC be approached regarding double yellow lines on the park side of the road and that investigation be undertaken regarding the bus routes and whether these were now appropriate. The street survey has provided residents with the opportunity to raise their views and concerns regarding existing traffic problems in Shorts Road and the Clerk will continue to work with residents to find solutions where possible. 

In the meantime, designs for the new café are currently being drafted and once the Council has these, we will share them with residents by placing these on site and on our website/social media pages. Comments from residents on the suggested designs are welcome either through the survey, email or telephone.
Fair Oak Community Library
The library transfer completed on Thursday 10 June, with the Parish Council receiving the keys to the building the next day. The Clerk and the Operations Manager undertook a building due diligence check on Tuesday 15 June. There were no real issues of concern raised.
 The Council’s electrician has also undertaken electrical testing on site. The plumber is due to install the water bottle filling station on Monday 28 June to the entrance of the building. In addition, water safety testing has been completed. A fire risk assessment has also been scheduled to take place in the next couple of weeks. The Grounds staff have also tidied the hedges to the front of the building. An official handover from HCC took place on Wednesday 16 June. The Clerk and Chairman have also finalised the lease with the Community Library Charity (CIC). The CIC have access to the building and the Parish will work closely with volunteers to assist in opening to the public in the coming weeks, including assisting with a soft launch event. Details will be placed on our website.
Crowdhill Green
Eastleigh Borough Council have now instigated formal enforcement proceedings with Bloor Homes. This has followed 18 months of work with the Parish and Borough Council undertaking regular site visits and inspections at site. For the sake of our residents, it is hoped that proceedings will be swift to allow the process of making good the public open space and play area site so that much needed and long-awaited facilities can be installed for the community. 
Tree Survey
In May the Clerk met with an Arboriculturist to discuss the drafting of a Parish wide tree strategy.  The strategy aims to ensure that the Parish’s trees are valued, managed and enhanced for the benefit of current and future generations and help work towards a carbon neutral Parish/Borough. The key objectives of the strategy will be to:
1.    Tree Stock – protect, retain, manage and plant trees to ensure an increased canopy*
2.    Tree planting – adopt a 1-2-3 ratio (for every tree that is felled, three are replanted in its place) 
3.    Climate adaptation – increase the diversity of the tree stock
4.    Raise public awareness of value of strategy and encourage strong and effective protection of important trees, including ancient woodlands and ancient and veteran trees
5.    Improve biodiversity across the Parish by having variety of species of trees including fruit bearing as well as implementing forest gardening schemes
6.    Monitor progress – record and report net tree gain on an annual basis
The draft strategy will be presented to Full Council in September for approval, including budgetary support so that tree planting can commence in Nov-January. The strategy will be subject to community engagement and comments will be put to members for consideration. Please keep an eye out on our website for further details. 
EBC Tree Corridor Project & Parish Plans 
Some residents will be aware of EBC’s tree & bee corridor project which seeks to join up fragmented islands of wildlife, often isolated by roads and buildings, using existing pockets of open space to allow bees and wildlife to move freely, making them more resilient to future environmental changes. 

As the Parish Council had budgeted for tree and planting improvements at several of its sites, the Clerk requested that Parish projects also dovetail into the wider EBC project. EBC’s landscape consultant has been giving advice to the Clerk on proposals for the Parish. These include the open space by Horton Heath Community Centre, the veteran oak tree(s) in Knowle Park and also the land at the corner of Summerlands Road – where the Clerk has had a successful meeting with the landowner who have given their permission and support for improvements in the parcel of land. 

It is hoped that tree and flower planting schemes will assist mitigate against the loss of essential bee & insect habitats as well as tree cover across the parish. Details on the progress of these schemes, and opportunities for resident involvement, will be posted on our website in the coming months. 
Fair Oak Squash & Racketball Club
Fair Oak Squash and Racketball Club is a small friendly club in the village that has produced County and England junior squash players. It is a members club run by volunteers and supported by the Local Council. Together with Hampshire Squash, they are looking for more young players, if you know of anyone who would like to try squash, please contact fairoakjuniorsquash@gmail.com or view www.fairoaksquash.club  to find out more or click the link on the poster to access the Squash Stars programme (there are a limited number of spaces available for this).
Parish History 
Copies of “The History of Fair Oak and Horton Heath” book, published by Helen Douglas, are available to purchase.  Click here for more details

Dates for your diary
10 July - Don't Step On A Bee Day-  The recent press surrounding the ‘Bee Crisis' has been hard to ignore. Without the tireless work of our little buzzing friends, over a third of everything we eat would disappear from our tables. 

Click here for more information
1-31 July - Plastic Free July- provides resources and ideas to help you (and millions of others around the world) reduce single-use plastic waste everyday at home, work, school and even at your local café.   

Click here for more information


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The Parish Office is open to the public by appointment only.
Coronavirus Support via Community Hubs 
If you need support or would like to volunteer to help those in need please go to https://www.eastleigh.gov.uk/coronavirus-support for further details.
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