It’s extremely hot and dry for Mid-April.  Your plants may not be ready for such a quick change.
If you (or we) have recently transplanted any new plants on your property, you may need to water today!  Until last week, locally we were receiving plenty of rain and there was no need to even consider adding additional irrigation to new or existing plants.
Since it hasn’t rained now for a week and it has gotten over 80 degrees, newly transplanted trees, shrubs, and perennials should receive a much needed soaking today, if at all possible!
Have you noticed how long the Redbuds and Serviceberries have continued to bloom?  It’s because of the cool and moist weather that we had. 
Last year we noticed that after the sudden hot spell in late March, many plants began dying back and some succumbed to the heat and never recovered.
So, if you’ve been watering this past week, CONGRATULATIONS!  You’ve been doing something right.  If not, it’s probably not too late to help your plants get through it unscathed.    They will thank you for it.  I personally wouldn’t wait for the next rain that is forecasted for Wednesday evening.
Thanks, Dan

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