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May 2016 Newsletter

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Aeration For Your Lawn
Aeration in May will help alleviate compaction now, but it also provides a place for crabgrass to grow. You can use a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent the crabgrass, just don't try to over seed at the same time. Aeration is best done in early September as the crabgrass is dying out. Then there is no need for pre-emergent and you are free to over seed.
General Definitions:
Aeration:  Basically a process of poking a bunch of holes in your yard to alleviate soil compactness. These holes allow air and water to penetrate deeper into the soil providing a more suitable environment for your grass to grow. 
Over seeding: Applying more grass seed to an existing lawn, it's usually accompanied with aeration and is a common practice for golf courses.
NOTE: Aeration must be done before over seeding.  It should be considered if your lawn is heavily used, was established by sod, was newly established, dries out easily, or you just want it to look and feel it's best.

Pre-emergent Herbicide
A pre-emergent is a herbicide that prevents seed germination by inhibiting key enzymes. This can be used to control crab grass and weeds.  Pre-emergent is best applied in spring and fall but must be applied correctly. If you're going to aerate, apply pre-emergent after aeration. If you are also going to over seed, wait until the new seed has grown and mowed once before application. Pre-emergent can be applied in planting beds under mulch for weed control. We use a commercial grade product called snapshot. Always apply at the proper rate and read  the label.
Currently in May, spot treatments can be done for short term control. However dandelions are best controlled in fall. That is when they are pulling nutrients back into their root, just like trees. Therefore a herbicide application in fall will hit them in the roots where it counts. Other ways of controlling Dandelions include cutting your grass to a length of 3.5"-4". This height will help shade out weeds, and allow larger grass root systems to out compete the weeds.

"Replenish" is an organic fertilizer that we use to help your overall soil health, thereby increasing the health of your turf.  Replenish helps increase organic matter in the soil while helping reduce compaction problems. Now and fall are the best times for application, please contact us for more information for all your lawn and garden needs.

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